Chapter 14

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Sean and Suzie were seated around the patio table. Suzie was talking, but Sean was having a very hard time following the conversation. Her swimsuit kept distracting him. For some reason, she was enjoying the situation. She asked, “Do you like what you see more than the fairies?”

“Huh?” Sean asked once he realized that she had asked him a question.

Suzie wiggled in her seat and asked, “Am I prettier than the fairies?”

“What fairies?” Sean asked distracted by the wiggle.

“Would you pay attention to me?” Suzie asked.

“I’m paying attention to you,” Sean answered. He wondered how she could think he was thinking about anything except her.

Mrs. Emery came out of the house and sat down at the patio table. Her sudden appearance seemed to sharpen Sean’s ability to concentrate on something besides Suzie’s body significantly. He managed to tear his eyes away from Suzie long enough to say, “Hello, Mrs. Emery.”

Mrs. Emery announced, “I just got off the telephone. You might want to know that Max came home from the hospital today.”

“That’s good. I’m sure that he’s a lot happier being at home,” Sean said.

“They didn’t find any kind of brain tumor,” Mrs. Emery said.

“That’s good news,” Sean said feeling very guilty.

Mrs. Emery said, “I never thought Max was the type of kid to lose it like that.”

“You never know,” Suzie said giving Sean a significant look.

“I’d like to talk to Max and see how he’s doing,” Sean said.

Mrs. Emery laughed and asked, “Will you take your gang of midgets with you?”

“Mom! Don’t joke about that,” Suzie said. She had heard the whole story and knew that Max was not crazy.

“Poor Max must really be feeling awful about now,” Sean answered.

“I’m sure he is,” Mrs. Emery said wondering about their overreaction to her little joke.

“Maybe we should send him some flowers or something,” Suzie said.

Frowning, Sean said, “I don’t know. As a guy, I’m not sure how I would react to getting flowers.”

“Well, I’ll go in and start dinner. Would you like to stay for dinner, Sean? We’re having hamburgers,” Mrs. Emery offered.

“Hamburgers?” Sean asked.

Mrs. Emery smiled at him and said, “Your mother told me you had a craving for hamburgers all of a sudden.”

Swallowing heavily, Sean said, “I’d love to have hamburgers. Let me call my mom.”

“Just come in the house when you’re ready to call her,” Mrs. Emery said before she returned to the house.

“So you’ve got to call your mother,” Suzie commented.

“Yes,” Sean answered.

“What are you going to call your mother?” Suzie asked with a grin. Sean had told her about eating the meatloaf the previous evening.

“Nothing I can say in front of your mother,” Sean answered.

Suzie laughed and said, “I’m sure of that.”

Sean’s eyes drifted back to her body and all thoughts of further conversation fled his mind. He managed to say, “You’re so beautiful.”

Suzie rose from her chair and sat astride his lap. She leaned forward and kissed him. She said, “You say the nicest things.”

Sean’s body reacted to the sudden presence of a nearly naked woman on his lap in a most predictable manner — all of the blood fled his brain. He answered, “Glob blub.”

“Is that a trouser snake I feel?” Suzie asked looking down at his crotch. Her body was reacting in a most predictable manner as well. The miniscule swimsuit top was suddenly feeling very confining.

“Yab,” Sean answered. His face turned scarlet despite the fact that all of his blood had seemed to have flowed elsewhere.

“Does it need petting?” Suzie asked. She was quite surprised when his eyes rolled up. She looked at him and said, “I think I killed him.”


Suzie jumped at hearing a voice from right beside her. She turned her head and spotted a fairy hovering next to her. Blushing at the idea of her conversation being overheard by someone, she said, “Hello.”

“I thought you were a nymph, but I realized I was wrong. He’s supposed to do the chasing,” the fairy said.

“I’m just a female human,” Suzie said staring at the fairy unable to believe her eyes. She had heard the dwarves, but she hadn’t seen them. Sean had mentioned talking to a Brownie, but that was kind of second hand knowledge. This was different. She was actually looking at a real live fairy like one right out of a fairy tale. She said, “You’re a real fairy with wings and everything.”

The fairy said, “You look like a nymph. All the men love to chase nymphs. You should see what happens when they catch them.”

“You like to watch?” Suzie asked.

“Most definitely. Nothing attracts fairies like a man catching a nymph. It is the best two minutes of entertainment around.”

“Two minutes?” Suzie asked. She hoped that Sean lasted a little longer than two minutes.

The fairy hovered in place and answered, “Oh yes. Nymphs tend to over excite men and they don’t last very long.”


“You really are pretty enough to be a nymph.”

“Thank you,” Suzie said wondering if the only thing these magical creatures thought about was sex.

“That’s quite a weapon he’s got,” the fairy said.

“Uh, yes,” Suzie said blushing upon hearing the reminder of what she was sitting upon. She examined the fairy noticing the long blue hair. She wondered if she really was anatomically correct. She leaned forward to get a better look.

The fairy noticed what Suzie was doing. She spread her legs and arms. In an amused voice, she said, “Humans are so curious about our bodies. You’d think they’d know what a female looks like.”

“Sorry,” Suzie said.

“Are you satisfied?” the fairy asked.

