Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 16

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More defectors?

The enemy of your enemy may be a friend?

Well, the meeting with dad went okay. Tony was able to prove to his dad that he was getting the grasp of Economics, Accounting, and Finance. They were all related and yet totally different too.

So, book in hand he was sitting in the Captain’s Seat of Virginia. Dad had given him twenty books from his own library for him to read. Tony was totally into his book when “Tony we have another anomaly like last time only about twice as big. It is about 100,000 miles out.” Virginia reported.

“All personnel, please bring your dinner to Control.” Tony put out over the ship’s speakers.

“What do we have Major Tony?” Jesus was followed by Julia, Brad, Gloria, and Willa.

“Another anomaly only this one looks twice as big.” Tony said, “This is Major Taylor calling for Admiral Kennady?

After control connected them, “What do you have Major Taylor.”

“Same as last time only twice as big,” Tony reported.

“So maybe 50 to 60 ships?” Mary thought, “I’ll sound the alarm and get the fleet up. Good practice. We’ll be there in three minutes.” Mary was about to hang up, “Tony, call Captain Si. His group is up there this evening.”

“Will do. 10/4” Tony clicked off then clicked on again, “Major Taylor calling Captain Si.” Tony tried three times before he got a response.

“Major Taylor, Captain Si here, we see the suspicious moving mass. We are very close to them.” Captain Si answered talking very softly but in understandable English, “Let me talk to Admiral.”

“Captain Si, she will be here shortly, I just got off the phone with her.” Tony shared, Si’s English has improved since the last time I talked to him.

“Understood Sir! I’ll sit by.”

The quiet seemed endless until Tony asked Virginia a question, “Do those ships have the same signature as the 28 from last week?”

“Yes, Sir,” Virginia answered.

“Admiral Kennady here. Any change in status?” Mary asked.

“No change except Captain Si wants to talk with you. He is out there near the incoming visitors somewhere.” Tony said, “Virginia says they have the same signature as our golden boys.”

“Good to know. Captain Si come in, please. This is Admiral Kennady.”

“Yes, Admiral Kennady. I ask permission to confront this group of Nanux ships?”

“You are outnumbered 2 to 1. Wait until we are in a position to back you up.” Mary directed.

“As long as we are in front Admiral. This might be our fault. They may be hunting us.” Captain Si said.

“Okay, Captain Si. We’re almost there show them where you are. We will wait until your signal to do the same.” Mary ordered.

In space appeared 28 golden yellow ships.

The radar glitch stopped, “This is the Nanux Earth Forces calling whatever is cloaked. Please de-cloak and show yourselves.” Captain Si demanded in his language.

One of the black ships made themselves shown.

“Who are you and why are you here?” Captain Si demanded. The good Captain had over ten years protecting his old home and used that to do the same for his current home.

Over the speakers for all to hear, “Si? Is that you? Who in the hell made you the guard of Earth? I thought you were dead. Why is your ship that color?”

“Ford? (The crossing of a river.) What are you doing here?” Captain Si asked, “Why are you not protecting Nanux?”

“Si, I believe our leadership is violating our trust. I think they are insane. They have been eating people for so long their decisions don’t make sense anymore.”

“So, why are you here?” Captain Si asked.

“We were sent ahead to attack planet Earth,” Ford announced.

“Not going to happen. Our ships now have more power, our shields have been improved and our cannon is stronger.” Si didn’t tell him about the 6” laser on each of the 28 ships. We should be able to get 4 or 5 of you for each one of us. You are not going to get any closer to planet Earth than you are now.”

Mary and the Earth ships were all listenings in. They liked what they were hearing. Mary looked to Sam and the Colonel.

“Give me a minute.” It was obvious when Ford asked his men what they wanted to do. He instructed the ones that wanted to surrender to de-cloak and lower their shields. The rest to go back to their leaders, “How did you become the planet guard for Earth?” Ford asked.

