Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 7: Breakfast at Sou’s

Copyright© 2018 by A Carpenter's Son

John, why did you bring an assassin to breakfast with you today? John was dreaming the next morning. Apparently, his mind was preparing for the day. When the alarm did go off, Jenny was snuggled up against him. “Hi, beautiful.”

“I feel like a beached whale.” Jenny said then giggled, “Sorry for complaining.”

“I love you and I think you are beautiful. I have lots to share. You were sleeping so peacefully when we got back last night, I just let you sleep.” John said.

“Did our assassin go peacefully into the sun?” Jenny asked.

“No. The boys and I decided to take him to God.” John said

“What did God say?”

“God said. John, why did you bring this man here?” John repeated sounding like God.

“And you told God what for an answer?” Jenny asked.

“I think he is an honest and just man that has been screwed by the money changers.” John repeated, “Also lied to by the man who hired him.”

“When did you learn this?” Jenny asked.

“When the railing was open, he looked at me. I had not seen that look since I took my favorite dog to the vets to be put down. It was the saddest look I have ever seen on a man or woman’s face in my life. I put my hand on his shoulder and we heard his story. The boys and I decided to take him to God.”

“Where is he now?” Jenny asked.

“He’s in Willy’s bed. Willy slept with Ben last night.” John shared.

“We have an assassin in our home?” Jenny asked.

“He’s working for us now,” John answered.

“Hmmm, I always wish we could have a hit squad that we could send out and take care of the bad guys. I guess maybe we do. Does he just shoot them?” Jenny asked.

“No, God told Xmon to bring the bad guys to him,” John answered.

“You owe me a backrub.” Jenny got up from sitting on the bed and had John sit. She then sat on his lap. “I trust you with my future, my present, my children and my love.”

John put his right hand over his heart, “This heart is full of joy and the love I feel is incredible. Thank you so very much for being in my life.” The two kissed, “God also mentioned we might be taking a trip across the Galaxy.”

“Mom, dad, are you awake?” Sally poked her head in, “There’s a strange man in the bathroom.”

John lived through that. He felt he came out pretty good. The morning madhouse included each of the kids taking one of Seth’s Special Editions for show and tell. Xmon was at the table having a cup of coffee with lots of cream and two sugars. Chuck had helped Xmon on the coffee. Someone had teased Chuck about drinking coffee will stunt his growth. Chuck laughed, maybe I’ll be 11’ tall instead of 12’ tall. The boys and girls all said we must get you on the high school basketball team. The boys started working with Chuck on shooting baskets. Chuck was already taller than Ben and years younger.

John and Xmon got to Sou’s. John handed Xmon a gold coin along with a silver coin, “How did you get paid for the job?”

“Land, I was to get my land back,” Xmon said.

“How big was your land?” John asked.

“We eat at sunrise. We start in corner of the land, we walk very fast around the land. It is time to eat again when we get back to the corner.” Xmon said, “The sun is high over my head.”

“My land is about two or three times that big. It is 64 acres. It has a creek in it. Water. And a big pond.”

“You’re usual Mr. President?” Tamie asked.

John looked at his phone, 6:45 A.M. “Just coffee and maybe a pastry for now. We will have the table about half full in 15 minutes or so for breakfast.”

“Coming right up sir.” Tamie was back with a coffee craft and two cups with an assortment of cream and sugars. She poured coffee in the two cups and let each fix the coffee to their liking.

John watched as Xmon emptied 8 creamers into the cup filling it to the very top edge. Xmon then slurped the coffee until he could tip the cup and drink, “Oh, I forgot the sugar.” Xmon then poured two packets of sugar into the cup. Tamie had left two spoons for the gentlemen to use. She brought out a plate with four freshly made pastries on it. She also had a small plate for each to use for their pastry. Xmon watched John pick up a chocolate covered pastry and bite off a chunk. He asked, “Is that good?”

“Yes, very good.” John smiled.

Xmon took a chocolate covered pastry and bite off a chunk. He washed it down with a drink of coffee, “Very good.”

John pointed to the silver coin, “Days wages.” He then pointed to a gold coin, “Months wages.”

Xmon pointed to the gold coin, “Feed wife and children for a month on Earth?”

John nodded yes.

“What is a month?” Xmon asked.

“Thirty days,” John answered.

