The Present
Chapter 4

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As we entered the barn, I could tell that Carl was overcome with curiosity over what was going on with his dad. “Carl, what your Dad and Suzy are doing is as old as horse’s themselves. Horse trading isn’t really an addiction, but it is definatly addicting. It’s like gambling. And people pride themselves on their skills. Right now, your Dad is having the time of his life, and So is Suzy. We would just be in the way, if we had stuck around.”

I could see that my explanation was only partially accepted. “Talk to your Dad about it later. If you’re lucky, He might just start teaching you how to trade. It’ll be to your benefit. Now, tell me about these ‘Quads’”

The barn was clean and well laid out. A concrete pad had been poured and covered the floor. To the right was a group of horse stalls. Only 2 of which were occupied. Carl confirmed that it was a make do vet infirmary. And that the 2 horses had some colic issues. On the left side was a motor pool set up. Including a lift and what looked like a complete machine shop. Parked in one of the stalls was the dune buggy that Carl had been driving yesterday. In the stall next to it were 2 miniature versions. single seat go cart type machines.

Way off to the side, in a dusty corner, where the obviously unused and discarded equipment was parked and forgotten was a carriage. Something that I had only seen pictures of. An English Phaeton. You could almost imagine the King and Queen being carried down the county fair parade. Pulled by a matched pair of blacks. It was dusty and dirty and needed a lot of TLC.

“These are the quads.” Carl called me over to the doodle bug go carts. “We used to use them around the farm. But then Dad bought the UTV. That’s the heavy lifter now a days.” He then walked me over to the dune buggy. “It helps out a lot if we need to move a lot of things into the back country. It took us awhile, but we’ve got trails all through the ranch. He can do anything with a quad, that can be done with a horse.”

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