Chapter 18

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Both Sam and Mellos growled, “I don’t know about Mellos, I refuse to be a pawn in the petty war that your two groups had against each other.” Fino was about to speak again through Sam when he held up his hand. “I don’t want to hear it father. I am the sum of all that you and mother did.”

The male voice spoke through Mellos, “Don’t believe him son your father always lied to you and all of us.”

“I am not your son; I also know what my father and mother were trying to do. Please don’t try to peddle your lies to me, ok? I KNOW, I see all that they both did back then. The thing is you didn’t realize they were trying to help...” Sam started.

“HELP!? In the words of that backwards world you were raised on? YOU are so full of shit! I should...” Fino stated then a choking sound was heard.

Mellos grabbed Sam’s arm, “Please don’t, true he is my father, true he is hideous. Let me deal with him I am far stronger than he ever was.”

An unbelieving smirk came to Sam’s lips as he could only stare at Mellos a moment. Leaning forward Sam whispered to Mellos, “We’ll see won’t we Mellos.”

Mellos returned Sam’s smirk with one of her own. “No, I know I am stronger. I hurt you last time, don’t deny it, though you have a hard head, so are my fists.”

“You will not deny me Mellos. You will never be stronger than I am. You think that because you are over eighty percent healed you can beat me? Dream on daughter.” Fino’s voice stated from her lips.

“You know, I’ve listened to you berate me all this time. I think it’s time you shut the hell up!” Mellos shouted.

“How dare you! I am your father; you are a vessel of my creation. I should...” Fino started.

“Yes, you should shut the hell up. This is MY body not yours; it might behoove you to remember that. As you stated I am well over eighty percent healed. I am not the weak being that you became aware inside of.” Mellos growled.

“You are not that strong...” Fino started again.

“God, shut the hell up!” Mellos shouted again, causing the male voice to scream then grow quiet.

Sam stared at Mellos a moment then nodded. “So, you are stronger, though you could have been far faster than you are now. I’ve had control of that ability for a while now.”

Mello’s head snapped up to stare at Sam, then her eyes narrowed, finally she nodded. “I can see that though the way I was, I doubt seriously that you would have freely helped. Unfortunately, though i am mostly healed I can still feel the unbalance within me. I apologize for...”

Sam stepped back as Mello’s face twisted first in pain then rage. Sighing Sam reached out to Mellos barely grasping her arm before it was slapped away aggressively.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” Came A deeper female voice from Mellos. “You are a complete freak of nature. Nothing like the noble race that we were. She may have defeated her father, that will not be the case with me!”

Sam was about to speak when a female voice came from his mouth. “So, the true leader of the sick failed ones speaks. I am surprised that you stayed in the shadows as long as you did.”

Mello’s head snapped up to stare at Sam. “Ah! The slave wife of Fino the mighty.” The voice stated full of contempt and loathing.

“Even with the healing you are still so full of hatred. He never wanted you that way Cyan, you should realize...” The female voice started.

“Realize, that you were out to discredit me and the group? Yes, that I did Tynco. I...” Cyan started bitterly.

“You obviously never checked after you disappeared. All credit was given to you, you were more brilliant than you thought. This whole contingency was born from an idea of yours.” Tynco stated.

“ENOUGH!” Sam suddenly shouted. “I will not have the four of you bickering, not when we have the remaining Tetricons trying to control everything.”

A gasp rose from Mello’s mouth as well as Raydy’s. Confused a moment Sam turned to look at Raydy, looking closer he nodded.

Raydy’s eyes went wide then she bowed to Sam. “I am honored that you were able to bring us forward.” A male voice stated from Raydy’s mouth.

An embarrassed Raydy nodded also. “I meant to talk to you in private, this is what I was speaking of.”

Sam thought a moment then stated, “As you can see all three of us are experiencing the same...” here Sam paused choosing his words. “The same occurrence within each of us.” Turning to Mellos he started again. “I have the knowledge to withdraw and restore. The only problem I have is the equipment, plus the fact that I don’t really trust your assistant.”

“You don’t...” Cyan’s voice started.

“Enough mother, I know you have a lot to say. This is still my body; I am far stronger than I have ever been. Let me handle this, with any luck, we can all be free soon. Though you don’t trust him, I now do.” Mellos stated.

“I agree you are much stronger Mellos. Know this, if I feel he is out to harm us, I will take control, I still have a few tricks you haven’t discovered.” Cyan’s voice warned.

Finally, with all quiet Sam looked at both females as an idea started to form. Motioning both of the females to him he reached out to both laying a hand on their shoulders for a few moments. Looking closely again at both he nodded.

“I have a plan to bring all of the Tetricons out into the open. I know of the seven on the I.P. council. I believe that Triot is one also, especially after what I felt recently. I feel that there are more out there. Then, we have the problem of the one that they call the Lord Doctor.” Sam stated naming those that he knew of.

A genuine smile came to both Raydy and Mellos faces. Sam then started going over the plan that he was formulating even as he was speaking. Both females faces held an excitement that neither had known for a long time.

