Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 20

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An unusual discovery?

February 8th, 2019. 7:37 A.M. Omak, Washington. Thank God it’s Friday?

John came into the bank. Farmer Marvin West already had the coffee made. He was reading the local news. Maiden Nation was also at the work table. She had brought in some cookies. Maiden the manager of the cannery was enjoying a drink of coffee and a bite of fresh chocolate chip cookie. John had seen Heaty’s LD parked outside on the way in. They still must be in the ship. Sam and the Admiral was right behind John.

“Lord Heaty stuck his head in looking for you John.” Marvin informed.

All four of John’s Marines showed up, “Sir, God says we’re going on a trip.”

“Any idea where we’re going?” John asked Corporal Tie.

“Funston, Sir.” Corporal Tie said.

“I’ll go see him.” John moved towards the door. When he got to the ship he called out, “Lord Heat.” When Heaty stuck his head out, “Good morning dear sir.”

“Good morning my Emperor.” Heaty smiled, “I have important message from the old Emperor.”

“The Emperor of a hundred cycles ago?” John asked.

“No, the first Emperor of millions of years ago.” Heaty said. Even with the heavy sweatshirt, and pants Heaty was shivering, “He asked for the current Emperor Father John Taylor for you to come see him with all of your family and close friends.”

“Where did he meet you at?” John asked.

“In the desert.” Heaty said.

“I will need to wait until the kids are out of school.” John said, “Maybe dinner time here.”

“Okay. We have chicken house and fence done. Today we get 100 chickens.” Heaty was excited. “We have flowers coming up. And tomatoes and potatoes. Ada is very excited.” The students brought ten yards of top soil on one of their trips. They also had a stack of railroad ties that they used to create a raised garden bed. With the long warm days everything took off. Around the outside of the bed they put in twelve dozen tulip bulbs. One of the strange pluses was the powder materials that everyone thought was space dust or dirt was little bitty rocks or very fine sand. The Masons loved it. It made ideal fill when added to lime, pour in a little water and overnight the concrete hardened into a very smooth surface. Block buildings were going up everywhere. The two LDs were carrying all kinds of supplies every day. There was now two 775’s sitting on Funston acting as temporary housing for fifty men and women working on many projects.

The Russians had gotten involved and were moving the sand off the dirt and hauling it anywhere someone needed it. The Softies were coming in right behind fertilizing, planting and setting up the irrigation on what dirt had been exposed. Many hundred-acre plots of land were being put into production. The basement to the Galactic Capital was being dug. Ada and Heaty were so very excited to see progress. Something was going on over thousands of acres. At night the Softies learned they could with help at first transport equipment to the other side of the planet. Have a team there use the equipment then have it back in the morning filled with fuel ready to go.

The Funston Flea Market was growing by leaps and bounds. More vendors and more visitors were being drawn to the chaos every day.

Every time John came to the Market, he bought little black boxes. Between John and Vid, they had close to 2,300. The short-term goal was 3,000 although both Vid and John agreed they could not have too many of the little black boxes.

Saturday morning Fed 9th, 2019.

Two more 775s from Lockheed arrived. The Golden Boys from Nanux had taken over not only guard duty for the Planet Earth, but also for Funston. They were also the crews for the new 775s flying workers to Funston. They were increasing the number of workers on Funston by 48 every week. Leaving the 775s parked on Funston to be used for temporary housing.

Heaty got ahold of four very large tents. He used three of them for his market where vendors had perishables, they could put them in the tents for something extra. George and his father set up the fourth tent as a temporary mess tent.

When the Taylor family showed up on Funston, it was mid mourning. They checked out the chickens shortly after they landed at Funston. All 100 of the baby chickens seemed to be doing fine. They all came up to Willy and Lucy as if they hadn’t seen them for days.

Heaty gathered the Taylor family together and transported all of them about two hundred fifty miles to the north east from the Market. From there they walked for a few minutes until they came upon an odd-looking animal, “What is that John?” Heaty asked, “Any idea?”

