Chapter 5

Copyright© 2020 by Olga Chinka

Being from a small town, there is not much to do around here for fun. When we pull up to the mall, ever single parking space is taken.

“Drop me off by the door please, I’m late to meet with Taylor”

“Whatever” says Jane as she heads for the front door. I hop out and whip out my phone to dial Taylor’s number.

“Taylor! I’m here!”

“Great, so am I! Meet me in the food court by Baskin Robbins.”

I run to the food court and scan the crowd for my friend. She’s easy to spot in her bright yellow coat. Taylor waves as she spots me and runs over.

“Okay this is driving me crazy! What happened?!”

I pull her by her hand and lead her away from the crowd.

“I saw something I was not supposed to see” I whisper. “After practice I got in a huge fight with my sister and my mom sent me to my room and that’s when I saw it Taylor! I saw through Mrs. Wheeler’s window her having a fight with a man. He was holding her with one hand and punching with the other! I think He really hurt her!”

Taylors eyes are popping out of their sockets. She stares at me in silence, unsure of what to say. Finally, she asks “are you sure you saw this for real? It wasn’t your crazy imagination?”

“I am a million percent positive Taylor!”

“Well then I believe you. If you say you saw it, then you saw it.”

We grab a seat on a bench by the escalators. People pass by us but no one pays us any attention.

“What will you do now Rachel? Will you tell your parent’s what happened?”

“I tried to this morning! My dad even called her. We got her message machine. Apparently, she is out of town. But how can that be? I saw her with my own eyes yesterday! She was home.”

“What if both of those things happened?” Taylor asked, her face lighting up as it does when she gets a great idea. “What if she meant to leave that day, recorded the message, and then got attacked? What if she is still in the house!” Her eyes were wide open and a look of terror was written on her face

“We need to know for sure” I reply, “we need to get in there and see for ourselves!”

Terrified and excited at my idea, I spring out of my seat. I am ready to go home and see for myself!

BOOM goes the brick.

I whip around to find a massive brick had fallen where I was just sitting. Taylor jumps up from the bench shrieking. Luckily, the brick missed her but would have pummeled me had I not gotten up.

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