Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 22

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Where did that come from?

The Patricia landed with 24 passengers where the Galina had once parked. The weather was nice and sunny on the Planet Funston. From the ship they could see the picnic tables and the steps up to the house. After everybody got outside Roger and Chet called for the Marines to form up. They had First Lieutenant Cadet Brien stand at the head of the formation. They called Cadet Brien to step forward. Dar and Inga stepped forward to face the young man, Inga read something that Admiral Kennady had given her,

“To: First Lieutenant Brien Tripp,

You have served with courage in two battles.

You have over 100 million miles as pilot in and around Earth.

Now you have 30,000 light years as the primary pilot on a space voyage.

You have learned all that has been required and much more than what was expected.

You are here by promoted to the rank of Captain in the Cadet Forces.

I am pleased and happy to have you Captain Tripp join the ranks of Galactic Pilots.

Your Commanding Officer, Rear Admiral Mary Kennady.

Dar stepped forward, “As agent for the President, I am pleased to promote you to the rank of Captain.” Dar affixed the two sets of Captains bars on Brien’s collar. When he was done, Dar stepped back and saluted smartly. “Congratulations Captain Tripp. I didn’t make Captain until my third year in College.” Dar Laughed, “You are way ahead of me son.” Dar looked at Roger and nodded.

“Platoon, the dress while we are here is jungle fatigues. Four on, fourteen off, ten-hour shifts, and DISMISSED!” Roger shouted.

“Let’s go for a walk?” Dar suggested. When neither Brien nor Inga said no the three headed off in a northern direction. The land had a gentle slope down. Two of the Marines were following in their dress blues. Before Dar said anything there was two other Marines in light jungle fatigues and the two in wool Dress Blues disappeared.

Dar did a complete circle, “This would make a great golf course. Nine holes with a driving range and a putting green. Two positions on the tee, one for the first nine and the second for the second nine. Low thirties for the front nine and high thirties for the second nine for a total of just above seventy for 18 holes. A total of six plus miles per eighteen holes. “What do you think Brien? Four rounds of golf, 12 miles per day? That will burn the fat off.”

“I think we need a golf cart dad.” Brien looked hard at his dad, “I’ll drive!”

“Okay, okay. Just a good thought.” Dar laughed, “I can really see a golf course here though.”

“What are you going to wear to play golf, Dar?” Inga asked.

Dar frowned hard.

“Come on into the house. We’ll go visit with God.” Inga and Brien both laughed.

Back at Sou’s:

The first decision of the Earth’s Space Council was to include China and India. There was now four-member Nations. Keven Humphreys from Lockheed was defined as an advisor until John and Keven pointed out that Lockheed already had complete funding for all space ships. Keven became the Chairman of the Council and a deciding vote in the event of a tie.

The next thing that was discussed was planetary protection. Major Si, his wife to be Diane and his three Captains from the Golden Brigade had taken a seat over near the west end where the Chinese delegation had been before they moved to the table. They listened to the debate on Earth’s Protection. They were excited to learn that there would be 8 posts now but were most disappointed when they learned that India and China were going to take on fifty percent of the posts. That’s when Heaty stood with his giant 12’ height capturing everyone’s attention, “I would like to hire the Earth’s forces for security for the Planet Funston.”

John stood and looked in the direction of Major Si. His wife to be was sitting next to him, “Major Si is this something the Golden Brigade might be interested in?”

“Yes. We would be very interested.” Major Si said, then asked, “Who would pay?”

John and Heaty looked at each other, then John looked to Amen and got a nod, “I would think it is the responsibility of the government of the Empire to cover those security matters.” John looked around, “Anything further on the security of Funston?” The table was quiet.

Keven looked around, “Next item, I passed out a wish list when we first started. I got them all back and have put them into an Excel spread sheet. The Emperor has added an additional line and an additional column. He has also asked for pricing on his wish list. I have a budgetary cost estimate for you Sir John. Keven had given an example of China, India, Russia and the United States all requesting 100 ships of every designation such as the 335, 445, 555, 665, 775, 885, and 995 for a total of seven hundred ships each. Kevin used the argument that a target of four or five hundred ships per model may be as cheap to build as three hundred. John added a column for the Empire and an additional line item for the 995-400. He wanted 100 ships of each of the eight-line items for the empire and an additional 100 of the 995-400 for the United States.

“Funds are there to go forward and fulfill the wish list.” Any comments, suggestions or concerns?”

