Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 11

Copyright© 2018 by A Carpenter's Son

At the Flea Market:

“John, Jenny and the boys killed 4 lizards that were looking through our stuff on the ship,” Iceman reported.

“Do you suspect they came from a bigger ship?” John asked.

“No, I don’t think so. Their ships were more planetary. My guess, they have a nest somewhere on the planet.” Iceman said.

“What do you think Lord Heaty?” John asked.

“Lizards ... I’ve chased them off before.” Lord Heaty said, “They were on the back side of the planet, but they have been gone for some time.”

“Are they good at growing things?” John asked.

“Yes, but they will bower your tractor and never bring it back. Then when you go to find it, you find out they’ve sold it.” Xmon added, “And they will beg to borrow another tractor.”

“My neighbor on earth had a garage sale. I went over early and put the tools he had bowered in my wheelbarrow that he had a ‘for sale’ sign on. He wanted to sell them to me, all the tools plus the wheelbarrow.” John laughed, “He forgot where they had come from. His mother had passed away and he got a bunch of things from her that belonged to his dad and he didn’t need mine any longer. He had a price of five days wages for all of them.”

“Is this an Earthling trait?” Lord Heaty asked, “Something we need to watch out for?’

“No, this is a rare Earthling trait that one of my many neighbors had.” John said, “Not like every lizard. But if you could get them to tend the crops all over the planet then you would have something. Pay them 50% of the crops for doing it.” John suggested, “You may be able to help feed many planets. Make it a win for them and a win for you.”

“Another win/win as you say. They live to restore the planet and we get Funston restored.” Xmon rubbed his chin in thought as he looked at his son.

“By the way, there are all kinds of things in those crates that are worth looking at. I’ll be back.” Iceman said as he took the second Cub to the ship. Iceman looked around at the very neat little machine called a Cub. He could see himself have one of these cool little ships. It could probably go with a black box may be the speed of light. Room for four. Yes, this van size little spacecraft would be ideal to play Jetsons in. Iceman’s girlfriend Darlene wanted to come on this trip so much. He’d be back in two weeks to give a class to the cadets. Kevin said he could fly a 775 when they did battle with the elite of the Nanux. Would Darlene fly with him? Maybe God would tell him. As he got near there was another Cub. He tried to figure out the radio, ah, “Patricia, this is Iceman in Cub Three. Please respond.”

“Captain Iceman, this is Patricia.”

“What is status?” Iceman asked.

“There is a man looking for the Captain of the ship. First Lady Taylor is talking with the man.”

Iceman parked his ship next to Cub Two in front of the Patricia, “Where are they at Patricia.”

“In my Control Room.”

“Thank you, Patricia.” Iceman reached into his pocket and pulled out the phasor that John had given him. He went to the entrance into Patricia, up the stairs, down the hall to the control room. He took one look and decided all was well. He checked to make sure the phasor was off and put it back into his pocket again. The scent of hot pastrami with Italian cheese on rye bread made his stomach rumble, “First Lady, I am back.”

“Captain Iceman, this is Director Saint. Dear Sir, this is our beloved Captain, we call him Iceman for he is one of our best pilots on Planet Earth.” Jenny was high. She had either been looking into or having the Black Box open next to her for hours.

“Director Saint, I’m happy to meet you,” Iceman said.

“Captain Iceman, it is my pleasure.” Director Saint said.

Ben was standing near Iceman, “Do you want a hot pastrami sandwich Captain? We have a big picture of cold orange juice made up.”

“Lieutenant Ben that sounds great. A glass of juice too.”

“Director Saint, you drive a Cub. How do you like it?” Iceman asked.

“Best ship in the Galaxy. I have a New Cub 478. It will do 1000 lights with a Black Box. I can get in, start on my journey, laid back go to sleep and wake at my destination totally ready to go to work.” Director Saint said, “That is what I did today.”

“Director Saint, I was just going to tell you where the Black Boxes came from,” Jenny said.

Ben was there with a warm plate with a hot pastrami on rye along with a cold glass of Orange Juice for Iceman.

Iceman mouth “Thank you!” Ben hurried to sit so he could listen to the story.

John had entered the ship. He held back and listened, he did not want to interrupt the story. He glanced in and saw Jenny looking into one of the Black Boxes as she told the story.

