Hikari Okami: Kitsune Series
Chapter 2

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Kayo was one of the few yokai with delicate feminine features closely resembling those of a human; with silken raven hair held in a finely crafted kanzashi “hairpin” and soft eyes the color of sapphire. She was dressed in a flowery red, black, yellow and blue yukata with well-tended slightly long claws, her feet were clad in white sock and geta.

After a while, her fingers stopped playing as she raised her head and turned to her patron. “Please, Hikari-sama. Forgive me if you would be so kind, I would like to change my clothing so that I can always look my best for you.”

“Do as you wish. I do not see the need for you to change what you are wearing but if it would please you, then get on with it,” He replied as he dismissed her with his hand.

Standing up from the small wooden stool she was sitting on, slowly she bowed her head to him as she said, “Please excuse me, Hikari-sama. I’ll be back very soon.”

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