Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 13

Copyright© 2018 by A Carpenter's Son

Tony and Willa were part of the large crowd waving goodbye to John and Jenny and their companions. Brad, Gloria, Jesus, and Julia were with them.

“Think we will ever see them again?” Willa asked.

“Yes, I get a good feeling we will,” Tony replied.

“Major Taylors are you really interested in being part of the global patrol?” Admiral Kennedy asked.

Tony, Willa, and friends all saluted, “Yes Sir.” Tony and Willa both said, “I’ve got to get someplace very quiet and finish up my Log of the last few months before dad gets back and asks for it. Plus, I need to read several books on economics.”

“Major, I want a six-person team, two on, four off for either 4-hour shifts or 8-hour shifts. The Virginia really needs six to fill the crew positions.”

“You would give us Virginia?” Tony’s eyes got big, “Sir!”

“We would pay you a silver a day too,” Mary said.

Tony and Willa turned to Brad and Gloria, “Want to go on a ride in the 775 and make a silver a day?” Tony asked.

“Bring reading material. It’s going to be a finish studies trip.” Willa said.

Tony, can you bring the ship to our apartments, so we can load fresh food that might go to waste?” Gloria asked.

“Tony, we got some too,” Willa said.

Tony looked at their friend Jesus Batista, “Tony I have many books to read.”

“What do you think, one day or two?” Tony asked. Everyone held up two fingers, “Admiral, we will get up there ASAP.”

“Tony, you will be the command ship. Now we have some Russians on the way. If they have higher rank, I may have to bow to them.” Mary said.

“That’s understood, Admiral. We will get along. I can at least speak their language.” Tony said.

“Come with me, all of you. I’ll let Virginia know she’s going on a trip.” Mary said.

An hour later.

The Virginia was floating 3,280 miles above the equator over the western coast of South America. Tony was sitting in control reading an economics book. Everybody else was in the mess preparing dinner. They had gotten up here at 5:57 P.M. The Virginia was slowly turning in a 360-degree spin every six minutes. That gave her long range scanner a good view for a hundred thousand miles around and above them. The Russians had two ships up. Both were 445’s although Tony thought one might be a 555. Admiral Mary had said she heard Vid talk about a 555 they were building. Admiral Mary said she had teams for 2 more positions with 665’s and that maybe she would also come up in a 665.

“What are you reading Major Taylor?” The hologram Virginia asked.

“It’s a book on Bad Economics. Everything that did not work or did not accomplish what everyone thought it would do.” Tony looked at the hologram, “Please call me Tony unless we are in a fight for our lives.”

“Do you have an example, Tony?”

“Yes. In a fiat money system, there is a time when money will become worth nothing. Just prior to that time what is seen is the circulation of money slows down. The multiplier effect continues to reduce heading towards zero. The people in charge print lots of money thinking this will increase the circulation, i.e. the multiplier of the money. Interest rates go to zero and maybe even into the negative rates. Everyone takes on more debt during these times because of low-interest rates.” Tony was saying.

“Major two 445s have moved over the south pole station and the central pacific station. The Russians have settled over the Indian Ocean Station and the north pole.” Virginia reported.

“So, we are five now.” Tony watched the screen for a bit, “Any glitches yet?”

“I’m watching something about 100,000 miles out.” Virginia reported, “The very edge of our long-range scan.”

“Tell me about it.” Tony directed.

Willa came into control with two plates of food. She sat down next to Tony and handed him a rolled napkin around silverware, “What’s going on?”

“Virginia was going to report something. Virginia?” Tony asked.

“There is something moving this way.” Virginia’s hologram was gone, “Tony it appears to be two dozen ships flying slowly towards us cloaked.”

Tony picked up the mic, “All personnel please bring your dinner to control.” Tony announced, “Virginia can you bring up anything onto the screen? Face the ship in the direction of the glitch.” Tony directed.

“What’s you got Major Tony, sir?” Brad asked. He was followed by Gloria, Jesus, and Julia.

“There is something out about 100,000 miles. Virginia says its cloaked and is coming this way. There is at least two dozen of them.” Tony said as soon as all six were present.

“Could be the 28 ships that ran off from the Nanux battle,” Willa said

Tony looked at Willa nodding his head, “Could be. It doesn’t appear threatening. Opinions everybody?” Tony asked. Jesus and Julia had their heads together whispering.

“Call the Admiral to get permission for us to sneak out there to get a better look,” Jesus said. Everyone agreed with Jesus.

Tony picked up the mic, “This is Major Tony Taylor calling for Admiral Kennady.”

“This is Omak Control Major. I’m calling her now.”

“Admiral Kennady?”

“This is Omak Control relaying a call from Major Tony Taylor.”

“Admiral, we have something that looks like about 24 ships cloaked moving slowly towards us about 100,000 miles out towards the southeast. I’m asking permission to jump out there and get a much better look.”

