Hikari Okami: Kitsune Series
Chapter 10

I’ll have control over your body and guide it to where I am, then take something from you that would be strong enough to weaken the barrier. After which once I break free, I’ll release you from my hold.”

“If I don’t agree, what will happen?” she asked.

“This is the only time that I have ever asked a human for help, I am putting my pride on the line by pleading with you to come to my aid, just this once and I’ll never ask anything of you.”

“I’m not a wicked person. Of course, I’ll help you, just let me know when you’ll be performing this technique that you speak of.”

“I’ll be doing it now, just be prepared for you will have no control whatsoever over your body, for your will would become mine.”

“That sounds scary! I think I’m about to have second thoughts.”

“I promise you this, that no harm shall befall you. You have my word on that. Kyosei kitsune suimin,” he said.

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