A Distorted Future (2.0)
Chapter 10: The Grand Five

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With Otoma in anarchy, a new ruler must step up to the throne. Star is a warrior of unknown origin and has the power to control any metallic substance and bend it to her will. She seeks to fix the planet that her eldest brother ruined. Unlike her corrupted siblings, Star is a kind-hearted soul who cares and cherishes life.

Once I approached the ground I managed to throw a kick towards the guy below me, only have my it blocked. As the guy blocked my kick, the force behind it was enough to cause the ground beneath him to crack.

“Mistery, be careful this guy is powerful,” Blade said to me.

“Stand down! This is a fight between Edge and Blade,” I heard one of the many guards shout. I looked at my grandfather who was watching the fight. He looked at me and nodded his head.

“So who’s ass do I have to kick now?” the guy said to us.

“He will be taking over from here,” Blade said to him. There was a commotion in the crowd around us

“My grandson Mistery has returned and he will be Edge’s next opponent,” My grandfather spoke out to the crowd

“Bullshit! I can take both of you on at once,” he said to us.

“Well if you’re that confident, I won’t stop you,” I said to him. I ran behind him and delivered a kick to his head which sent him back a few feet.

“You sure are a tough one,” I said to him. He smirked and ran towards me, Blade blocked his path which allowed me to deliver a second attack which at the moment seemed to stun him momentarily, however, shortly after he began to chuckle

“Even with both of you attacking me at once it seems like you can’t beat me, what a shame,” he said to us. He took a large step forward and attacked Blade. His punch went completely through his shield and armor and both were instantly shattered. As I tried to run close to him he threw Blade towards me which stopped me in my tracks.

“What is this guy,” I asked him

“I’m not sure but he doesn’t seem to feel pain. I almost cut his arm completely off and he just walked it off like it was nothing,” Blade said to me

“What are our chances of beating this guy?” I asked him

“Not very high I’ll tell you that,”

“We’ll see about that,” I said to myself. I began to run circles around him in hopes of catching him off guard, Edge began to look excited

“It seems like you were hiding some power from me you little shit,” he said to me. His tone was extremely vulgar, but nevertheless, he was incredibly powerful. I ran behind him and struck his back. I was too fast for him to keep up

“What’s wrong too fast for you?” I said to him jokingly. He began to laugh

“So what if you’re fast. It won’t matter how many times you hit me, you’ll never bring me down,” he said to me. Blade was down for the count, the attack that had pierced his armor had left him out of commision. I blasted a fireball towards him, but before I could split it he ran up to it and allowed it to strike his body.

“Things like that won’t do shit to me,” he said running towards me. He threw a flurry of wild attacks. I managed to dodge most of them, but he just didn’t seem to run out of breath. Eventually, he stepped on my foot and headbutted me which sent me tumbling to the ground.

“About time you stood still,” he said to me.

“Anyone else up for the challenge huh!?” he shouted at the crowd. Suddenly, a huge bolt of fire came from behind the crowd and struck Edge. He was knocked to the ground

“What the hell was that?!” he shouted in surprise. Janet had blasted him, I wasn’t sure how she had managed to use her flames as many times as she had, but Janet just didn’t seem to run out of stamina when using her flames, it was like she had an endless supply and on top of that her fire was incredibly powerful.

“Things like that won’t do shit huh?” Janet jokingly remarked. Edge began to look pissed

“Janet, get away, he’s not normal!” I shouted at her. Edge began to charge towards Janet. Before he could reach her location, however, Hope managed to step in and deliver a crushing blow. She had hit the exact center of his body with extreme precision, which sent him flying backward.

“Just how many asses do I have to kick?!” Edge desperately shouted out

“I shall be your new opponent,” Hope said to him. Edge charged towards Hope and threw a straight jab. Hope stood in place and dodged the attack. She then quickly circled his body and elbowed his rib with so much precision that it once again sent him flying backward.

“What the hell is with you?” Edge asked her

“Nothing, you’re just an idiot,” she remarked back. Hope had changed tremendously since the last time I saw her. She had gotten taller and her hair was so long in fact that it reached her waist, but the most surprising thing I noticed was that she still wore the scarf I gave her all those years ago. However, what changed most was her expression, she had become cold on the inside and no longer reacted to anything.

“You’re really going to regret this little girl!” Edge shouted at her. He began to run towards her at full speed, shouting.