“Tony, Sam and I are going to bring up a 665 with two platoons of the 82nd that are on standby for just this sort of thing. We will see you in about three minutes. Please hold tight and continue monitoring their actions.”

“Will do sir. Major Taylor out.”

A buzzer went off at the Best Western, “Now here this, standby team board ship Rick. This is not a drill we have a class 3 alert to deal with.”

When Sam and Mary transported to the airport there was 750 of the 82nd and 150 of the best pilots of the Navy on board their assigned ships. Lt. Colonel Stanley was in charge of the 82nd.

“Sit down seat belts on, let’s go.” Mary turned to the Colonel, “We’ll take later.”

“Yes, Sir! Rick, time since the alarm.”

“1 minute 53 seconds.”

“All ships go to full shields and cloak,” Mary ordered.

“Rick, can you see the Virginia?” Mary asked.

“They must have their shields off and their power consumption at the minimal.

Mary looked to Sam with we can’t see the Virginia, “Let me have the mic. Virginia are you still there?”

“We are parked over the east edge of South America on the equator.” Tony reported, “We can see you now just barely. Looks like a flock of butterflies with our sensors on full.”

“We see nothing on our sensors of your presence.” Mary confided.

“Then I was right, the shields cause a glitch for the sensors to pick up. Those ships approaching may have their shields on full.” Tony said, “Admiral let me de-cloak and see what they do? I’ll turn my shields on at the same time.”

“Your call.” Mary said, “Everyone, fan out on either side of the Virginia. Give yourself three ships width of clear space on each side of yourself.”

“Tony, I’m taking Rick out there at top speed to get behind them. All other ships stay where you are.”

A minute and a half later, “Tony, these are the 28 ships from Nanux. They are moving at about 1,000 miles per hour. I’m going to get in front of them and see if we can make contact.”

Mary turned to the Col. Stanley, “Come sit next to me. Put your seatbelt on. Put the glasses on and realize the crosshairs on the lens over your left eye is where the blast goes. If these guys start anything, we have two to three seconds to hit them with our weapons. Once they fire their shields and cloaking will be down for those 2 to 3 seconds. My guess these guys are homeless. If so, then they are in trouble. I do not expect any trouble from them, but the other day we didn’t expect what happened then. There is the trigger, don’t push it, you are live. Colonel, I’ve read your file, you are the best of the best, but we do need to talk.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Rick put me out over all channels.”

“You’re live Admiral.” Rick the ship’s AI said.

“Calling the 28 ships from Nanux. This is Admiral Kennady from the planetary space council. What do you want and why are you here?” Mary asked.

Mary was going to make another attempt then she heard, “This is the appointed leader of the 28 Nanux ships. We are hungry. We have lost our home. We wish to become your slaves.”

“How are you able to communicate?” Mary asked.

“We have a device that assists in translating. It is slow and takes time.”

“We do not have slaves and our laws do not allow us to take on slaves.” Mary said, “Why can’t you go home?”

“We would be put to death. We would be considered as cowards or traitors or both.”

“Why did you leave the battle?” Mary asked.

“We do not eat flesh. Our beliefs are supposed to be accepted, but they are not. We were not supposed to be on that trip to steal your people. We did not agree to the battle. We did not fire upon the Earth’s vessels. We are supposed to be the home guard protecting our planet from people like ourselves. We have been losing our rights for hundreds of years. What can we do?”

“Your planet is sending a fleet of warships to attack us to beat us into allowing them to live on Earth. Are you willing to help protect Earth and follow our laws, is the question?” Mary asked.

“If given the chance we would attack the Leader’s ship for you and for us.”

“I will be offline for a bit of time. I need to check with my higher-ups.” Mary said.


“Rick give me a line to Omak Control.” Mary directed.

“Yes, Sir.” Rick said, “Line is connected, Admiral.”

“Omak Control here.”

“Control, this is Admiral Kennady, please connect me with VP Johnny Taylor.”

“Connecting now.”

“Johnny here.”

“Mr. Vice President. We have the 28 ships from Nanux asking for political asylum. They are not using that term, but to sum up what they are saying that is the correct term.”

“This only happens when dad’s gone.” Johnny laughed, “Why shouldn’t we just blow them out of the sky?”

“Good question. They are Vegetarians. Because of their beliefs, they were to only be used as the Planet Guard. They did not fire upon our forces or we would have blown them out of the sky.” Mary answered, “Sir, I could not give the order to fire first and I will not follow such a command to do such.”

“Mary let me make some phone calls and I will get back to you.” Johnny said, “I agree with you, I couldn’t fire first either.”

“Will do Mr. Vice President.” Mary clicked the button, “Errrrrrrrr.”

“Sam, if I get fired over this, will you go with me on a space trip?” Mary asked.

“Yes.” Sam smiled.

“Rick, give me the line for the Nanux again.” Mary laughed.