Well Sam thought, I’ve got these two onboard. Now all I have to do is talk to the few allies that I have right now. Lord knows after the I.P. falls everything is going to go to shit pretty fast.

It was an hour later when Drivas and Thellus’s ship arrived in orbit. Almost immediately several alarms were going off onboard their ship.

Shocked they were both bringing up shields as fast as possible. “Can you tell what it is?” Drivas asked.

“Not as of yet, I ... I have it! Bearing thirty degrees off starboard. It fits the configuration of Mellos Thymp’s ship.” Thellus replied a little worried.

“Have you got a reading on Sam?” Drivas asked a little concerned herself.

“Nothing as yet, continuing to scan the planet’s surface for Sam’s bio-signature.” Thellus replied.

Drivas sighed there wasn’t that much for them to do ‘til they found him. Though a few moments later another alarm went off.

“Uh,” Thellus started a look of confusion on her face. “I’m picking up three sets of readings that match Sam’s. I’m not sure which is him. I...” Thellus tried to continue then turned to stare at Drivas opened mouth. “One of them is Mellos Thymp!”

“Is he in trouble?” Drivas asked.

“No, not from what I am seeing. Commander? Her geno closely matches his. I’m confused to say the least.” Thellus said more concern appearing on her face.

“So far, Sam hasn’t led us wrong, we should wait to see what he has to say.” Drivas said causing Thellus to nod her head, though not doing much to dissuade her concern.

Sam had been there for a while now outlining all that he wanted to do. Neither of the females had noticed that he’d touch their arm every few minutes.

I just hope that this works he thought as it was an hour later that he felt a rift open. Looking up he nodded that would be Drivas and Thellus. He needed to work on them more also. They were more than half way to being like his people. A smile crossed his lips as he thought about that. His people, well such as they were right now, only three and another two almost there.

“I have to go, remember what I said Raydy.” Turning to Mellos he stated, “I have to thank you for the assist. With what you’ve given me I should be able to do this quicker.” Sam told them.

With that Sam took to the air leaving two more determined and focused females behind. Shooting up Sam was surprised when he was at the ship in seconds. Phasing inside he nodded to both females.

“We came as soon as possible Sam. We were concerned when we saw your close proximity to Mellos Thymp.” Drivas said as soon as Sam was solid.

“Yes, well, I don’t think we’ll have many problems with her any longer. I’m sorry to say this, I need to continue what Thantas was doing. I know it is for later, though I am afraid that you won’t be strong enough to help when all this comes to a final confrontation, I do hope it keeps the both of you alive.” Sam told both of them.

He looked at the both of them. It appeared that Thellus was about fifty five or six percent changed. Drivas appeared to be at sixty to sixty one. He could already see that Drivas’s body was trying to manifest the new powers it would soon have. He needed the both of them at sixty five percent or higher if they were to survive. Unfortunately, that would take more time than he felt he had.

“I am ready sir.” Thellus stated. “If doing this, we can somehow help Thantas, please go as far as you can. I know you told us that the higher we get the more dangerous it will be. Sir I don’t care, I want to help her.”

Sighing, Sam nodded as Thellus laid down. Taking a breath Sam started rearranging the edge of where he’d stopped on her geno. At first she bravely laid there not making a sound, that was ‘til Sam hit sixty percent complete. Then he tried to push her higher as she steadily advanced to sixty one, two, three then four percent. Issuing a scream, Thellus passed out, immediately making Sam stop.

Concerned Sam looked her over, breathing a sigh of relief he saw that he’d pushed her pretty hard. Then again, having waited as long as they had, her body was stronger than they had thought.

Walking to Drivas, Sam told her “I was afraid that I had pushed her too far. It appears the time you had getting here, plus the longer time you had ‘til I could do this strengthened her. It appears that she will recover faster, I dare say that she is as strong as you right now. I’ll work on you when she has regained enough strength.”

“Thank you Sam, I know that Thantas said that this would help us. That it would make us stronger in case she was forced to destroy us.” Drivas stated.

Sam’s head snapped up at this, so that was why she had started this. Narrowing his eyes, a moment Sam then turned to Drivas. “I need to ‘talk’ to Thantas a moment.” When Drivas nodded Sam concentrated.

{So, you just decided to change them without asking them. I had thought far better of you Thantas.}Sam’s thoughts reached out to Thantas.

A startled Thantas replied, {they both stated that they would do anything to help, make things right. It was a very strong desire within them. I had thought that...”

{You are changing their geno to what we are. Did you think that they might want to remain what race they are? They aren’t far past half way, I can still revert them back.}Sam’s thoughts angerly replied.

{NO! If you do, then when I am ordered to destroy them I will have no choice. They in turn will not survive. I... }Thantas stated.

{We need to inform them, if not then I need to make them what they were. Problem is, right now Thellus is still unconscious.}Sam’s thoughts berated her. {I’ll contact you when she is with us again.}

{As you wish Sam, please take care. I have felt Triot’s power increase greatly. He has surpassed all the council making him far more dangerous.}Thantas warned.

Sam nodded as he thought about this, so Triot has managed to increase. Thantas was right that did make him far more dangerous. Then again Sam thought with a smile, could his body keep up with the increases?

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