“That’s a Buffalo Heaty. You like them cooked medium with eggs and hash browns and at least a pound of them at a time.” John shared, “We have a few hundred in our pasture back home.”

“What’s he doing?” Heaty asked.

“He’s curious to see if we are a threat to the herd. If he decides we are he’s willing to defend to the death his herd. You’re looking at about 1,400 pounds and to protect his herd he’ll give you one hell of a fight.” John smiled as he looked at the old fellow.

Heaty led them a bit further and the old bull buffalo disappeared. Pretty soon they spotted a cloud of dust. Seth had his long-distance lens on his camera and was able to see about a thousand buffalo moving away, “That’s the old bulls’ herd. We passed the test, but he is still moving them away.” John shared.

They came across some water and followed it upstream to a bridge. They crossed the bridge, “Look that’s a Weeping Willa. That’s from Earth. Much of this is from Earth.”

They continued on following the creek upstream to another pond, “Look at that. It looks brand new. Those koi have been here a long time.” John said. They were seeing a koi pound with a beautiful Japanese building on one side. John noticed some familiar tracks in the soft ground. He pointed to them.

“What are they John?” Jenny asked.

“They look like deer tracks.” John said loud enough for all to hear.

They moved past the pond with the fish and came to a stairway. John wished he knew what the writing was above and on both sides of the entryway.

“Sir John that is where I saw the old man last. He told me to bring you John Taylor and your family here. To tell you it is time.” Heaty said.

“Time for what?” John asked as he moved up the steps. He looked over and there sitting in a tree was a white eagle. John stopped for a minute, “Hello old friend.”

“Hello friend. You are safe here.” The white eagle conveyed.

John was helping Jenny up the steps, “He’s right John. We’re safe here.” They got to the top of the steps to see a green door, six feet wide and twelve feet high:

“Shall I knock?” John asked Jenny.

“He invited you and maybe he will tell you why he is on a planet all by himself.” Jenny said, “I’d say he is from Earth.”

“Why do you think that?” John asked as he knocked on the door.

“You said those footprints back there look like deer. Add to that buffalo, eagle, and koi. We have not seen anything not from Earth.”

“And the big Weeping Willa Tree.” John added.

“This is somebodies’ home.” Jenny said.

“This place feels so familiar.” John said, “Almost like I ... built it.”

The door opened, “ITS ABOUT TIME. WHAT DO YOU WANT?” The man demanded.

“You asked for the Taylor family. They are here old man.” Lord Heaty said with his booming voice.

“How many are there?”

“There’s thirty-three of us.” Jenny said.

“Well come on in, some will just have to sit on the floor.”

After the Taylor family and friends were seated six young people started handing out bottles of water.

Jenny and Teresa both stood, “Forgive us sir, we are in our last month of carrying our babies, do you have a bathroom we could use?”

“Yes, down that hall on the right. I hope it looks like home.” The man said.

“Why have you brought us here?” John asked.

“This is your home away from home.” The man laughed.

“Am I buying this from you?” John asked.

“No. Hmmm. I thought this would be easier.” The old man said, “You don’t recognize it?”

“Yes, I do, but who are you?” John felt he was getting nowhere with this man.

“John in the last forty years, on many occasions when you have meditated, you have brought your higher self-down to join with you. Somewhere in that forty years you felt you were your higher self.”

“Yes, how do you know that?” John asked. He was sitting on the floor in the lotus position. Heaty and Ada were also. The ceilings in the house were over 12’ tall, but there was no sign of big chairs. The smaller kids were all around John also sitting on the floor.

“You stopped with the disciple John, son of Zebedee the Beloved of Jesus. If you had attempted one more higher self, we would have been one. My name is Johannes or in Hebrew Yochanan.”

“Or in English John.” Jenny said from the doorway.

“What was the reason for Jesus?” Johannes asked.

“To show the world ascension and that it was a step towards becoming Christ.” Jenny said, “To follow him!”

“On Earth.” John said.

Johannes pointed to Jenny, “I like her definition better. It happened on Earth, but it effected more than Earth. What is your purpose John?”