“Yes,” Suzie said thinking that there was no way that Sean could have resisted checking out the anatomy of the fairy.

“Can I watch when he finally sheaths that weapon of his in you?”

“Uh, no,” Suzie answered.

“Please,” the fairy begged.

“I’ll think about it,” Suzie said.

“Great. I’ll tell the others,” the fairy said and then flew off so fast that the eyes couldn’t follow her.

Sean blinked and said, “Glug.”

“You’re back,” Suzie said with a smile.

“Unk dunker do,” Sean said when she shifted on his lap. He eyed her barely covered chest thinking that he’d love to kiss it more than anything in the world. He said, “Blat blor blug.”

“Huh?” Suzie said feeling a great deal of pride at having reduced him to babbling again.

What Suzie didn’t realize was that pride comes before a fall. Giving into temptation, Sean leaned forward and kissed her, not caring that she was covered with a very small patches of cloth. It was Suzie’s turn to lose the ability to speak. She said, “Hink. Oka. Bluh.”

Sean switched over to her other side and kissed it. Wrapping her arms around his head, she pulled him tightly to herself. Breathless, she said, “Oh. Ga. Uh. Ah.”

Sean shifted his hips and Suzie’s eyes went wide. Something had rubbed a very special part of her anatomy. The only sound out of her mouth was a long low moan. Neither one noticed the growing number of fairies surrounding them.

“The man caught the nymph.”

“It sure wasn’t much of a chase.”

“No chase at all.”

“It has been a long time since I’ve watched a nymph have a bit of fun with a man.”

“I bet she reaches heaven first.”

“Nah. He’s too excited.”

“So is she.”

“That’s true.”

“These humans and all their clothes.”

“If she was a proper nymph they’d be at it already.”

With the sound of a door opening, the fairies scattered in a dozen different directions. Mrs. Emery stepped out onto the patio and immediately spotted the young lovers. Deciding that it was time to get them to cool off a bit, she put her hands to her cheeks and, in a loud voice, said, “Oh my.”

With the sound of her voice, both Suzie and Sean immediately forgot about their excitement. Neither of them regained the ability to speak, but the reason was not due to their passion. Their embarrassment at having been caught affected the ability to control their mouths. Rather than spouting nonsense all they could do was stutter. Suzie nearly fell down trying to get off his lap. Sean stared at Mrs. Emery hoping not to see any sharp instruments that could change his gender.

Sean was the first one to recover his voice. In a lame attempt to salvage the situation, he said, “Suzie was just helping me. I had something in my eye.”

“I saw. It was her breast,” Mrs. Emery said trying to look stern.

“Oh, yeah,” Sean mumbled.

“If I remember my first aid correctly, removing a breast from an eye is a very delicate operation,” Mrs. Emery said enjoying the sight of the two young lovers acting so flustered. When both kids turned a brighter shade of red, she added, “I’ve heard that it can take hours, if not days on rare occasions. You’re both lucky that it didn’t take that long.”

“Uh, yeah,” Suzie said.

“Despite the fact that it was quickly done, it appears to me that both eye and breast are in perfect working condition,” Mrs. Emery said. She thought about how much fun Sean’s mother would have with this situation.

“Uh, yeah,” Sean said glancing at Suzie’s breast. Mrs. Emery was right about one thing — Suzie’s breast was perfect. He said, “Perfect breast.”

Mrs. Emery chuckled. She was reminded of a time when she was caught by her mother in much the same position. At least Suzie still was wearing her top. There was nothing worse than getting caught bare breasted with her boyfriend’s lips wrapped around the nipple. Well, there was that one time when her lower half was bare as well and so was his. She thought about reminding her husband of that little episode later that evening. She shook herself and said, “I just came out to remind Sean to call his mother. Sean, you should let her know that you want to stay here for dinner.”

“Must call mother,” Sean said. He had forgotten all about that the moment Suzie had sat on his lap.

Mrs. Emery said, “Well, go on and call her.”

Sean glanced down at his crotch pleased to discover that his erection had totally disappeared. He stood up and said, “I’ll call my mother now.”

“Good boy,” Mrs. Emery said with a grin. She watched Sean go in the house. Once the door had closed behind him, she said, “It looks like that swimming suit is having the desired effect on Sean.”

“Yeah,” Suzie replied waiting for the lecture about acting like a proper young lady. She imagined that the suggestion she wait until after they were married to do things like that would be forthcoming.

“You might want to be in the house when the top finally comes off,” Mrs. Emery said.

“Oh?” Suzie said. She didn’t know if it was possible to turn any redder.

“You never know who might be watching.”

Suzie thought of the fairies and the dwarves. Both had announced a desire to watch. She nodded her head and said, “You’re right.”

Mrs. Emery said, “I never imagined Sean had such restraint. If I was wearing a swimsuit like that when I was your age, your father would have moved that little patch of cloth out of the way before kissing my breast.”

“Ugh,” Suzie said with a frown.

“He’s a real animal once his lips get close to me.”

“Too much information,” Suzie said holding up a hand to stop her mother from talking.

“That man of mine really knows how to nibble on me,” Mrs. Emery said.

“Stop,” Suzie said holding her hands over her ears.

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