Mountain Man
Chapter 7

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Standing, well really slumped, to my left was the guy that Shadow had mauled. He had his arm wrapped in a dirty, blood stained towel. He wasn’t really paying any attention to what was going on. All he did was cradle his arm and moan.

Next, in the middle, was Fatso. He was the exact opposite. It seemed like he was almost quivering with anger. His pants were shredded from my shotgun load of rock salt and bacon rind. And I could see that he was favoring his left leg.

And finally, there was Mr. Big, the leader of the pack. He was trail worn. Dusty, dirty, obviously tired. They must have travelled all night to get to the cabin. So, I knew they had to be exhausted.

I could see the hate and anger in his eyes and hear it in his voice. But because his hands were in the open and empty, I knew that the piece he had, was in his back. If he made any kind of move that way, I would have to get...

OH SHIT, where is my .45? Last I saw Suzy had it. The Greener was on the living room table. I was unarmed. This was not good.

With probably the most menacing smile and venom dripping from his voice, “Yo, Buddy. Remember Me? I’ll bet you didn’t think you’d ever see me, again did you?”

I opened the door wider, but stayed inside. This limited any incoming fire to my front. Shadow, by my side growled. “Be cool, boy” I whispered.

“Good morning, what can I do for you?” I questioned, I had no hope for a civil conversation. Or in my ability to convince these guys to leave. The best I could hope for was time enough to think of a solution. And believe me, my mind was in overdrive.

He started looking around at the house. “Nice looking place you got here Buddy. We was wondering if could bum some water and grub from ya.”

I pointed to the water trough. “Water’s free, take all you need. Food’s something else. I can’t help you there.”

He got a disgusted look, “Come on Dude, you’d make us drink that pissy horse water?”

“the pump works, it’s fresh and cool.”

He took a half step forward. “well, that’s not quite the point, Friend. What I really wanted was to take a look around inside. You See, I was thinking that I might like to buy it off you.”

Shadow’s growling got louder and he stopped. “I’m not selling.” I replied.

He continued to have a threatening grin on his face. “Oh, I don’t know about that dude. I think I can offer you a real good deal.”

I was beginning to get tired of this back and forth, “And what would that be?”

In about the most insincere voice I’d ever heard, he leered at me and offered, “Well, the best I can offer is that You get to live. But, just to sweeten the pot a little, I’ll let you keep the 2 bitches you stole from Jumbo here.”

At that the fat guy angrily leaned in closer and mumbled something I couldn’t hear.

As Fatso was a half-step behind him, Mr. Big half turned towards him. “now, now Jumbo, I know he wasn’t very nice before. But this is business. We’ll get you some new toys after we move in to our nice, new house.”

I was getting ready to end this and slam the door shut. “like I said, it’s not for sale, and the women are not poker chips that you can bargain with. I suggest you and your friends take off.”

I was standing there, I had decided that the best thing to do was to slam the door and bunker up. There was no way on god’s green earth that those 3 yahoos could get inside. But at the same time, we had limited supplies. Which, between 3 people, were going to run out quickly. Suddenly the whole thing was taken out of my hands.

From behind me came a thunderous blast. At the same time, Fatso’s head disappeared in a cloud of red.

I wasn’t quite sure what had happened and I really didn’t have time to figure it out. Shadow had bolted out the door and was heading towards his previous play toy. When He saw Shadow, the skinny guy immediately turned tail and started running, screaming. Shadow was on him like a bolt of lightning, and the last I saw of them was Shadow, on his tail, both of them disappearing into the brush.

Meanwhile, I watched as Fatso toppled over like a tree. A topless tree. As this was happening, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mr. Big pulling his pistol from his back. it was at that point Somebody behind me shoved me, hard, out the door and slammed it shut behind me.

As I staggered out onto the porch he fired and hit me in the left thigh, which dropped me to my knees. He tried to fire again but it was an empty chamber. I staggered to my feet and rushed him.

What followed was a blur. A blur of punches and blows. I made some and he made some. His hurt and I knew that my time was limited. In fact, I knew that I’d had it. There was no way I was going to beat this guy. He was bigger, had years of prison weight lifting strength, and had probably been through more prison death match fights than I’d ever seen. I was dead meat. And I knew it.

For all you folks out there who think that the fist fights you see on tv and in movies are accurate, YOU ARE WRONG. A personal, hand to hand, fight to the death combat is mean, vicious and cruel. It is winner take all and the winner is almost always going to be the person with 4 qualities. Strength, Endurance, Training and Experience. I’m also not talking about fighting in a boxing or MMA ring or a DoJo, with rules and referees. I’m talking reality. I’m talking end of the line, death is the goal combat. And this is what I was in.

It doesn’t Matter what brand of fancy martial arts you have trained in. How many black belts you have, if you haven’t got those 4 qualities, you have had it. If you’re fat, smoke, or consider the TV or computer a valid exercise choice. You will be a causality and quickly.

And I knew I wasn’t up to it.

It’s amazing how time seems to come to a standstill at certain points. Points that are cruxes in your life and I was at a major crux.

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