Chapter 8

Copyright© 2020 by Olga Chinka

Jane pulls over at a nearby park and sits frozen in her seat. Hands gripping the steering wheel, staring straight ahead.

“Are you alright?” I ask her, knowing full well that she is not alright. I’m not alright. That was terrifying!

Jane doesn’t respond, she turns on the car and starts driving. We sit in silence as I realize we are headed towards our home.

“I’m scared Rachel” She finally speaks. “We need to tell someone what we saw. Mom, dad, the police, anyone!”

“But how will we explain what we saw? Are we just going to tell them that we broke into her home?”

“We can’t just not tell anyone! Mrs. Wheeler is in danger and the longer we wait the worse it gets. What in the world is he doing here?!”

Pulling up to our home, we see Steve sitting on the doorstep.

Jane parks the car and as we get out Steve runs towards her.

“Where were you? You missed practice; Mr. Whitmore was pissed that you guys were gone.”

“You’ll never believe what just happened Steve” Jane says as she gives him a big hug.

“Hurry let’s get inside” I make my way towards the door, checking the street, half expecting to see someone running towards us.

“Mom! Dad?” I yell out, but no one answers. I check the rooms, but it seems we are alone.

Jane and Steve are sitting in the kitchen.

“Something terrible has happened to Mrs. Wheeler” I hear Jane explain. “We went to her house and found blood on her floor. Rachel said she saw her attacked by a man.”

Steve looks from Jane to me, then back at Jane. He bursts out laughing, “you’re kidding right?”

“No, we’re not kidding!” Jane looks taken back. “Something terrible has happened to her! Someone broke into her house, there was glass everywhere from the broken window.”

“The same way you two broke in? What’s to stop the cops from thinking that it was you two that smashed the window?”

“But there was blood everywhere!” I’m frustrated he doesn’t seem as upset as us.

“Then call the cops. But you better come up with a good enough story to explain what you were doing in her home.”

“What if we don’t have to tell them we were there?” Jane chimes in.

“How Jane?! How in the world can we report this without the cops asking us how we know?”

“What if we are not the ones to call the cops?”

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