“To have everyone on earth meet and have a relationship with God!” John looked down, “I don’t know what else.”

“To take everyone to God and allow them to find out for themselves what they are about.” Jenny said, “To show us the next step to become one with God.”

Teresa came out of the bathroom and Jenny went in. Willy jumped up and went to the doorway to hold the position of next.

“Johannes, what happened?” Johnny asked.

We were attacked by two factions that you have balanced the karma on. The Nanux (SpeaKing) and the Brentox (Stensit) leadership. They blew us apart. I had evolved to the point where you are now at John. We had just made the transition into the fourth dimension. We got complacent and thought we couldn’t die. The Galactic Capitol was where Lord Heat wants to place it again. What you are finding covering the ground is all that remains of that building.”

“You were the Emperor.” John said.

“Now you are using your intuition. Yes, I was the first Emperor of this Galaxy. Bringing peace after thousands of years of fighting and wars. This will be easier now. The Stensit’s and the SpeaKing’s wanted to rule with an iron fist. I wanted the Galaxy to evolve, not revolt. Your Earth and Mars sided with me and they too got blown up along with thousands of other planets. Trillions of people gone in a small part of a day. Many planets like Mars even lost its atmosphere and water. Lord Heat, your brother in the current times is the only one that has stood up to the tyranny that was still going on until John showed up. Be proud of your big brother.”

“Yes sir!” Heaty smiled at the compliment.

“There is a reason for why three children of the same family are Lords of their planets. Ask about who the great uncle is on your dad’s side. Do it when the family is all together again. XMON will tell you. The answer will be given.”

“Amen, are you here yet?”

“Yes father.” Amen Bible said.

“Well done. Thank you.” Johannes said.

“Father?” John asked.

“Your training is excellent John. Amen and his brothers were in a much-protected part of the family ship. Their mother and father were dead on the floor. They had destroyed the enemy but cost them their lives. A three-year-old Amen was running the ship. He had gotten the secondary power on and was calling for help.” Willy, Skut, Lucy and Crystal were all sitting together. They stopped what they were doing to listen, “We heard them, so we went out and rescued them. Healed them and when they were young adults returned them to their home planet to live with their uncle and to go to higher schools.” Johannes answered.

“So, why are we here today?” John asked.

“Jesus showed the world the next step. He willingly died to do that. Nowhere in any of your writings does it even hint at what the next step is after ascension. After becoming a Christ. How many millions of questions do you have and yet you are the Christ for your planet? What’s your next step? You don’t know do you and yet something inside of you answered my call for you to come?”

A lunch was being served by young people. A man in his thirties with a chef’s hat and apron on watched to see if everyone was served. His pregnant wife was beside him, “We hope you like your lunch. We have worked at finding out what your favorites are. The four children got a very big seafood sampler plate with sauces. Mixed in with the fish and seafood were carrots and celery slices along with many greens. The kid’s plate was on a twelve-inch stool on the floor. Everyone else had a table of some sort to eat on. When Heaty and Ada were served, “The meat and chicken are raised here on Funston.” The man that set the plates down looked like Heaty’s older brother. He was twelve feet tall.

“May I continue while we eat?” Johannes asked.

“Please do.” John and others said.

“John and Jenny, would it surprise you if you found out the Taylor Children you have adopted have a Russian Heritage?” Johannes asked, “Can I tell them Vid and Demetri?”

John turned around, his thoughts were asking, “How did they get here?”

“I’m surprised that it has not come out already.” Vid said, and Demetri was nodding.

“The wife of Antony Taylor was a Natasha Kerensky. She defected when she found out as an Olympic hopeful in figure skating that she was pregnant. Her lover was a CIA asset named Antony Taylor. They changed her name and set them up in a little out of the way place in Washington.”

“Demetri?” Sally asked in a panic. She was sitting apart from her intended because he was on duty protecting Vid, Maya and Skut.

“It’s okay Sally. I want to marry you the day you turn 16. I know this, but there is more.” Demetri said.

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