Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 2

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A Little over six months before in our Nation’s Capital in Washington DC.

The nation was in arms. People were angry. President Tripp had made many changes, exposing the corruptions of the people running our government. He was indeed cleaning out the swamp. Past presidents and a wife had been put in jail. Two other Presidents had died. Three Supreme Court Judges had also been arrested. A fourth Judge had also given up her seat. With the killing of one of the Supreme Court Justices in 2016, President Tripp would be appointing five new members to our highest Court. Things were being developed slowly, but even so, the heat was at a near boiling point. Then the 11.6 Earthquake at Yellowstone shaking the entire North American Continent. California was starting to slide into the Pacific with the east coast cities were also 20 to 30 feet lower. Parts of our City of Liberty, Philadelphia was under water. New Orleans had sunk to where the water was running over the dikes again flooding parts of that city. Big chunks of Florida were totally underwater.

Then the Pedophiles. President Tripp and what was left of Congress passed a law for all of those convicted of kidnapping and the killing of a child for ritual purposes or for any reason would get a mandatory death penalty. On September 1, 2018, President Tripp signed it into law. The statute would become law upon his signature. There was a wave of fear that went through society. During the first week after the bill was signed, there were over 25,000 suicides throughout the United States. These suicides were not of people out of work, college students. They were the leaders of every community. Thousands of mayors either disappeared or was arrested or their life was taken by their own hand. It seemed that everybody knew somebody. Twenty to sixty present of the representatives to the State legislatures were either charged with a major felony or were dead. The rule of law had returned to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! By the time it was over, it seemed like everyone had known of a kidnap victim and had also known of a perpetrator.

By October 2018 the major news organizations in the US were bankrupt. Congress passed the Real News Act. New names emerged, such as the American Free News (AFN) and the Public National Corp (PNC) that promised a balanced approach to information. All the owners of the Fake News Networks were sentenced for thousands of counts of propaganda. The class action that all Americans brought against the main street news media was the final straw. The courts ordered $10 per American per instance where all the 5 major news media broadcasted the same exact lie and $5 for every affiliate when they passed it along as truth. The courts found 242 such blatant instances. So, every American was set to receive $2,420 plus between $2,000 and $5,000 from the affiliate parts less 15% of the lawyer’s fees. When the Supreme Court agreed with the settlement that was the end.

The only channel left was Fox News. They were required by the courts to design a package where there was more of a balance in their reporting for 36 months. Fox did exactly that and after the time ended created “Fox Right” as a self-imposed competitor to help create balance in the political news spectrum.

The nation was divided. Those that had watched the Fake News Syndicate either wanted President Tripp dead or at the very least impeached. The clear majority of those that were in this group were avid followers of the Fake News Syndicate. The new news stations started bringing on professionals nightly telling everyone how to deal with the brainwashing tactics and subliminal messaging that had been used on the American Public. When the realization of what had been conspired on that public, people demonstrated to hang the offenders.

The kidnapping of Children for pedophilia for sexual purposes and the vicious killing of them so their adrenalin enriched blood could be drunk, giving the consumer a high was not the last thing to be dealt with but was the last thing reported to the American Public. The people had seen many of their public figures disappear over the last year and a half. Sometimes rumors would surface, but that information had been held up until the last. Then on September 5st 2018, the unthinkable happened. The white house was attacked by three hundred well equipped paid mercenaries. The fifty or more Secret Service Agents in their security room under the white house made a good account of themselves.

Chet the Lead Secret Service Agent opened the door looking at the President.

Chet waited for the President to look up. It looked as if Chet had been wounded. Blood was running down his face, dripping off his chin, “Sir we need to get you and your cabinet to the bunker NOW!”

