Hikari Okami: Kitsune Series
Chapter 6

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They placed a special barrier in the area where yokai are most likely to be by using a seal binding spell. This places the yokai in a special barrier sucking their spiritual energy, then sending them to jigoku, where they ultimately become soulless spirits stripped of spiritual powers to break free. It has been said, that none had ever escaped jigoku and lived to tell about it, the only ones that can come and go are those who are endowed with tremendous yokai power.

Kamo no Yasunori, master of onmyou magic and spells, praised alongside Abe no Seimei as a highly skilled onmyouji, had dedicated many years to studying the act of demon slaying and use of spells to protect the human world from the influence of yokai. Dressed in a pink and gray flower print kimono he watched the humans walking by.

The whole place was alive with noise and activity, he suddenly felt a sense of unease, as though he was being watched. He found it strange that the humans avoided walking towards and around where he was, not knowing he w

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