The questions flowed, the answers lead to more questions.

“Sheriff Mac, how are you?” John asked. John and Mac shook hands.

“I’m fine John, I heard you had an intruder last night.”

“Sheriff Mac, this is Xmon the intruder of last night. Xmon, this is our Sheriff. He keeps us safe.” The two men looked at each other.

Xmon put his hand out like John did to shake.

Sheriff Mac, Xmon is going to work for me. He is going to take some of the bad people to God. Especially those men that pay assassins.”

The two men shook hands. “Good to meet you Xmon,” Mac said.

“Thank you, Sheriff Mac.”

“How far from your home are you?” Mac asked.

“My guess is 89,000 light years away,” Xmon answered, “A light year is the time and distance light travels in one year.”

“How long to travel from your home?” Mac asked.

“One very long day. Nothing to do. Very long.” Xmon said, “I have the little black box. That makes the ship very fast.”

“Ten thousand light years in an hour maybe.” John said aloud, “Even if we are talking half that much at 5,000 light years per hour. Wow!”

How fast your ships?” Xmon asked.

“1 light year.” John was stunned by the possibilities.

“1 light year per day?” Xmon asked.

“1 light year per year,” John said.

“You travel to my home, you be very old when you get there I think.” Xmon looked to John then to Mac, “Xmon picked up the silver coin, with more of these I can help with more little black boxes.”

“We buy Black Boxes, I will buy you some land to grow vegetables and fruit on,” John said.

“Thank you, God. I will work for you and John. What is fruit?” Xmon asked.

Mac got to his feet, “Mr. Xmon, I am very happy to meet you. I will see you around.” As Mac took a second, he thought, ‘Man breaks into his house to kill him and he feeds him breakfast.’

Xmon shook hands with Mac, “Nice to meet you, sir!”

“Be good Xmon.” Sheriff Mac said.

“Mac, we have another battle coming maybe in 10 days.” John said.

“Let me know, I’ll be there, save a laser for me.” Mac saluted John, “Looks like the Marines have landed.”

Tamie was there with several coffee crafts and a serving cart full of cups and glasses of water.

“My, oh my, you guys look great,” John said. The Marines were in dress blues and Chet had a black suit with a white shirt and a red colorful tie. The Marines all had sidearms in white holsters on their hips. John’s Marines were with them and were also in their dress blues today.

“Tie and Fisk (Two of John’s Marines) took us to God after dinner. What an amazing trip that was.” Inga said, “Tie and Fisk were waiting in the lobby for us to show up. I guess I sat in your Christ Ports. God says I will see Dar again and if I choose, we will be together for hundreds of years.” Inga paused for a few seconds gathering her thoughts, “John, Doctor Osborn went into the sun last night.” Inga said.

“Did anybody ask God why?” John asked.

“Yes. Dr. Osborn caught his wife having an affair and got pregnant by the other man.” Inga shook her head, “He killed both the wife and the little girl. Cut them up and flushed them down the toilet. We wouldn’t have known except for God.”

“He was running away to save his own neck.” John looked up, “Thank you, Father.”

“Except for Dr. Osborn, you had a good day?” John asked.

“OMG, Yes. Where’s your First Lady this morning.” Inga asked.

“She has work to do. She runs the health care for our country.” John smiled.

“You’re serious. Jenny oversees the healthcare for the whole country?” Inga asked.

“Yes. She is putting together with her MDs a proposal that she will be presenting to Congress to take about half of the surplus that they receive from the sales tax and put it into the clinic grant fund to continue that program. The other part of the surplus is to train willing doctors to be clinic directors. She is also working to ramp up mobile clinics to support the workforce that will be fixing our roads and highways.” John said with pride.

“John, thank you for allowing that to happen. The First Ladies have always tried to champion certain causes for the betterment of mankind.” Inga said, “My involvement led to hundreds of indictments in the pedophiles and children’s deaths by the Satanic Rituals cases.”

“We believe there is a tunnel in New Zeeland that was paid for by US Taxpayers for the safety of the Elite. I have people investigating now. I would imagine if they are alive then some of those that are still on your “Wanted” list is there.” John said.

“I would love to get back into it. My research is on my laptop and is backed up on my external hard drive.” Inga said.

“Did you notice some of the snow is gone from the street?” John asked.

