Rocky Roads
Chapter 6

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“BOB’S DISCOUNT FUEL” “We’ll get you out there”

“Going out again Jack?”

“That’s right Steve, my horoscope reads big things in my future. Sooner or later I’m going to find the end of the rainbow.”

“Well, I hope so. Topping off your tanks just about zero’s out your account. The boss double checked beforehand. He told me to let you know, there’s no more credit for you after this.”

“that’s alright, Steve, This one’s a money maker. I can feel it in my bones.”

Sighing, Steve asked, “How you fixed for beans and biscuits Jack. You got enough on board. I can float you a few credits?”

“Thanks for the offer Steve, I provisioned up before I negotiated the fuel. I’m good for this trip. I do appreciate the offer though.”

“Alright Jack. just take a word of advice. When your gauges hit halfway, head for home. The way things are right now, nobody’s gonna come looking for you.”

“You’ve gotta have faith, Steve. The odds are in my favor. Besides like I said, my horoscope say’s I was born under a lucky star.”

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