Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 18

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The next day, Monday Jan 21, 2019

John and Jenny were sitting in the Patricia. Looking over the battlefield. Tony, Willa, Brad, Gloria, Jesus and Julia were with them. Seth and Amen Bible was also with them taking pictures or having Patricia send them a copy by e-mail. A man named Alex Harmon was from the TV station in Spokane. He too had a cameraman taking lots of pictures and video. What he had would go out in Spokane to all the affiliate networks everywhere. Slowly the North American Continent was getting its TV coverage back.

Admiral Kennady, Sam, Johnny, Teresa along with Bill and Nancy were in the Virginia. Admiral Kennady had four 665s patrolling the area keeping anybody else out.

President Pusin was also flying around in Galina with his second ship Zeus full of people. Yelena and Mika were taking lots of video for the Russian newscast. Kevin was there with Iceman. They had come early this morning and had borrowed 10 of the 445s along with the two Chinese LDs to assist in the recovery of the floating spacecraft left yesterday from the battle. They would either reprogram the AI by remote or simply try a restart. Some of the damaged Golden Brigade’s ships were loaded onto an LD and taken to Lockheed.

John happened to look up. There were hundreds of spaceships floating in the sky overhead. He picked up the mic, does anybody know who the ships are above us?”

“Friendlies My Emperor.” Amen Bible chuckled, “They are here to see if you are as powerful as we say you are.”

“Let’s go say high to them.” John said. Admiral Kennady had the other 775s and the four 665s present make a show of strength to the friendlies. When they got into position John asked, “Who are you?” This went out over all channels.

“Sir if I may be of help?” Amen asked, “Where do you want to meet with them and when?”

“At Sou’s tomorrow after 10:00 AM.” John said, “Six hours after sunrise on the western edge of the North American Continent.”

John handed Amen the mic and in a language no one else knew on board the Patricia, “Our new Emperor Taillefer wants to meet you. Please land on Earth and meet with the Emperor tomorrow.” Amen made the announcement passing on John’s message.

Tony and his crew were sitting in Thor the next day on the sunny side of the Earth when, “Captain, we have many ships showing up about 10,000 miles out sir.”

“Do they appear to be hiding?” Tony asked.

“On screen now.” Thor shared. There was 100’s of ships of all different sizes and shapes.

“Doesn’t look like a military formation.” Willa said.

“Omak Central, put me through to the Admiral.”

“This is Omak Central, what can we do for you sir?”

“Tell our President, he has a couple thousand guests coming to see him today.” Tony shared, “They will need an escort.”

“The escort should be there now.” Omak Central said.

“Good morning Major Taylor. I see there are many that took John’s message to heart and have returned.” Admiral Kennady said.

“Admiral, do you sleep. It seems the higher up the ranks I go the less sleep I often get.” Tony teased.

“Sleep, no sleep. Admirals don’t sleep, Lieutenant Colonels sleep even less than Majors.” Mary laughed, “We’ll escort them into Omak for you Major.”

“Thank you, Admiral.” Tony sat there for a moment.

“Are you all right?” Willa asked.

“I think we’re all going to get promoted.” Tony said.

“Oh no!” Willa said.

“Why the concern honey?” Tony looked at his very disappointed Wife.

“How are we going to make this work with a baby?” Willa asked.

“Well if the Admiral and Sam can find a way, then we’ll just ask them how.” Tony started laughing. Finally, Willa did too as she sat in Tony’s lap.

Omak, at Sou’s Restaurant.

For three days the Lords and Ladies of the Galaxy came into Sou’s sat down and watched the line. The Minute Men dressed in black took care of the order in which people stood in line. Not letting more than a few be standing at any one time. On this day Xmon and his lady Roseola sat to John’s right. Amen Bible often sat next to them helping to translate. Jenny, Willy and Lucy were sitting to John’s left. The kids were playing with some Lego’s. Seth was bouncing around taking pictures as people were being announced. The man from Spokane was also there broadcasting to the TV Station live. A young-looking Lady approached John. She was indeed a warrior. Hollywood would have done better to have her for a consultant for the dress of female warriors. She had a heavy vest made from what looked like shinny leather. Her weapons comprised of a gun, sword of some type and a very fancy cross bow with arrows in a quiver on her belt. She bent at the waist touching the floor with her hands then eased herself down to her knees. She looked to be 18 Earth years old. John looked over at Xmon and Roseola and saw that look of parental pride, “Lady Atta, are your parents present here today sitting as my friends?”