The President was moving to stand when Chet the Secret Service Agent was blown into the room. He hit the floor and did not move. Many members of the Cabinet had experience firing weapons. The President knew if he could get to the locked safe in the cabinet behind him, they would at least go down fighting. It took 10 seconds to have the heavy door to the safe opened. President Tripp grabbed six of the dozen or more Glock nine-millimeter semi-automatics pistols from the cabinet. He almost threw them onto the conference table. He turned and grabbed the remaining pistols. Dropping all of them onto the table but one. A man dressed in military garb was in the doorway. Five nine-meter rounds hit his vest. The man stepped back falling to the floor only to be replaced by two others with their M-16’s firing on fully automatic. The cabinet members were going down. President Tripp had been hit four times, but he continued. His pistol locked open. He dropped it and picked up two more pistols. The fourth man in military garb appeared at the door President Tripp hit him in the head. The fifth man appeared shooting. President Tripp also hit him although he had been hit in the right arm. Somebody else got the sixth and seventh men. The eighth man Tripp hit him in the helmet. The man’s M-16 was on automatic. The first round hit Tripp’s right hip. The second round was just above his belly button. The third round was just under his heart and the fourth round hit his left shoulder. President’s Tripp’s eyes closed, and he fell slowly at first then in free fall hitting the cabinet hard with his head. When he landed on the floor he did not move again.

Three more of the enemy fell before another fifty rounds and his cabinet members laid around the table not moving. The off-duty US Marines that were stationed at the White House swept through the hallways. They were in full Fighting Uniform, Jungle fatigues, body armor and the best weapons on earth. The steel tipped rounds they were using would go through body armor. They wiped out the attackers in short order. The Secret Service were still entering the battle against the rest of the attacking force outside. All they needed to do was to hold out until the nearest Ranger Command came by for a chat. They checked their buddies for any sign of life. 16 good Marines already in their dress blues were found laid out where they had made their last stand. No pulse, no sign of life. There were also several secret service agents on the floor. One of them was Chesterfield White. Everyone called him Chet.

“Chet are you with us?” One of the Marines asked.

Chet opened one eye and jumped. His blurry eyes made him think he was talking to the enemy.

“Chet, its Roger Gibbins. How, are you doing?”

“I must have stumbled.” Chet started getting up.

“Chet, you’ve been shot at least three times.” Sergeant Gibbins tried to restrain Chet, “Maybe more!”


“Right leg, left arm and it looks like someone gave you a headache on the left side.”

“Son of a B-TCH!” Chet carefully felt his head on the left side, “Help me up, and let’s see if I can stand?” After a few seconds on his feet, “Have you called the Rangers?”

“All we get is Static or no bars on the cell phones with just dead space,” Gibbins answered.

“Where’s the President?” Chet asked.

“He’s dead. Took a bunch with him.” Roger Gibbins was about ready to cry.

“Best communication system in the world and we can’t call for help. DAM! We need to find the First Lady and her son and get them out of here.”

“Chet any idea where?” Sergeant Gibbins asked.

“They’re in the next room in two hides,” Chet answered.

Sergeant Gibbins and a wounded Marine moved towards the room. They entered by the book ready for anything. “First Lady, I’m Sergeant...”

Up popped the First Lady. “I know you, Roger Gibbins. Is my husband?”

“Roger shook his head, “Sorry mam. I am truly sorry. He was a good man.”

“Do we have any good guys left?” Inga asked.

I’ve lost about half of my Marines and I think Chet may be the last of the SS on this floor.”

“How many of them is there?”

“About 300 well-armed Mercenaries. We’ve knocked down about 2/3rds of them. We got about 100 left to deal with.” Sergeant Roger Gibbins answered.

“Brien, we need to get, NOW!”

“Yes, Mom.” Brien had been hiding under the couch. He popped up and moved to the door.

“I want to see him!” Inga Tripp said.

“Ah, okay. Let’s hurry.” The Sergeant led the way. They had just entered the conference room when they heard a loud explosion behind them at the far end of the hallway. There were bodies all over the floor in the conference room. It was hard to walk without stepping on somebody.

Inga looked at her dead husband. He looked so peaceful. He had said last night that he was proud of what WE had accomplished. Over fifty thousand people had been indicted and were being held at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base on Cuba and the other secure unknown bases. Her husband had brought the Rule of Law back to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. It almost looked like he had that goofy smile on his face. She heard “Find Father John. Go, Inga, I’ll see you again and will love you for an eternity.”

Inga picked up two of the Glocks on the table. She handed one to Brien. It was hard walking with bodies everywhere on the floor. “Good-by Dar, I’ll see you again.” Inga turned and the three made their way to the door. Just before she went through it she glanced back. The body of the President and several of the Cabinet members were gone. She was distracted by bullets whizzing past. Roger was standing with his arms out to block Inga and her son from stepping out into the fire.

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