“Long ago, on the home planet of the people of Lord Stensit, his ancestor of a thousand generations ago found he enjoyed praying to God and then listened by meditating. One day his people were facing extinction from a large rock coming at them in space. He prayed for three days. No food or sleep. He was also drinking a substance that altered his mind a bit. He opened his eyes on the third day and found himself in the presence of God. God told him what to do to save his people. He was to take 6 Cubic’s of God and place an egg shape portion into a Black Box. Put one into each of your many tens of thousands of ships and fly to the rock. Land on the rock with all of your ships redirect the rock to fly near your sun and let the gravity of the sun pull the rock into it and destroy it.”

Jenny lifted and turned her head looking directly at John. She smiled a loving smile.

Then she continued, “The Ancestor Stensit was able to return to God on thousands of occasions during his life. He became very powerful and helped create the Galactic Council. He led his people to prosperity and as different planets joined the council, they too became prosperous for all on their planet. He lived for many thousands of years. His family has kept the secret of the Black Boxes. The man now realizes the mistake that was made long ago. He is back in another life on an unknown planet teaching people how to go to God. He is loved by all the people that know him. His heart is big enough to love all the people in the Galaxy. He is my husband, Lord Taillefer.” Jenny took a deep breath, “Director Saint, “I introduce to you my husband and Lord, John Taylor of the house of Taillefer.”

John stepped out. Iceman and the boys were on their feet, Jenny a second behind them. Director Saint also stood, “It is my pleasure, Lord Taillefer. Director Bible says hi.”

“That is why you are speaking English,” John said as a fact.

The man smiled, “First thing, do all of you agree with Lady Taillefer concerning what happened to Lord Stensit?” The man looked from face to face and got nods of agreement. Lord, your Lady explained to me what had happened to Lord Stensit. Basically, he had put you and your sons in a cell after he knew who you were. You then took everyone to God. God redirected you to the sun and all of you watched as Lord Stensit and his men went into the sun. Do you agree to that Lord Taillefer?”

“Yes, I do!” John sniffed the air, “I smell Pastrami.”

Ben ran out of the control, “I’ll make you one dad.”

“Then this investigation is closed. You have the right to claim the light destroyer as spoils from the assault on you. I will mention that in my report also. Now, Lord Taillefer, I believe you are going to change a lot of things that are needing changing in this Galaxy.”

“That is what we are hearing and reading about now.” John said, “Honey, I want to go to Nanux and give those people some food. Six months should give them enough time to get right.”

“Will they still eat people?” Director Saint asked.

“God said that if they eat his food, they will no longer wish to eat of the flesh of a soul,” John said.

“John, how can we create enough food to feed them all? Xmon said there were a billion people on Nanux.” Jenny said, “Is that possible?”

“Yes, I believe we can.” John said, “Lady Taillefer, are you up for a wedding?”

“Who is getting married?” Jenny asked.

“Lord Heat and his Lady Ada.” John smiled, “Heaty is the son of Xmon and Roseola. Lord Heaty has become a very good friend. I am talking with him about our people may be building a new Galactic Capital here on Funston. Director Saint, I invite you too.”

“When and where?” Director Saint asked.

“As soon as we lock up and get there?” John said, “I will take all of us to God.”

“Got to make a pit stop.” Jenny headed to the girl’s room.

Ben and Chuck both got up and headed for the boy’s room.

“I’ve never been to God.” Director Saint said.

“How did you get your position?” John asked.

“They wanted the most honest man in the Galaxy. I applied, and I got the position. Saint is not my name, it is my title.”

“You need to come to earth for a month. You would learn all that you would need, to open up the universe.” John said.

“What if you built a school on Funston?” Director Saint asked.

“I’ll consider that. How did you know we were safe for you?” John asked.

“I hailed the ship and your son spoke to me in English. Soon, we were having a conversation. I wanted to know who you were that spoke English so naturally. Director Bible said I might run into you, but the Galaxy is a very big place. I came upon your ship because I was able to track it from 10 light years away.”

“Xmon in not an assassin, is he?” John asked.

“He is what you call a double agent. He works for the opposition to find out what they are doing, but his English should have given him away to you. He is part of the Bible’s inner circle.”

John laughed and laughed.

“Lord John, what is so funny?” Jenny asked.

“Xmon is not an assassin. He is an agent for Director Bible. 007 perhaps.” John whispered, “Shall we go to my Lady?”

“Yes! Take a deep breath. One, two and threeeeee.” Jenny loved saying that with the kids.

