Mountain Man

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Well, I’ve gotten to the end of this little tale. I’m back on my mountain. And the seasons are moving on into late fall and winter. Most of the leaves have fallen and it’s no longer shirt sleeve weather during the day. The snow hasn’t started yet. But I can smell it in the air.

The doctors finally released me from the hospital. Doc Stone was responsible for that. He was well aware of what I wanted, and what I was willing to do to get what I wanted. I was wheeled out to the hospital curb with an armload of medications and orders to go to Mabel’s and what was probably the biggest party in Elk City history. I then spent a week in my camper. Not because I had to, but because the various individuals that I called family wanted to make sure that I could handle the mountain.

Once I had their OK, Margarite, Jughead, Shadow and I went home.

That ride home proved something to me that the doctors had said. Something I already knew, I needed exercise. Once I got settled at home I started doing as much as I could to get back into shape. Not that it wasn’t really that hard to do. There is something about country living, and living in the high country, that just forces you to get into shape.

Between chopping a winter supply of firewood, digging a new outhouse and riding the fence line, it did seem like work at the time, but flatlanders will pay good money for the privilege.

There were some other things that needed tending to. Caleb and Jackson had been laid to rest. I picked out a quiet meadow. Plenty of wildflowers and aspens. I hoped they were happy with my choice. I had also brought up a pair of markers for them. Nothing fancy. Interesting thing about that, I knew that there were other hermits on the mountain. Some were gold bugs like Caleb and Jackson. Some were Vet’s, unwilling or unable to deal with civilization. Others were distrustful of society. and had moved off grid. I rarely saw them, But I did see their tracks. In later years, when I stopped by Caleb and Jackson’s meadow to say hello, I would find coins or a sprinkle of gold dust on their markers. They may not have had a family, but they had friends. And sometimes that’s more valuable.

I know you’re going to ask, what happen to Mary? Well, several things were going on that day. First Doc Stone was called and showed up during Mary’s visit. Also, Paul Thompson, the sheriff, was called. Based on the medical necessity, Doc Stone authorized that the intercom in my room be turned on. Everything that Mary had said was heard, and conveniently recorded by 5 different cell phones.

When Mary came to, in the ER. She immediately demanded that the police be called and that charges be filed against Suzy. Paul came into her room and took her statement. By the time she had finished, the recordings of what happened in my room had went viral. Shortly after signing the police report, Mary received a call on her cell phone.

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