“Your connected Admiral,” Rick advised.

“Nanux, how many people do you have with you?” Mary asked.

“One hundred twelve.” Came the reply.

“Thank you, we are still working on your question.”

“Rick, please give me control in Omak again.”

“Channel is open Admiral,” Rick said.

Mary hit the on switch for the mic again, “Control, this is Admiral Mary. The refugees have told us there is 112 of them. Please pass that onto the VP.”

“10/4 Admiral.”

“Admiral and Colonel. What if I send some apples?” Sam asked.

“You can do that?” Mary asked.

“In our quiet moments, John has been teaching me. One moment.” Sam closed his eyes and there appeared a plastic container with a dozen red delicious apples in it. He closed his eyes again and there was five more of the containers with apples. He started passing them around to the guys in the ship. He gave an apple to Mary and another one to Colonel Stanley.

“You come with surprises Colonel.” She said to Sam, then turned to Colonel Stanley, “Can you do that too.”

“No mam, but I am very open to learning how.” Colonel Stanley said.

“Realize Colonel, you are in the Eye of the Storm. John is so far ahead of us, but he keeps dragging the rest of us along with him.” Mary turned to Sam, “Send them apples Colonel Sam.”

“Admiral, it would be best if I could see them without their screens on,” Sam said.

“Rick, give me a channel to our ships. Include the Nanux in this communication.”

“You’re on Admiral,” Rick said.

“This is Admiral Kennady. This message is for all Earth Ships. Please, de-cloak. We see this group of 28 ships of the Nanux as friends. They have informed us they are vegetarians and I believe they did not fire upon any of us during the battle a few days ago or we would have blasted them full of holes. We are going to transport to them some of our beautiful Washington State Apples. They are on the verge of starvation and have offered to become our slaves if we are willing to take them in and help them get a home. They are willing to stand with us to battle the oncoming enemy of their planet. Thank you, that is all.”

“Gentlemen of the Nanux, de-cloak your ships and lower your shields we will transport to each of your ships a dozen apples. We grow these in the area around where we live. We find them very delicious and healthful to our bodies. They might ease your hunger just a bit.”

The level of fear just bounced through the roofs on the Nanux ships. The appointed leader shouted, “Settle down. This is a step towards peace. They have lowered their shields and have become seen. They are offering us food. What did you think would happen when we decided to go this way? If we are willing to trust them and fight for them against our own traitorous leaders, just maybe they will be willing to give us a corner of their society to live out our days. We have seen the women of Earth, they are beautiful and just maybe we can be lucky and find mates and happiness for our souls.” The leader finished as a dozen apples appeared before them. He opened the plastic container and looked at the red apples. He picked up one and took a bite.

“We said we were hungry, and they gave us food. Maybe this is a good thing. It sounds like something from our Nanux Holy Book.” The leader looked around at his 3 men munching away on the apples. They wore smiles on their faces for the first time in a long while. He picked up what they used for a communication device, “Admiral Kennady, we thank you very much for your gesture of kindness. The apple is delicious. You say this grows where you live on the planet. Is it possible to have a home with fruit growing all around?” The leader said.

“Yes, it is very typical in the area where we live. What is your name?” Admiral Mary Kennady asked.

“In my language it means agreement. In your language, it would sound like “Yes”. I understand there is another language on your planet. In that language, it sounds like “Si”. I will use Captain Si for our communications.”

“Captain Si is very satisfactory. One minute please?” Mary said.

“What do you think gentlemen?”

“The Navy pilots stayed downtown at that hotel. So, we have around 155 empty rooms at the Best Western. We could put them in there and I’ll make sure my men take care of them. How do you plan on using the Nanux personnel Admiral?” Colonel Stanley asked.

“As guilds on our ships into space,” Mary answered.

“Do we need them?” Colonel Stanley asked.

“Look out there. How far would we need to go before the three of us would be totally lost?” Mary laughed, “And I’m the sailor here.”

“John was saying one day that maybe we could stumble upon people from other planets to help us learn to walk in space.” Sam shared.

“This planet is moving at 67,000 MPH around the sun and the sun is moving 514,000 MPH around the Galaxy then how does one find their way home after a few days away?” Mary asked, “For every day we are talking about almost 14 million miles.”

“I think that was what John was talking about? He was asking the same line of questions. I’m pretty sure that was what he meant by learning to walk in space.” Sam added.

“I know as a commander who is very familiar working with maps, thinking about using go left or go right in space scares the hell out of me.” The Colonel laughed.

“We are in on the ground floor. We’ll have to ask somebody?” Mary said, “Let’s ask some nice vegetarians from Nanux.”

“This is Omak Control passing on a phone call from VP Johnny Taylor.”

“Yes, Mr. Vice President.” Mary started.

“Mary for God’s shakes, you call my father John, please call me Johnny.”

“Thank you, sir!” Mary had the feeling that maybe things would be all right.

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