Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 12

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“What’s wrong Lord Taillefer?” Heat asked.

“We have a few lizards on the ship again.” John shared, “We will take care of them.”

“No this just adds to the proof, they are becoming more of a problem.” Heaty said, “You are leaving soon?”

“Yes, we need to be on our way.” John said.

“Will you help me eliminate the Lizards from the planet?” Heaty asked.

John thought for a minute, “Sure, let’s do it.”

“God says there’s an abandoned city on the other side of the planet,” Iceman said.

“Yes, but it is not livable,” Heaty said.

“God says that is the home of your 40,000 lizards. God advises we bring them to him,” Iceman said.

“John, can we really do that?” Heaty asked.

“Yes.” John looked around, the party was starting strong. The boys and the Marines were all there. “Let’s go to the ship and take care of that first. One, two and three.” The transport happened. They were in the Patricia. The four Marines, Iceman, Ben, Chuck, Willy, John, and Heaty. Poor Heaty was bent at his waist and was still hitting his head on the ceiling. “Let’s take the lizards to God. One, two, and three.” This was not our sun. This must be Funston’s star. It was a bit whiter. The scaffold looked the same, but that had to be imaginary. There were 17 lizards that John had included in the transport and they all went through the railing very quickly. Heaty just stood there with his mouth open as he watched the explosions happen. “Where is this city at?” John asked.

As Heaty worked at explaining, John got the picture, “One, two and three.” The transport happened. They were on the edge of an old ocean bed. The old city had the feel of Omak. John thought that this was interesting. “All of us hold hands, reach out with your minds. Gather up everyone and let’s go to God! One, two and three.” The transport happened. They were at the scaffold again. Thousands of the lizards went towards the star and exploded. It seemed too quick. It ended and there was still maybe 36,000 standing looking at Heaty. “Onto God. One, two and three,”

The instincts of the lizards must have told them to sit down. They as a group went and sat in the Christ Ports.

“Heaty tell them what you want them to do,” John suggested. Those that were there were all family groups making John wonder if the singles of the society were the thieves and troublemakers.

Heaty outlined what they were going to have to do to live on the planet. Take care of the planet was most important. He was going to drill for water and buy fruit trees and get seeds for vegetables. Get tools to work the land. He was going to find out what the soil needed to grow food. Heaty said he would split 50/50 with them if they were willing to do this? The entire group seemed to be okay with this. They were changing. Their bodies were growing hair, their faces were changing. They looked more like some of the Earth Monkeys. God told John later, he had infused new soul into the bodies of the lizards. This was their first step onto their evolutionary path towards being one with God. The new breed that was created before their eyes would be called Softies.

Heaty was done, “Go be with your bride. This is a very important night for you two.” John said.

Heaty held out his right-hand palm up. John smacked it good. The two men laughed and Heaty moved out of the way, “Dad, they’re ready to go home.” Ben said.

Jenny had gathered up the rest of the earthlings. They as a group was moving towards John, the boys and the Marines, “John, I said our goodbyes for us.”

“We need to take those people back. Why don’t we meet at the ship?” John asked.

“What about the people from Funston?” Jenny asked.

“God?” John asked.

John heard God say, “I will take care of them, John.”

“Thank you, God.” John responded, “Marines, boys. Let’s focus and on three, one two and three.” The transport happened. They were on the back side of the planet. As they stood there the new Softies were re-entering the old city. The sun was just starting to peak above the eastern horizon. Heaty and his family were going to bring this planet back to the garden it once was.

The Softies all were carrying one or two six-gallon white buckets.

“Sir,” Tie asked, “Where did the white buckets come from, Sir John?”

“God gave them food. Thank you, God. Thank you, God, Thank you, Father.”

John and his team waved goodbye to the Softies and got ready, “To the ship. On three, one, two, and three.” They landed in control of the transport. Jenny was sitting next to John in the Captain’s seat. Iceman and Brien were at the helm in the light destroyer. Ben and Chuck were at the helm for Patricia.

“Xmon and his family are staying to help Heaty run things while he is working on the construction. Xmon said he would come to see us soon.” Jenny said. John leaned over and the two kissed.

“Patricia, how many do we have on board?” John asked.

“Thirty, sir.” Patricia answered, “Iceman and Brien are in control for the destroyer sir.”

John picked up the mic he used to talk to Iceman and attached it to his ear once again, “Iceman, let’s head for Nanux.” John said.

“Sir, we will be passing the home of the Galactic Capital,” Iceman said.

“Oh, let’s go there first and where is the Galactic Capital?” John asked.

“It’s on Polaris sir.” Iceman smiled, “By the way sir, we have added one more ship to our bay.”

“The ship this last bunch of lizards came on.” John said, “What is it?”