“We surrendered after the battle. We knew we would be put to death if we went back home.” Si answered, “We choose the color of our ships, so we could fight the Elite of our planet.”

“You were the only ones that survived? The people of Earth are they not flesh eaters?” Ford asked.

“Our leaders have lied to us. The flesh they eat is of fish that swims in the waters and birds of the air they call a chicken. They do eat of a wild animal called the buffalo that if you make mad, they can kill us people.” Si paused a moment, “They took us to God. We always wondered if we had spies well four of my group went into the sun. They call that Hell. Ford, God told me the truth. My parents have been killed and made into food. Our leaders need to die for the crimes they have done.”

It was quiet for a minute. “They have given us only flesh eater’s food. When I went and asked about it they said none other had been ordered. I think we were sent here because we are expendable.” Ford took a moment, “I surrender. I surrender. What are your orders?”

“Are you willing to fight to eliminate the leader and those that follow him?” Si was angry.

“Yes. We must fix this. Even if it means we must kill all the meat eaters. Yes, this is so terribly wrong.” Ford was emotionally upset and about to cry. He certainly was near having an emotional breakdown.

“Colonel are you willing to take on 208 additional troops?” Admiral Mary asked.

“Yes. The Golden Rule. If we ever found ourselves in his spot, I would like to have a friend come along and help us out by helping us kill all of our leaders if they were crazy like the Nanux.”

Mary picked up the mic, “Omak Control, this is Admiral Kennady, please put me in contact with the President.”

The next morning John faced 208 Nanux Men sitting while another 108 were standing around near the walls of the room. On the dais in front of John was a black box with the lid off, “How was breakfast?” John asked.

Captain Si was standing next to John translating the response, “Good sir! Very complimentary.”

“I believe we have the best bunch of cooks in the Galaxy. Hello, I am President John Taylor. I have been elected to this office for a time. Here on Earth, when we do not trust our leaders, the people choose a new leader.

This morning, we are going to take you our new guests to God for the first time. Are there any questions?” John looked around then he raised his arm, “Okay then, one, two and three.” The transport happened. John was pleased, they all ended up with God. The Golden Boys took charge. They were the first group of the Nanux refugees. John sat in his Christ Port and thanked our father.

“John, these men will play a very important part in your battle. Trust them, they will not let you down.” God shared.

“Father is there anything else I need to do to serve you?” John asked.

“Win your battle Son!”

The three hundred and sixteen men of the Golden Brigade got new uniforms. Some got new Rankings. The new people got a gold coin and a silver coin. The first group explained value to the second group.

Thank you, father. John got up and admired the new uniforms of the Golden Brigade. He shook hands of many. He was able to chat here with them in the presence of God. One man stood and saluted him, “No sir, not when we are with God. This is who we serve. This is most important.”

Captain Si had a question, “Sir, what is this?” Si was pointing to a different pin on his collar.

“God says you are a Major. So, we will recognize you as a Major.” John smiled and shook hands with Si.

John also counted three with new captain’s bars. Some had a first unit, some second unit and some with the third unit. Three units of a hundred and four each with a Captain in charge with Major Si in charge of the Brigade. There was one ship left out. John had the sense to send it to Lockheed or maybe better to use it as a backup.

“Mr. President. It looks like you’re getting ready to leave sir.” Susan Garnet said.

“Yes?” John remembered seeing her but did not recognize her.

“Susan Garnet, Masters in English and Teaching. I was in the bunch that followed you out of Seattle. I’m next we have English class.” Susan giggled.

“How are you adjusting?” John asked.

“Very well sir.” Susan smiled. “I’ve worked on the sidewalk crew. I have learned to finish houses. I am now one of the substitute teachers for the school district. Admiral Kennady has hired me to teach this bunch enough English so we don’t get anybody killed in the upcoming battle because of poor communications. You sir just approved a loan for me on a home with half of an acre. I’m thinking blueberries. I want to put up some greenhouses so maybe we can have blueberries year-round.”

