Chapter 3

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I bolt out of the car as soon as Jane comes to a stop. Running towards the house I want to reach my mom first. I want her to hear my story without the bias that comes along with already hearing the other person’s side.

“Mom you won’t believe what happened!” I shout as I step foot in the house. I find my mom is in the kitchen cooking dinner.

“Mom, you won’t believe what happened at practice!” I repeat. “Steve was buying drugs and then he threatened me on the car ride over!” I exclaim.

My mom’s eyes practically pop out of her head. “He did what?!”

Before I can get another word in, Jane bolts through the door screaming “that’s a dirty lie and you know it Rachel! Mom, Steve said he saw Rachel doing drugs in the bathroom at the church. He said he followed her when he saw her leave and was shocked at what he discovered. He ran to tell me right away and I believe him. Plus, she was being extremely disrespectful in the car on the way to church and really hurt his feelings.”

I don’t know what hit the floor faster, my stomach or my jaw. I was absolutely in shock. Me? Doing drugs in the bathroom?! I’m only 13! Where would I even get drugs?!

I can feel the tears stinging my cheeks. I’m shaking with rage. I can’t believe he would lie like that! I can’t believe Jane believed him!

“Everybody wait just a minute” my mom walks over to embrace me. “Rachel, tell me the truth. Did you try any drugs in the bathroom today?”

“How can you even ask that mom? Of course I did not try any drugs! Steve is lying. He is trying to cover up the fact that it’s him doing drugs! Jane and Steve were smoking cigarettes on the way to church!”

My mom whips around to Jane “Is that true? Are you smoking now Jane?”

“Of course not mom. Rachel is lying. She’s trying to take the attention off what she did” she replies with a complete calmness on her face. “Go check my car if you don’t believe me. See if you can find any cigarettes”.

“I hate that it comes down to this, girls. I can’t believe I have to figure out which of my kids is on drugs and which one is smoking” my mom says in the most defeated voice I have ever heard from her. She puts on her slippers and grabs Jane’s car keys.

We follow her out the door and to the car. Unlocking it, my mom starts looking through the center console of the car. Nothing. She checks every nook and cranny and comes up short.

“There’s nothing here” she says as she looks at me with sadness in her eyes.

I can feel the glee radiating from Jane. “How about you Rachel? Can you prove that you were not doing drugs in the bathroom?” she asks, knowing full well that I can’t prove something like that.

“Go back inside the house girls. Rachel, please go to your room. I will bring your dinner to you.”

We head back inside and I head up the stairs and into my room. I slump on my chair and stare out the window. This is not fair. I am filled with so much anger and sadness. Sadness because my mom doesn’t believe me. Anger because I can’t believe that jerk Steve lied to my sister like that! And then that jerk Jane lied to my mom! This is exactly what Steve was talking about. This is how he would get me back. I hate him!

The snow was really picking up outside. Soon everything would be covered in it. I could barely see the house across the street from us. Just barely.

I spot movement in the window. The curtains are drawn but I can see the outline of our neighbor Mrs. Wheeler pacing in front of the window. She’s waving her arms around and looks very animated. Maybe she’s mad?

Suddenly I see another figure in her room next to her. He is taller and wider than her. I think it’s a man, he certainly has the build of one.

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