Fools in Paradise
Chapter 14

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At the crossroads we stopped. I double checked on Phillip and made sure that we hadn’t missed anything. He was doing fine, apologetic as hell, but medically he was fine. Edgar? Well I wasn’t sure how the rest of his life was going to work out. I think that it was a fairly safe bet that his plans were ashes.

I also checked in with Chuck. I could see that He was now a young man with a plan, a goal. I just hope that he could convince his family. I asked him what his plans were.

“Well Mr. Reynolds, I’m going to change my major. I’ll still play football for as long as I can, just to keep that scholarship going. But when that fails, I’ll have gotten some real education. Not these basket weaving courses I’ve been taking. I like the cooking part. Particularly what Ms. Suzy has been teaching me. So, I’ll aim that way. But I’d also like to look at some business management courses too. I think that an established degree isn’t what I’m after. I’ll take the classes that I want, Not the ones the establishment thinks I need.”

“Then when the bottom drops out, I’ll take you and Ms. Suzy’s offer up on that ranch you were talking about. If Ms. Agnes is as good as you guys say, I’ll bet I’ll get a better education with her than at any other school.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what, Chuck. You do what YOU want. Never rely on what other people tell you is best for you. Most times it’s either what they wish they had done for themselves. Or they plan on making some kind of profit off you.”

“Mr. Reynolds, The thing I want to thank you and Ms. Suzy for is bravery. When I started on this trip I was scared. I was afraid of hurting my parents and family. Afraid of failing my classes. Afraid of disappointing my coaches. What you guys have done for me is show me that failure isn’t something to fear. That it can be used as an opportunity for success, in a different, better direction.”

I also took the time to talk to the Professor. He was still shaken by what had happened. But he was much better than that morning. Apologetic about shooting Bigfoot, He still hadn’t quite processed that it was a costume, He was looking for an assurance that he hadn’t killed Sasquatch. My hope was that with time, and a patient counselor, he would accept what had happened.

And then there was Vince. Good god that man had energy. He practically demanded that we allow him to return and I continue teaching him. I did the best I could with him, and he was still able to get a promise for next summer. Now I want you to think about this for a minute. What I had just set myself up for was a camping trip. Involving hunting, fishing, living off the land, breathing fresh air, drinking pure glacier water. Not tied to any schedule, skinny dipping in alpine lakes, hot potting in natural hot springs.

OH, the horror, the agony. Can I bring a friend? What are you doing next week Suzy? No Vince, you bring your own date.

Finally, we broke up. John was taking the Bigfoot folks back to civilization. Suzy and I were heading for home.

As for our Customers?, Student’s?, Visitor’s? They rode off downhill, everybody waving and calling out goodbyes.

Then came what I had missed more than any one thing during this adventure, Silence.

Not really silence, I could still hear the birds and wind and Margarite browsing. But no more babbling voices, demanding attention. No pots and pans rattling, no grunts and groans of physical effort.

Even Suzy was savoring the quiet. I looked over, she had her eyes closed and her head tilted back and I could see the pleasure.

Without another word we saddled up and headed for home.

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