“It’s over,” Blade said to me

“What do you mean it’s over?” I asked him in confusion and my grandfather began to laugh. As Edge approached Hope, she vaulted over his head and struck the back of his neck. Edge lost his momentum and fell to the ground. His body went limp and he was no longer conscious. The fight had concluded and all of the guards around us were left in shock

“I guess we’ll be taking him back to Torn now,” My grandfather said to everyone with laughter in his voice. This fight had seemed like a joke compared to Hope,

“Has she really become that strong since the last time we were together?” I said to myself

“I was surprised as well, the moment I began to fight her I knew I was severely outmatched,” Blade said to me

“She doesn’t have any abilities,” I told him

“Are you serious?” he remarked.

“Well kids lets head back to the ship, we have a lot to discuss today!” My grandfather shouted at us.

My grandfather carried Edge’s unconscious body over his shoulder and began to walk into the ship and I followed, along with Blade, Janet, and Hope. Janet and I both had many questions regarding both the Grand Five and Janet herself.

“Excuse me, sir,” Janet quietly said to my grandfather

“You must be Mistery’s friend, It’s a pleasure to meet you, young lady,”

“I found her on Earth and discovered that she is a Neptarian,” I said to him.

“I could tell just by looking at her that she has a tremendous amount of power,” he said to me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, I have heard many good things,” Janet said to him holding her hand out. My grandfather looked at her in confusion, I walked up next to him and began to whisper

“It’s an earth thing, grab her hand and shake her up and down,” My grandfather took a hold of her forearm, lifted her off the ground and began to shake her.

“No not like that you idiot!” I yelled at him. We then laughed it off and my grandfather began to speak to us in a more serious tone.

“Now that we have four of the members we must make plans to head off to the Phoenix Palace as soon as possible,” he said to us

“But why towards the Phoenix Palace?” I asked him. Blade looked over to me

“The final member of the Grand Five was a member of the Phoenix Clan, we must go out and search for her,” he said to me

“The Grand Five?” I questioned

“Where are the other four members?” My grandfather began to laugh

“You’re looking at them”

“The four members are you, Blade, Hope, and Edge,” my grandfather said to me

“W-what?” I was left in shock,

“What is the Grand Five?” Janet asked

“The Grand Five are a group of Neptarians with tremendous power,” Blade explained to her

“So Mistery and all of you are now a part of this?” she asked

“That is correct,” my grandfather responded. As we continued to talk I noticed that Edge was starting to wake up

“W-where the hell am I,” he said to himself

“We’re on our way to Torn, you did lose the fight after all,” Blade said to him. Edge stood up and took a look out the window where he saw the castle

“And why am I here exactly?” he asked

“We’re recruiting you into the Grand Five,” my grandfather said to him. I was still curled up in a corner in shock while everyone started explaining the situation to him. As we arrived we all stepped out of the ship and Edge began to stretch

“Alright, you had your fun but now it’s time I got serious,” he said out loud. He turned towards Hope who was seemingly lost in thought. Edge charged towards Hope shouting

“It’s time for payback” Without hesitation I activated my inner flame and ran in front of him, I struck his chest which sent him stumbling back.

“What the hell was that?” he asked

“If you had that kind of power why didn’t you use it when we first fought?” I began panting, I was still quite damaged from my fight with Darkness just a while back.

“That’s enough!” Blade exclaimed

“As of now we are a team, we need to learn to act like it,” he said to us

“And what are you the leader?” Edge said to him

“As a matter of fact I am,” he said with a smirk on his face

“Who would’ve thought you were the prideful one?” I jokingly said to him.

A few hours after we landed we had rested up and were ready to begin my grandfather’s gruesome training when I heard him speak out

“Janet was it?”

“Yes,” she responded

“I want to learn more about your power, would you mind demonstrating?” he asked

“Umm sir, with all due respect, I still can’t fully control my power. I’m afraid I might end up hurting you,” she quietly said to him. At that moment both Blade and I fell to the ground laughing and my grandfather stood still with a smile on his face

“Worry not, please just demonstrate your power to me and I can find the best way to teach you,” They both walked in opposite directions and Janet began to focus her power

“We better take a step back as well, this might get dangerous,” I said to everyone.

“If she was the one who blasted me earlier I agree with you,” Edge said to me. We all took a step back closer to the castle walls. Janet closed her eyes and created a small orb of fire in her hands, she began to struggle a little bit

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