Rocky Roads
Chapter 1

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“Assaying office, Bridger here.”

“Jake, this is Craig Johansson in communications. Jimi Anderson is on a scout and would like to speak to you.”

“I’m a little busy right now Johansson. What does he want?”

“He didn’t say. I’m assuming it’s about the roid he working.”

“Damn it kid, I don’t have the time to deal with every roid-rider that’s unhappy with the assay report. Find out what he wants and call me back.”

Slamming the phone down, Bridger muttered under his breath and returned to the latest issue of ‘Jugs’

3 minutes later, the phone rang again. “goddamn it.” yanking the handset up, he yelled “WHAT?”

“Bridger, Jimi Anderson here. You blow me off again and the council is going to hear about your unauthorized porno commlink.”

“WHAT, how...” Bridger sputtered.

“Calm down Jake, I could care less about your titty mags, But I do need to know about this roid I’m working. How good was the assay?”

“Hang on, I’ll pull it up, what’s the code.”

Anderson read the numbers off.

“Ok here we go, standard roid readings on the scope. It looks like about 20 gigatons of low grade iron, some copper mixed in. some frost, but no ice to speak of. No atomics’.”

“Yeah, I’ve got that. Who did the survey?”

“Let’s see ... Tooney did it. He’s new this run, but seems competent.”

“When was the last survey done?”

“About 6 months ago. Why the interrogation? Did you find something?”

“I see. Well thanks for your help Jake. Why don’t you meet me in the canteen later? I think we should have a private talk.”

“Ok, sure Jimi whatever you say, um would you, perhaps, be bringing the, um, refreshments.”

Chuckling, Anderson replied, “Sure thing Jake. I think I can find some punch.”

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