“Yes, my lord Emperor.” Lady Atta said.

“How long since you have seen your parents?” John asked. This took some time with translations.

“Many years Emperor.” Lord Atta said.

“Then it would please me if you greeted them first.” John said.

John and Jenny were pleased as Atta jumped to her feet moving to hug and kiss both her mom and dad. After a few minutes, she returned to kneel in front of John and Jenny, “Your brother Heat informs me that you have another brother who is also a Lord of a planet?”

Xmon and Roseola stood and bowed to John. They knew, what an honor they had just received.

“Yes, my Emperor, we have word that both of my Lord Brothers will be here today. We will have a family meal later.”

“Master Xmon, you and your family are welcome to use my table for your meal.” John said.

“Would the Emperor and his Lady and family be interested in joining us at least for a short time this evening?”

John looked to Jenny and got a nod, “Yes for a short time would be our pleasure.”

John turned back to Lord Atta, “Where is your planet Lord Atta?”

“My planet is across the Galaxy.” Lord Atta went to the Galactic Map pointing to a star on the edge not far from Gunnex. We have had peace for over 100 years. We are very prosperous, and I bring you gifts of that Prosperity. We do not want nor, do we have the means to participate in a war, but we are very willing to support you our Emperor.” Four of her female guards brought two large chests forward. The four guards wore what one might also see at an Archery event. John had the feeling they would be just as deadly as Lord Atta if need be.

Heaty had told John that he was the third Lord in the family, but one was just a girl. When Ada heard this, she gave Heaty a swat that would have knocked John into next week. Heaty then said, “That’s what my sister would have done if she was here.” As he laughed hugging Ada.

Lord Atta opened the lids of the boxes. One of the boxes was filled with both gold and silver coins. The second box was filled with precious stones of all different shapes and colors.

“Lord Atta, we will add your gifts to the resources needed to assist Lord Heat in the building of a New Galactic Capitol.” John shared, “I thank you very much.” John bowed his head to Lord Atta. She turned and nodded to her parents and moved off followed by her body guards.

John heard and noticed an angry guest. He was demanding to be next to see the new Emperor. John almost laughed when he saw who it was. The minute man was using a black box to record information and communicate with all. The Minute Man was telling the man there was twenty-six ahead of him and it would be best if he sat and had some refreshment or food while he waited. With that the man exploded in outrage. What he said John would learn latter was “I have the strongest military in the Galaxy and will destroy this planet if I don’t get respect.”

By this time John was behind the Minute Man sitting at the welcome table, “So we meet again?” John said.

“Who are you?” asked Lord Heckler Stensit.

“You seem to have a short memory. I purchased some Black Boxes from you. When we met, I introduced myself as Lord Taillefer. Now I am the EMPEROR TAILLEFER!” John never said anything that ever felt better, “Now SIT DOWN until you are called.” The guard looked at John and smiled giving John a slight nod of approval.

“Yes, my Emperor.” Heckler squeaked out. John returned to his seat.

Several dozen others came forward. Bringing gifts, promises and Vows of Support.

After a break the announcement was made, “Lord Tersely from The Planet Brentox in the Castro system.”

John caught the same look of pride on Xmon and Roseola faces again as a large man kneeled. He was six foot three inches. He too was dressed as a warrior. His men respected him and watched out for him.

“Lord Tersely, do you have family here?” John asked.

“Yes, my Emperor, my mother and father sit as honored guests of thee.” Lord Tersely spoke in English.

“Please acknowledge them first then.” John reached over and grasped Jenny’s hand. Willy and Lucy were standing watching.

Lord Tersely held his arms wide as he gave his mother and father hugs. Xmon would say later that it had been since Heaty was a small boy the last time the family was all together. Lord Tersely had not met his youngest brothers and sisters yet or the twelve-foot giant Heaty had grown into.

When the Lord Tersely kneeled again before John and Jenny, “My Emperor I have brought gifts to you.” His chest was just a bit bigger than his sister’s. It too was filled with both gold and silver coins, “I pledge to you all that I own and all that I command.”

