A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 6: Getting down to Business

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Morning came early with David walking through the door at 7:30am. I was barely awake only in blue jeans and a sweat shirt and had only just put the coffee to cooking. I preferred old fashioned percolated coffee or espresso; this morning it was the old school stove top percolator at work for me. I splashed water on my face, wished for a shower and turned to engage an energetic David. I didn’t get my first word out before the door open and Traci came in carrying a bag of what I guessed to be pretend food from a popular fast-food joint.

On their demand the first order of business was to display the actual ticket so they both could confirm this wasn’t some sort of sick joke I was pulling on them. So I brought out the ticket, I had it in a plastic baggie to protect it and I held it as the two of them viewed each side of it. I had signed it of course and I had been damn careful to study my drivers license signature and passport signature before signing to avoid any mistakes.

That being done, I was allowed coffee and food and as I partook of my morning sustenance while Traci ran down the day’s scheduled events. Both David and Traci had taken the day off from work, they had called out sick and made the appropriate excuses. We apparently had a meeting scheduled at 10:30am with a lawyer, a CPA and a tax attorney. Then at noon we had an appointment with the lottery office downtown followed by meetings with two different bank managers and finishing up the day by viewing an office space and interviewing a potential fund manager.

The important event was the noontime appointment at the Lottery Office, this was the big reveal moment in which I presented the winning ticket and proved who I was. It took all of ten minutes and then David and his team took over and I simply stood back and observed the events. Traci surprised me by handling the mandatory publicity portion with skill and aplomb and in the end the actual winner announcement with my name and face attached wouldn’t happen for four weeks. Traci and David had bought me some breathing room and hopefully I’d be well out of town before any of that occurred; the stories of horror surrounding big ticket lottery winners were many and I hoped to avoid all of that.

The next two days were a blur of meetings, fine printed documents and me signing paperwork. My suddenly numerous bank accounts were fat with the almost 60% of my winnings that the taxman allowed me to keep. I paid the taxes with a smile, it was a huge number but it was far less than it could have been without David’s CPA and Tax Attorney and my debt to the government was fully and legally paid. I was the silent partner in a new business that was standing up. Surprisingly we already had two other small but new clients on board, so David was earning his keep.

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