“OMG!” Director Saint commented.

The six materialized in front of Lord Heaty and his Lady Ada.

“Are we ready to go to God?”

“Lord, the lady does not have a proper dress,” Roseola said.

God will provide.” John smiled, “Take a deep breath, one, two and three.”

“Can you take Ada and get her a proper dress?” John asked, “Go with Lady Taillefer, Roseola.”

“John what do I do,” Heaty asked. Xmon was with him.

“Does the planet Funston have any traditions or does your family?” John had a twinkle of mischief in his eye. He looked to Heaty and Xmon and got blanks from both, “This is what I would look like on my wedding day. John was dressed in the red plaid as a member of the Stuart Clan.

John touched God. Before Heaty and Xmon appeared: He was dressed in the red plaid of the Stewart’s Clan.

“Are those weapons my Lord?” Xmon was pointing to the gun and sword.

“Yes. They are relics of a day gone by. Another time, one of our ancestors.” John said.

Heaty touched God and in a blink, he looked like a young man from the past that belonged in a place somewhere in the mountains of Scotland.

No doubt about it, he was a man’s man. Being 12’ tall and probably 400 pounds he could move a mountain if he took a liking to the idea.

His father liked the dress but chose something a bit fancier like John.

The men were ready. John looked at the hand of Heaty and asked God for help on wedding bands. They appeared in John’s left hand.

John’s boys had been sent to him for John to figure out what they were going to wear. He had them touch God. He liked their choices and left it at that.

The women were the same everywhere. Perfection comes at the price of time. To arrive at more perfect requires more time and the more time put in the closer one gets to perfection.

So, John took Heaty and his father to sit in his Christ Port. As Heaty went to sit, the chair magically enlarged to fit the big man. Xmon sat on his right and John sat on his left. They sat and waited.

When Jenny showed Roseola and Ada what could happen by touching God the two women were excited. Ada had a million questions, “What are we doing?”

Roseola looked at Ada with shock. You are getting married, don’t you understand?”

Jenny realized the couple had never spoken because Ada spoke an entirely different language that no one knew how to interpret for her. She was only sixteen and she woke up in an unfamiliar work camp. She was told to push a giant wheel which she did. She could push it easy once she got it started. It made flour. She didn’t know where she was or where her parents were. The men that had her push the wheel told her to sit as they went to get more wheat for her to grind. They tied a rope around her leg and gave her water. She watched as a big ship came in and landed. A big door opened, and the men started loading big crates. She looked around and thought anyplace would be better than being here. She removed her sandal, pointed her toe and pulled at the knot in the rope, making the rope just big enough to get her foot through. She put her sandal back on and moved to the ship. She was able to squeeze herself in between two crates. Soon the door closed, and the ship moved. She could hear voices coming from the front.

Hours later the ship landed again. Two of the crates were removed and she just followed the second one out the door. A man grabbed her, and she threw him against the ship. The other man pointed and said something she did not understand. She went in the direction he was pointing which made him happy and left her alone. As she followed hundreds of other people she walked through a gate. Off to the right was a very big man. He was only a foot bigger than herself. He carried himself like a master. He came up to Ada and took her hand. He was speaking, she did not understand him at all. He looked at her with a question. He shook his head then motioned with his hand like he was eating. Her stomach growled, and the man smiled such a sweet smile. She nodded her head and he took her into a building and sat her in a chair that she felt safe in. The chair fit her and was made to be strong enough to support her. During the last few years she had broken many chairs. This place was made for her. Her parents were confused and angry when things broke or when she hit her head on the ceilings or doorways.

“Who is he?” Ada asked. Her real name was very long. It meant the sun coming over the mountains in the morning. Ada sounded like the first part, so she responded to that sound.

The first woman said, “He’s my son. He is the Lord of this Planet. I mean the Planet where we were.”

“The second woman was young like her and said, “Just one moment.” She left and brought back her man.

The older men were with him, “What do I do?” He asked.

“Ask her to be your wife, mate, partner, and the mother of your babies.” The man dressed in red with the white beard said, “Get on one knee when you do.”

Her man kneeled. He said, “Hi.”

“Hi. I can understand the words. I like your voice. What are we doing?” Ada asked.

“The moment I saw you, I wanted you for my partner. Will you marry me, share my life, and be the mother of my babies?” Heat asked.

“Sure, what is your name?” Ada asked.

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