“Yes, how did that happen?” Inga asked.

“I have about 3,000 police officers and Sheriff’s Deputies that make up our Minute Men. They have been working on our housing and apartment buildings. We are just starting to run out of work, so they go to the Community Center which is run by the Native People and see what is available. The Community Center usually pays $15 a day but we have wanted our streets cleaned for a while, so we bumped it up to $20 a day. We have many projects going on and, in the works, but with 3’ of snow things slow down a bit. We are raising the ceiling in this part of Sou’s to 12 feet to accommodate our very tall guests.”

“How does one farm with snow all the time?” Xmon asked.

“The Natives tell me the snow will be gone by the end of February.” John laughed. When he saw the question from Xmon, “Forty to fifty days.”

“What can we do about the garden now?” Xmon asked.

“Planning and greenhouses.” John shared.

“I do not know.” Xmon thought, “Greenhouses?”

Tamie was near, “Can you bring the three of us a plate of cut fruit and three little plates?” John asked.

“Yes, Mr. President.” Tamie grabbed two of the empty coffee urns and headed off.

John got a call from Kevin at Lockheed, “Good morning.”

“John, we have some of your 775s done. I would like to bring them around noon today. I have one for Vid. I’ll let you surprise him. We also have several of your 445’s done and want to bring those along with more 665s and 335s?” Kevin asked.

“Kevin that would be wonderful. See you around noon then. I’ll buy you lunch.” John answered.

“I’ll put it together.” Kevin said, “John, I really hope you like this 775. We’ve been working on it for over twenty years. Things have finally fallen into place this last month. We had one completed before the 445s. It took a while to get all the bugs out of it. I am bringing one along for Vid too. Got a small chance you might see a third one. They test out at light speed.”

“I’m already impressed, and I haven’t even seen it yet.” John looked to Xmon “We may have space travel figured out. We will talk more today. Bring the ships into the empty lot into town. I’ll have one of ours directing you in.”

“Will do. Now you have me excited, see you later Mr. President.” Kevin said.

“See you soon Kevin.” John turned his phone off.

John looked at Xmon, “Do you want to see your family tomorrow?”

Xmon was dazed, he looked to John with tears in his eyes, “Yes.” He got up and went into the bathroom. While he was gone the fruit arrived.

“Tamie, that is perfect. Thank you.”

“Anything else Mr. President?” Tamie asked.

“Just the bill when you get a chance,” John said.

John turned to Inga, “Shall we teach Xmon about fruit Inga?”

“John, what just happened?” Inga asked.

“I asked Xmon if he would like to see his family tomorrow?” John said, “He said yes.”

“The way he reacted, I don’t think he believed he would ever see them again,” Inga said.

Xmon came back, “Forgive me, Mr. President, it is like a dream for me to see my family again. Thank you.”

John looked at Inga with a big smile on his face. “The 775 will be here at noon today. The kids are in school. Let’s try to leave at 5:00 PM.” John shared.

“Mr. President, how do you tell ... time?” Xmon asked.

Peter and Patty were coming towards the President’s Table as John explained the intricacies of time to Xmon. Several Army Officers were with them. John stood up as they got close, “Attention!” John did this, so the Marines would act accordingly. The officers saluted John and he returned the salute, “At ease Marines as you were.”

Inga had taken over the fruit issue with Xmon. John also caught the eye of Tamie. She was on the way with the bill.

“I’m General Green of the 82 Army Airborne Division. These men with me are my XO General Lewis and these fine gentlemen are my Regiment Commanders.”

John noticed that all the men had made seen their black lanyards. John pulled his up for all to see, “Where did you get your training?”

“We lost our fort to the earth changes and have landed at Amarillo Texas with General Nell. We were trained in your methods their sir. General Nell recommended we come see you.”

“Excuse me for a minute. Peter, they are all yours.” John announced, “Have fun, learn lots.” He took the moment to look at the bill then gave Tamie two silver coins, “Thank you Tamie.

“Thank you, Mr. President.” John heard from all including Xmon and Tamie.

“Let’s go over to my office.” John led the way following the new students.

When they were out the door on their way to the bank, John asked, “What are you thinking General?”

“We read the Special Edition of the newspaper, sir. We want to be your space corp.” General Green said, “There are also three Battalions of Army Rangers that might be handy to have around.”

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