Hikari Okami: Kitsune Series
Chapter 5

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AN IMMENSE YOKAI aura seem to announce Hikari’s presence into the world of the humans. He came in through a tori gate located at the entrance of the Inari shrine that connected the world of the yokai and the humans. On reaching the human world, he began to observe the brightness of the sky and his surroundings, watching as the humans passed by going on with their activities. Wanting to know more, he allowed his senses to flare out seeking as much as he could without physically going to those places. As a creature of the night, he was not yet used to the intense brightness of daytime. Deciding to come out later in the night, he swiftly headed straight for the inner room of the shrine to assume his duties as guardian. On entering the shrine, he noticed that his friend, Ritsu, left the place looking unattended.

He saw ancient mystical scrolls, books and spiritual ornaments lying carelessly around, as one used to refinement and neatness, the whole place struck him as odd. Reaching down, he began picking the things lying on the tatami and arranging the place.

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