“Maybe you can advise me on the best blueberries for this area. I think the kids and I would like to grow blueberries. We eat them almost every morning with our oatmeal. Nice to meet you, Susan. How are they doing, learning?” John asked.

“Those that want to learn are. There are some though that are fighting it. I am getting some out of work female carpenters that are going to become my tutors. All of them are single females looking for good husbands.” Susan had a big smile on her face, “I have another 100 female volunteers coming by tonight that are willing to help, too.”

“100 young, single women looking for husbands?” John started laughing when Susan nodded her head, “I’m going to stop worrying about this. Bless you, Susan. Anything you need?”

“No sir, we’ll take care of them.” Susan was fiddling with her black lanyard.

“Captain Si has taken me out twice now. We sit in Sou’s and drink apple juice.” Susan smiled, “We’re going for dinner soon.”

“Major Si. He’s now the Golden Brigade Commander.” John said, “Thank you, Susan. Bye for now.”

When John showed up at the bank, not only the Architects were still talking ideas, but the car engineers were also there.

John came in, went to the coffee pot, “How’s the coffee?”

“Just made a new batch. You’re getting low on coffee though.” Chester Turner, Engineer, and car mechanic. Relative of Chief Nation.

“What are those vehicles, Mr. President?”

“Our future. How soon can you build a thousand of them?”

There was some laughter until they realized John wasn’t laughing, “You’re serious?” Percy Hansen the Engineer asked.

“Can we go for a ride?” Cecil Angstrom another Engineer asked, “What do you call them?”

“Jetmobils.” John said, “Ever see the Jetson’s?”

“Some cartoon about some futuristic lifestyle?” Percy asked.

We’re there. Maybe at the very edge of it, but we’re there.” John said, “Come back at 3:30 and the boys will show you how to operate them and fly you to your factory when they get out of school. Take them seriously gentlemen. They flew 1,800 miles from Texas to here with them.”

“Okay, we’ll be back then.” The Car Engineers headed out.

“John, can we really do this Capitol project?” Perry Stuart asked.

John sat down and wrote out three names. Thor, Jupiter, and Pluto, “Which one do you like the best?”

“Thor,” Perry said.

Let me take you to where it is. John transported the Architects to the very crowded parking lot. When John found the 775 named Thor he asked permission for himself and his friends to enter.

“After the battle, if he survives, he’s yours to use or one like it. What do you think of this for a construction office?”

“Mr. President. This is gorgeous. How long to fly to Funston?”

“Two hours, give or take. The speeding up and the slowing down will take some time.”

“Mr. President, you have answered my question very well. Not only if we can do this, but we will do this job. I was hoping for a little camp trailer somewhere down the road.

The group went back to the bank.

John sent a text to Ben, Chuck, and Brien that if they were available, they were needed to teach AUTO Engs, at 3:30 to fly. Within minutes John got back three “Okays”.

“What’s it like there?” Molly Stuart asked.

“A big blank page. There is a bush that you will see maybe 1 per square mile. There are hills off into the distance that do have some trees and bushes. In between, there is nothing but open land with nothing on it.” John took a swallow of coffee, there are no bugs, no birds and no animals of any kind. One of the problems of the land is it is dead. We need many boatloads of chicken manure to even begin thinking about growing anything.” John had a thought. No, that would be too easy.

There was a loud noise outside. John thought it might have sounded like a ship landing. When he got outside there was the LD (Light Destroyer) taking up a good bit of his parking lot. John didn’t think it was theirs. That LD should be at Lockheed. He wished Sam and Mary were around. They took a day off and took Virginia up to stand guard for 24 hours. There was a message on his desk that he had not looked at. John winced as he realizes he probably had the answer but had not looked at it yet.

To his surprise, Lord Heat stepped out into the sunshine. The weather was a balmy 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius) today. The first thing Heaty did was shiver. A man and two boys with Lord Heat were the drillers John had talked to Heaty about. John noticed Heaty counting out 6 pieces of gold. The two men laughed and Heaty and the man did a low five. When it appeared to be completed, John made himself known.