“It kinda looks like the Millennium Falcon sir.” Iceman was laughing.

“You are going to give me nightmares of attacking Wookie’s.” John laughed, “Onto the Capital Captain.”

“Yes, sir,” Iceman said. The stars started to slowly move then seemed to streak as the speed picked up.

John turned to Jenny, “What are you thinking love?”

“John, do I get your titles too?” Jenny asked.

“You certainly do my love.” John asked, “Why do you ask?”

“The book says I’m a direct descendant from the Kings of Norway,” Jenny said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Then you have one more title to your name and another right to sit beside me.” John smiled, “OMG, we may be related.”

“Is that a problem?” Jenny laughed.

“Probably not. We’re probably tenth cousins three times removed or something like that.” John laughed, “The odds of our heritage coming together has got to be astronomical. The Kings of Norway and the British line is intermingled, so we are probably related through both of my parent’s lines. You planed this love. Fantastic job.” John laughed some more.

Two platforms about 2’ X 3’ came into the control. On them were several dishes. John’s stomach growled. He smelled sweet and sour. One of his favorite dishes, “Mr. President, we have for dinner sweet and sour chicken over a small mountain of brown rice with steamed fresh vegetables or we also have as a choice spaghetti and meatballs with Toasted Italian Bread with garlic butter and with the steamed fresh vegetables. We have plenty if anybody wants seconds or a serving of each.” George Lok said, “I have a creamy vanilla sauce to put on the vegetables also.”

“What are the platforms?” John asked.

“I bought sixty-four of them, Mr. President. I hope we can use them in our restaurants?” George asked, “They will hold up to about 20 pounds of weight and can be easily programmed. They are large enough to carry eight dinner plates.”

“I would think you should end up with at least sixty George.” John said, “That would give the engineers four to figure out how to copy. We might end up with a flying carpet yet.”

“Sixty would be wonderful sir.” George smiled.

“I’ll take the sweet and sour chicken George. Lovely food George. Thank you.

“The Marines pitched in and did a wonderful job helping,” George said.

“Think we should feed them?” John said as Jenny was being served.

“John, I love my Marine.” Jenny laughed.

“Yes, sir. They all volunteered to make sure the food wasn’t poisoned. I’m pretty sure they will have portions of both the sweet and sour and the spaghetti.”

“Then that’s a really good idea.” John, Jenny, and George all had a laugh.

George served others and when one of his platforms was no longer needed it went back to the kitchen area on its own.

Seth came in after moving out of the way for the platform, “Can I join you, Mr. President and First Lady?”

“Absolutely Seth. Have you got enough to fill a special yet?” John asked as Seth sat down.

“Two specials sir. One just on the Flea Market. That area where Lord Heat had the market, I walked off the distance. I’ve been accurate in my steps. I can come within 20 or 30 feet of a mile. And almost dead on when the ground is flat and smooth like on Funston. That area for the market was a little over three miles by four miles.”

“Twelve square miles?” Jenny asked, “Are we ever going to be there again?”

“Lots of times. I see this ship carrying all kinds of supplies for Funston back and forth.”

“Did you realize we have seven spaceships on board now?” Seth asked.

“And there are all kinds of technical stuff in those boxes down there,” Jenny added.

“And look at what George just brought in here. Those floating platforms. Wow!” John also added.

The three just sat there realizing their accomplishments, “Sir, where are we headed for now?” Seth asked.

“Polaris, the Galactic Capital,” John said.

“From the Galactic Capital to where Sir?” Seth asked.

“We will swing by Nanux and see if we can do something for their civilization. Then we will be only around 915 lightyears from home. A five to ten-minute trip to home.” John smiled and looked at his phone for the time and all it gave him was out of the area for connections. “Does anybody have the Omak time?”

“It’s 9:23 PM on Thursday,” Inga said.

“Have you made any more contacts with Lockheed?”

“Yes, sir. We chatted for a long time when you were down saving Xmon’s wife and family.” Inga said, “Mr. Humphreys wanted to know how the Patricia was doing. I told him just fine.”

“Could you understand everything?” John asked.

“I have it recorded. Give me a minute.” Inga said.

John looked at Jenny as they listened to about 15 minutes of it, “Inga that’s enough. Did he go into his concerns for the power plant?” John asked after hearing Kevin’s question concerning the primary power plant.

“No Sir. He did say that one of the other 775’s had to return from one of the tests with only the secondary power plant.” Inga said.

“Has Iceman heard the recording?” John asked.

“No, he has not,” Inga replied.

“If we get a chance, let Iceman listen to it,” John said.

“Will do sir,” Inga said.

“John, in this chapter it says we take a big ship to 48 other galaxies,” Jenny said in alarm.

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