The Present
Chapter 5

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The next day was a confusion of activity. Mainly just folks stopping by to say goodbye and to exchange contact information. I made sure to get Marsha’s recipe for scrapple, 2 copies. One for Mable, the other for myself. I was also able to pry a copy of Bruce’s apple pie recipe from him. I had never had a use for ‘Everclear’. But now I was going have to stock up. Or find a moonshiner.

One of the things that I had feared, was realized. When Donny found out that his newest, bestest, friend in the ENTIRE world was going away, His little heart was broke. The poor kid went through the grief stages 3 or 4 times. He was a trooper though. He didn’t throw a tantrum or whine. Quietly crying however was definatly on the menu.

That was when I realized what the problem really was. Even though he had a loving family, Mom and Dad, Brother and sisters, ranch hands and animals galore, He had no friends. When Shadow showed up, here was a warm, friendly and cuddly buddy. Willing to jump and run and roll around in the hay.

It damn near broke my heart, And I blamed myself. I could have stopped this at the very beginning. Calling Shadow out and stopping the playtime. BUT what was done was done. I called Bruce over and he was well aware of the problem.

“Bruce, I know this isn’t an immediate solution, But I think it’ll probably work out for the best. Here is the name and phone number of a dog trainer I know in Washington. He’s the guy I got Shadow from. Give him a call, tell him you’re a friend of mine and he’ll set something up with you. My suggestion is that you take Donny with you when you go to pick up the dog. Take the time to do a little extra daddy son bonding. It’ll take a week or two of training for both Donny and the dog he picks out. But it’ll be worth it in the long run.”

“Damn Matt, Your putting quite a burden on me. You’re suggesting I leave this place unsupervised for 2 weeks?”

“Your call Bruce, but there may be another solution. Why don’t you invite Mr. Curran down here? You’re almost set up as a dude ranch. Have him look around, feed him some good ol fashioned country food, and bomb him with your Apple Pie? You might be surprised.

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