“LORD HEAT, my very good friend,” John shouted.

“John why is it so cold here?” Heaty asked.

“This is our winter, in the spring everything is beautiful, and we forget this snow.” John laughed, “Then the summers are like your planet. Every year we have 60 to 90 days of this stuff.”

“Lord John, thank you very much for the wedding. Life is good!” Heaty announced with a big smile on his face.

“I’m very, very happy for you, friend.” John giggled.

“I didn’t know. I do now.” Heaty looked off into space.

“The very good part of marriage.” John smiled.

“Yes!” Heaty almost blushed, “I want to see Architects.”

John turned to see Perry and his staff, “Lord Heat, I introduce to you Perry Stuart and his wife Molly. His two associates Jimmy James and Brad Summers. Lady and Gentlemen, this is Lord Heat the builder of the Galactic Capitol from Funston. Lord Heat these Architects have been here every day since your father met with them.”

“Let’s meet in my hotel. Our doors are 10’ tall and the ceiling is 12’ tall. We have a meeting room with 12’ ceilings, and big enough for all of us. Lord Heat it is also warm.”

The table was large enough, just not high enough. Sure, enough Heaty could stand tall, just touching the ceiling with his head. The room was normal for 40 people, so the group did have plenty of room.

Brad behind the scenes had the Paul Bunyan Bed brought into the conference room across the hall. When Brad was a kid, his dad wanted something for the annual summertime parade, Omak’s World-Famous Stampede Race so they had the bed made with a sign that said Paul Bunyan Slept Here! The bed was four queen size mattresses sown together and a bed frame made from 6” by 12” s of wood. They had special sheets fitted and blankets made for it. The top of the bed was five feet off the floor and the mattresses were very firm. April and their ‘do everything guy’ even brought in the enormous dresser with the two very big chairs. The man even got a table with five-foot legs. April pulled out some very big pillows for the bed and many throw pillows they could sit on. The bathrooms across the hall had large doors with the ceilings also 12’ high. Not ideal, but it might work. April made up a large basket of fruit.

Jenny got John’s text concerning Ada in the ship. About it being too cold to come out. She had Willy and Lucy with her. She saw the LD in the parking lot and told the kids to go find Ada. Sure enough 3 minutes later Ada came out shivering, “Let’s go to God kids.” The transport happened. Jenny asked Ada, “How is married life?”

“Wonderful, he is so gentle and loving.” Ada blushed.

“Ada, touch God.” Jenny directed. “Father, Ada is very cold. Can we put a very warm sweatshirt on her? Zipper up the front with a hoody too. We would also like to have one for her husband Heat. Blue to match Ada’s eyes.” Ada hugged the warm shirt and took a deep breath and was finally able to relax feeling warm. There was a very warm pair of pants that matched the sweatshirt. Jenny realized she had both a shirt and pants for Heaty. Interesting the material was a half inch thick, “Shall we go back to Earth?” The transport happened. Jenny went into the bank and asked where did John go?

“Brad took them over to the hotel,” Barbara said. So, Jenny with Ada and the kids walked over to the Hotel.

“How are you doing Ada?” Jenny asked.

Ada smiled, “Yes!”

Willy said something in Ada’s language. Ada smiled and nodded. She said something to Willy, “Momma Ada is warm now. She is a bit hungry. They missed breakfast.”

“Ask Ada if they would like to try some of our food?” Jenny asked.

Willy talked, and Ada nodded her head, “She says yes mom.”

The three attacked the double doors that were ten feet tall. Cheering when Ada was able to duck under the door frame and stand inside.

“She must be with...” April started to say.

“April, this is Lady Ada. She is the wife of Lord Heat, they come from the planet Funston where we will be helping them build a new Galactic Capitol.” Jenny said.

“That’s what Brad has been so excited about.” April said, “How will we be able to get there?”

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