“Where will the empire keep its ships?” The Chinese Premier asked.

“On Funston!” John answered as he looked to Heaty. Heaty nodded.

“Where?” Ada whispered in her London accent.

“We’ll figure that out love!” Heaty whispered to Ada.

“How about half way between us and the cabin?” Ada whispered.

“That would be fine by me.” Heaty whispered.

“Any other items for our first official meeting of the Earth’s Space Council?” Kevin asked. When he saw no action, “Then I call this meeting to a close. Thank you for attending.”

The next morning at the cabin:

“Dar are you okay?” Inga found him sitting on the bed, feet on the floor with his hands holding his head.

“I feel like I built a golf course.” Dar shook his head again trying to get the cobwebs out of it.

“Your son says you did build a golf course. He’s down there filling up the sand traps with sand.” Inga laughed.

“WHAT???” Dar asked.

“Get dressed and put your shoes on sitting on the front steps and I’ll bring you a travel mug with a big steak sandwich with 2 scrambled eggs to go.” Inga laughed some more.

“Are you coming with me?” Dar asked.

“I need to move a little bit. I’m a bit slow this morning.” Inga said.

“Are you okay?” Dar asked in alarm.

“Somebody kept asking and I kept saying yes.” Inga giggled.

“That was a very nice welcome home!” Dar said, but still concerned.

“I’ll be walking in a bit. Just got some muscles that seem to be complaining.” Inga kissed Dar, “I’ll bring some cold-water bottles down in a couple of hours.”

Dar climbed into a floating golf cart, “What is this, it doesn’t have wheels.”

“We think it is a fourth dimensional golf cart.” One of the Marines said, “Good morning sir!”

“I hope this fourth dimension helps my golf score.” Dar said as they headed for the golf course.

Dar with the Marines stopped by the club house. There were nine poles with the numbers 1 through 9 on flags. There was also a hole drill and a bucket with 12 sleeves. On the way to the first green Dar watched Brien fill up a bunker with white sand, “Brien, what are you doing?”

“I’m putting sand into the sand traps.” Brien said.

“I see that, but how are you able to do that?” Dar asked.

“Colonel Tony Taylor gave a class one day and I went to it. He did it with water though. It seems to work just fine. I’ve done about half of the sand traps so far.” Brien said.

Dar laughed, “Good job son. What time were the sprinklers on?”

“They come on at 4:00 AM for two hours.” Brien said. One of the Marines found a rake and was smoothing the sand, “The Ben guy said new grass needed extra water.”

“Carry on Captain.” Dar saluted.

Brien and the Marine both saluted Dar.

Dar and his Marine got to the first hole. Dar walked the green, finding the perfect spot as he eased the hole drill down. He very carefully pulled the core out and placed the sleeve into the hole. He tapped it with his foot and the Marine with the last name of Topper put the pole with the #1 flag into the hole, “Good job Topper, we can do this.”

“Yes sir.” Topper laughed. In an hour and a half all the holes were in with flags waving in the gentle breeze. Even the putting green with three holes was done. Dar with both Marines and Brien returned to the club house. The two Marines entered the door followed by Dar and Brien. They heard a little bell tinkle above the door.

“Hello, how can I help you?” Came a voice from behind the counter.

“Do you have clubs for sale?” Dar asked, although he did not have a way to pay for anything.

“That’s the Ben guy.” Brien said.

“No. But you can borrow them as long as you bring them back for me to clean and put away.” Ben said, “How many in your party?”

“I’m thinking there will be three of us, but we would love to have you join us.” Dar suggested, “By the way I’m Dar Tripp. I was the President of the US from 2016 to 2018.”

“Oh, you’re the Big Tripp. Your Little Tripp is a mighty fine son. He showed me his spaceship.” Ben shook his head, “That is a dream come true.”

“Did you build this golf course?” Dar asked.

“No, you did.” Ben said, “That is, you and your son there. Captain Brien did the sand traps get finished?”

“Yes, sir. Two of these fine gentlemen with us even raked them smooth.” Brien smiled.

“What did it take you two, three minutes per sand trap? Ben asked.

“I may need to add some sand after the sprinklers settle everything down a bit.” Brien smiled

“I saw you Mr. President putting in the holes.” Ben smiled, “They look very professional sir!”

“Thank You!”

“Let’s go hit some balls gentlemen.” Ben said as he headed for the door. For looking like he was in his eighties he moved very well.

Back at Omak:

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