Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 4

Copyright© 2018 by A Carpenter's Son

Another Space Battle. The enemy is hungry. One of their food sources is humans from planet earth.

The newcomers had been around the moon. John had a bit of fun with the cookies. John could sense something not right. He looked at his phone for the time. “Admiral, head towards Venus at full speed.”

“Brien announce to everyone to make sure their seat belts are on secure.” Admiral Mary advised.

“Buckle up and make safe, Tito log in a direct path to Venus and advance at full speed,” Brien said then looked to Mary to see if he had done right.

A few long seconds went by, “Have we reached 500,000 miles per hour yet?”

“Yes, sir. We are just over 500,000 miles per hour and climbing.” Brien said after Willy showed him the readout.

“Let’s coast from here,” John said.

“Expecting trouble John?” Chief Nation asked.

Before John could answer. “Sir, we have a large mass of unknown things ahead of us!” Brien announced. Lucy was pointing to the scanner screen.

“God told me a week ago that we might find out who has been taking our people this week. It appears we may be missing 4 to 5 million people from Earth every year.” John said.

“When ... Before the earth changes, there was 700,000 Americans taken every year. We could only identify sources that took about half. The other 350,000 was simply an unknown. This may be the source of our unknowns.” Inga added.

“Why didn’t the government do something?” Margaret asked in anger.

“Complicit comes to mind. They wanted to change the laws to make child sacrifice legal along with pedophilia. Hell, one of our ladies on the Supreme Court even said in public that pedophilia was good for children. How sick is that?” Inga growled, “Remember the elite’s intention was to reduce the number of people by 90% in the world and by half in America.”

“John is the elite all gone?” Margaret asked.

“There may be some still in the tunnels. But, if anything got pruned it was 90% of the elite.” John answered, “Keep talking I need to act like I’m the boss.” John turned to the three running the ship, “You guys and gal ready for this?”

“Yes, daddy,” Lucy said in her oversized goggles used to target the Pulse Cannon.

“Hand me the mic please.” John asked, “Tito, put this on all channels until we figure out which one they may be on than just the two, to the Aliens and to our ships.”

“Yes sir, Mr. President.” Tito responded.

“Attention, you are encroaching upon a controlled area. Please identify who you are and why you are present?” John took a breath, “I am John Taylor of the ruling council of Planet Earth. Please do not proceed or you will be fired upon.”

Before them was over a thousand ships. On the left looked like one of the enormous Battle Cruisers from the Old Star Wars Movies. To the right of that was four big ships, probably large destroyer size ships intermingled with a thousand ships about the size of the 445’s or a little bigger. All the ships that Earth could muster at this time was a small fraction of that Battle Cruiser both in weight and firepower.

“John Taylor, we have approved business on Planet Earth. Do not fire upon us and let us pass.” This was said in very bad English, making it hard to understand.

“Who has approved and what is your business?” John asked.

“We have been approved by a President Treece of the United States of America and signed by a Secretary-General of the United Nations. We are to harvest a surplus of humans to feed our planet.”

John was stunned. He certainly didn’t expect the truth to be so ... easy! He didn’t even have words concerning this atrocity. “Who are you and where do you come from?” John asked.

“We are from the planet Nanux of the Stars Mintaka. It is 915 light years away. Mintaka is a double sun and is part of what you call the Orion’s Belt. We have been involved with Earth for tens of thousands of your years.” The man paused, “We claimed Earth long ago and hold ownership of it. You do not have the right to revolt against us. I am Lord SpeaKing.”

“One moment please.” John turned the mic off and looked around.

“John, my two cousins disappeared about 15 years ago.” John Nation said.

“My sister disappeared when I was in high school. That’s why I joined the FBI.” Sam said.

“Who else have lost family and friends?” John asked. He counted three other hands, “How many?” He counted 4 plus the Chief and Sam, “That makes 7 family members or friends just within this group.”

“Mr. President, the day after my wife was awarded our house, she and my daughter disappeared. I now realize that out there may be the reason why. Make the count 9.” Dr. Phillip Osborn wipes a tear from his eye.

“Not too long ago I went to a memorial for a friend of my niece who also just disappeared. Count goes to ten.”

“Lord SpeaKing, we give you the option of turning around and going home. We do not wish to fight with you, but you will not be harvesting Earth ever again. You need to find other arrangements to feed your people. We are Children OF GOD and have the Rights and Sovereignty to determine our own future. We are not food for your people.” John hit the off button, “Tito give me the channel for all Earth Ships.”