“Where is your planet Lord Tersely?” John asked.

It was 30,000 light years from Earth in the Castro System.

“My Emperor, we have been at war for over a hundred years. Our last battle was something like the one you had. We lost five ships and a few dozen men. The enemy lost 500 light destroyers and over ten thousand of their personnel. I would like to offer a trade, one of our new Defenders for one of your 775s. My father says it is one of the nicest ships he has ever been on. One where the family would enjoy travelling in.” Lord Tersely said, “It would be nice to have a nice ship for the family to visit more often.”

“Is the Defender what you used against the light destroyer?” John asked.

“Yes, my Emperor. We can see others when they are cloaked and stay out of range of their weapons. We have a device that fires matter at the anti-matter which eliminates it Sire.”

“Who has been warring with you and what is the issue?” John asked.

“The family Stensit from the Planet Etamine also in the Castro System.” Lord Tersely said, “They steal people and force them into slavery. They treat our people poorly, then work them to death. None of our people have returned.”

“Is there other planets Etamine has been stealing people from?” John asked.

“Yes, my Emperor, six planets that I know of. My planet is working with the others to help stop this.”

“Give me a time unit.” John got up and went over to Cason the Minute Man that was working the line. John whispered something and returned to his seat next to Jenny.

The announcement was made, “Lord Heckler Stensit from The Planet Etamine in the Castro system.”

Heckler had become impatient and had gotten up heading for the front door when Cason called his name. Heckler’s guard said something, and the little man Exploded, “YOU DO NOT ADVISE ME!” could be heard throughout Sou’s. Cason called his name again with the repeat of the announcement.

Lord Heaty with Ada had just come into Sou’s through the front door. They were blocking the doorway along with two Marines. Doubly so because both Heaty and Ada were bent over with that portion of the ceiling being only 8’ tall.

John was on his feet again talking very low to Lord Tersely. Lord Tersely looked to John, nodded and laughed. He stood and turned towards his little brother, “LORD HEAT, LITTLE BROTHER!” Everything froze for a moment. Lord Bible who had gone to meet Ohm, his brother and several security people with him was coming back when they came face to face with Heckler. A group of six Minute men with M-16s on their shoulders were also marching towards them. Lord Tersely and Lord Atta were also moving towards Heckler with more armed Marines.

Heckler blinked and moved towards the safety of the Emperor. He was surprised when Lord Tersely, Lord Heat, Lord Bible and Lord Atta with Lady Ada all kneeled next to him. Xmon and Rosalie were also kneeling close to their family.

“I understand, there is some differences that have come up among all of you and Lord Stensit here. To resolve this, we are going to God, Now!” The transport happened. All of them plus their guards. John had warned Jenny and the kids that if he could get them all together, he was taking them to God. They stood on the scaffold on the west side of the sun watching as Heckler moved towards the sun and exploded. Everyone was talking at once. Heckler’s guard detail moved towards John and when they got close took a knee bowing their heads.

John transported everyone to God!

“Have a seat, please.” John told them.

The Etamine guard was shocked because they could understand the words spoken by The Emperor.

“Emperor, what do we do now?” The lead Guard asked.

“This is God, please do not put me above God. My name is John Taylor of the house of Taillefer. When we are here, please call me John.” John smiled, “Who are you?”

Jenny and the kids sat down next to John.

“I’m Jonas and this is my brother Janus of the House of Stensit. When our eldest brother Eldon became the Lord of the planet, he went back to the old ways and had us altered to not be able to have any more children. Our sisters and daughters were killed, and our sons were also altered. We cannot become the Lord of our planet unless we can produce a living heir. When Eldon our Lord disappeared, he had no sons. The line fell to our cousin. He’s not coming, back, is he?”

“No, he is not coming back.” John answered.

“God why was the Cousin Heckler not altered the same as Jonas and Janus?” John asked. Something did not make sense.

“The brother Eldon had Cousin Heckler murder the Emperor and his family. For doing that Heckler would be the next in line for the Lordship. The belief was Eldon would become the new Emperor of the Galaxy. The brother Eldon knew he could not have children from an accident that had made him infertile as a boy.”

“John why would anybody do that?” Jenny asked.

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