“Yes Sir, the channel to all Earth ships is open now!” Tito announced.

“All Human Ships please DE cloak.” John asked, “Tito please advise, how many we are?”

“Four 665’s, fourteen 445’s and two hundred ninety-eight 335’s,” Tito answered.

John pulled out of his wallet a piece of paper that had been given him by Marigold the daughter of Lord James. He noticed for the first time she had printed Lady Marigold along with the number. “Tito, please add channel 12789 to our conversation.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“This is a secure channel, who is this.” A new voice again with very bad English asked.

“This is John Taylor of the Space Council for the Planet Earth.”

“You are not a galactic member. You are not welcome on this channel.”

“This channel was given to me by Lady Marigold of the planet Vextor. May I speak to someone in charge?”

John could hear a discussion going on.

“What do you want?” Came a voice.

“We have here over 1,000 ships from Nanux and have been informed that they are here to harvest Humans to be used for food to feed their people.” John took a deep breath of air, “We call for help and ask what rights we have in this matter?”

“Are the Palladian’s involved?” Came the voice back.

“No. We do not have a way to contact them.” John shared.

“Who is involved from Nanux?” The voice asked.

“A Lord SpeaKing.” John advised, “Do we have a right to defend ourselves?”

“No, you do not have the right to go against your Sovereign Leader.” The voice said, “In your words that would be Treason!”

“How do I make this work for us on Earth?” John was a bit stunned.

“By winning a major battle and petitioning this body for Solvency.” A new voice in very good English said, “I am the Rules Advisor for the Galactic Council. I am Director Bible.”

“Have you been to planet Earth?” John asked.

“No, but my distant ancestor that I am named after was on Earth long ago.” Amen answered then went on, “John Taylor the Nanux use understandings that are a million years old when they build their ships. The betting line is 40 to 1 and climbing against your winning. Watch when the Nanux ships fire, they will DE-cloak and their screens will be down for a short time. Only in their bigger ships is that not so. You will need to beat them bad to sway the Galactic Council. Maybe even 80 or 90% of their ships destroyed.”

On the line came Lord SpeaKing, “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL THE GALACTIC COUNCIL REGARDING THIS MATTER. YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT WITH DEATH!” Before the mic was cut off, “Open fire on the Earthlings!”

“Shields up, everyone go to cloak, NOW.” John said, “Sorry Mr. Bible, we are under attack.”

“Good Luck! Call me when it is over if you are able too. Bible out!”

If it wouldn’t have been so serious it would have been comical. Within seconds there were hundreds of the Nanux ships floating in space. While John had been talking, Chief John Nation had taken up one of the thirty-seven 4” Laser controls. John almost laughed. 3-year-old Willy was mentoring the 32-year-old Chief. Every time Willy got one he would say, “Got um!”

Pretty soon John was hearing a lot of “Got ums” coming from all directions including the Chief. Margaret was working as a spotter for her husband. Her brother-in-law Billy Nation the Mayor of Omak was the spotter for his military wife Sarah.

“Look out below, MOVE BACK TITO.” Came a familiar voice.

When Tito moved back 20 to 30 yards one of the little Nanux ships floated down in front of them. The window was blown out and the ship appeared to be dead.

“Who is above us?” Mary asked.

“The good ship Lily, with 2nd Lt. Ben Taylor in charge today Sir.”

“Good shooting Lt.” Mary looked over at a smiling John.

“We’ve been Sho... (nothing but static)...”

“Oh oh, they got hit,” John said.

“We have lost six ships, sir!” Tito reported, “One 445, Lily and five 335’s. The wingmen for the 335’s are pulling the people out now.”

“I’m going,” Jenny said as she tried to get up.

“No, you’re not, I’ll go,” John said.

“No Sir let me go.” Sam was up, “I need two volunteers.” He got Chet and Roger both up in a heartbeat, “I’ll send Ben and the others back in five seconds.”

“Sam, you be careful.” Mary said, “I don’t want to lose you!”

“I don’t plan on getting lost. Love you. Tito, where are they?” Sam asked.

“Straight overhead, the ceiling to the cabin is 49.62 meters directly above,” Tito responded.

“Sam, pull Lily, count for ten seconds then plug her back in. It will take a minute or so for her to reboot.” Mary advised.

“Got it, take a deep breath guys.” Sam said to Chet and Roger. They disappeared.

“Brien see that Star Wars-like big ship?” John asked.

“Can’t hardly miss it, Sir? Brien asked back.

“See the Command unit up on top?” John asked.

“Yes Sir, do you want me to fire at that?” Brien asked

“No, cut that thing that looks like a big pipe that attaches it to the rest of the ship,” John said.

“YES, SIR!” It took a bit, seven minutes and fourteen seconds, but when it came apart that big ship looked like a headless chicken. The top just floated off into space. The main body was exhausting air, bodies, and anything not nailed down. Gun ports were still firing on it, but it was out of control and a very big piece of junk and mostly dead.

On the Lily!

“Holy crap.” Roger said, “So that’s transporting?”

“Amen to that!” Chet added.

Sam had a little flashlight on his keychain. He pointed to Lily’s box. “Chet, there are two handles on that magic box. Pull straight up, count to ten slowly then plug her back in. Say a prayer along the way. I’ll send these guys down before Tito moves.”

“What do you want me to do?” Roger asked, “Where’s this Lily?

“Chet has her. Get in the driver’s seat and see if we have any manual controls.” Sam got Ben and the two other men back to Tito. He had to laugh when one of the guys was Bill Myers. He ran the 4-H Program at the high school. It was only a few seconds after Lily was plugged back in and Roger flipped a switch turning the lights on, “Turn off the lights. Let’s play dead until we have our shield and cloak ability back.” It was the longest minute to sit there and wait until they heard a faint hum then all smiled as Lily said: “Hello, Lily reporting!” The lights signifying the six power units were all green.

Back on Tito!

Ben was half on one of the seats with his head almost on the floor. The other two men were not in much better position. One was on the floor and Bill Myers was ready to fall there. Dr. Osborn and John were repositioning them, so Jenny could work on them.

When John realized Bill’s heart was not working, he started working on him while Jenny was busy working on Ben. Dr. Osborn was working on one of the Coaches for boys PE at the High School, “This one is breathing.”

“Ow.” One eye opened, “Mom, how did you get here?” Ben asked.

“You’re in Tito, Ben. Sam sent you here.” Jenny said then asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Remember when I fell down and hurt my hand really bad. It feels like that all over.” Ben said, “Who is driving Lily?”

“Sam, Chet and Roger are up there in Lily.” Jenny said, “What happened?”

“We fired, and I Zig when I should have Zag. Moved right into an energy burst from that big ship.” Ben answered.

“Even my toenails and fingernails hurt. I thought we were going for another sightseeing trip.” Bill Meyers said, “OMG, this hurts worse than getting my foot stepped on by a horse.”

“Come on Bill, you’re a good Scott.” John teased.

“How do you know how bad it hurts?” Bill looked at John with one eye.

“I got the tee shirt somewhere,” John said.

“He does Bill, it took me twice as long to get him back. That was the day we got to meet Lucifer.” Jenny said.

“Thanks, mom!” Ben was up and heading to one of the 4” Laser guns that was open next to Tony and Willa, “How are you doing Bro?” Ben asked.

“I’m ahead of her by one.” Tony smiled.

“Got um. Now we’re even.” Willa giggled.

“Got to get to work.” Tony said, “Not like Mexico is it.”

“No Major it is not,” Ben said.

“2nd Lieutenant, I here.” Tony said, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see a change.”

“Yes, sir.” Ben beamed.

“Admiral Mary we have another 445 that is going to be your wingman for a bit. We’re off to cut that big guy up. US Marshall out.” Sam was in the Driver’s seat. He had twenty-nine 335’s behind him. They were going as fast as they dared. Still cloaked and shields on max. Sam cut a line from stem to stern then the 335’s following behind cutting 29 more lines. The AI’s coordinating all their positions to make sure they did not fly into each other. The canons took out the guns on the giant lady until there were no more teeth left. Just another piece of junk floating in space.

Brien moved to one of the four destroyer size ships and did the same thing to that one. Then onto the next. John sat and watched as Brien came alive working the laser. Sam in Lily and the 335’s followed down the line until all the big ships were out of action. Iceman did the same thing following with his group and they nailed dozens of the little birds. Of course, the Russians couldn’t be left out of it and a group of them lead by Demetri with Sally as a gunner followed Ice Man. Sam and his group circled around and followed the Russians again.

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