Chapter 16

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Damn it! Sam thought why in the hell had he let himself fall into her trap? It was more than obvious that she wanted him to hit her. To what end he thought, going slowly higher, he had to think this through. The only other that was a lot like him had developed a near immunity to the gas that the IP was using.

‘Hmmmm,’ he thought ‘was there something about me that was the key to all of this?’ As he thought, Thantas was stronger though not much. Then again, she’d only slipped into her body for a few moments also. Reaching out he tried to feel for Queen Triada, shocked when he not only felt her, he could almost see her. What the hell? This was the first time he’d been able to do that.

{Queen Triada? I am in need of answers, it appears that those that I have helped or fought, that were like me, have grown stronger.}Sam asked as soon as he touched the Queen’s mind.

Sam could almost feel and hear the Queen gasp as soon as he stated that. {I have heard that the elders of the Cliveastone world, had been experimenting with several improvements. What you spoke of, was only ever hinted to my ancestors. I assume you have never heard of osmosis, healing power?}

Sam shook his head then felt stupid knowing that the Queen couldn’t see him, or rather he THOUGHT she couldn’t. {No Queen Triada, I haven’t, though I understand the term osmosis.}

Sam could ‘see’ Queen Triada nod her head. {If I am right, you are the first and only one that has the ability. This was rumored about, not long before the destruction of the Cliveastone world. I do not have full knowledge of it. I will have to ask the elders to gather more information.}

{Is there nothing more, that you can tell me? I’m flying blind here.}Sam stated, then could feel great confusion from the Queen.

{Flying blind? I am afraid that I do not know that term.}The Queen stated.

Sam sighed then thought, {It is a term from the planet I was raised on. The best way to explain, hmmmm, like I am trying to do what you want without any information to know what to do.}

{Ah!}Came the Queen’s thoughts. {That, is why I am gathering the information, that you may have what you need to proceed. To us that would be as bad as no information at all.}

Again, Sam nodded, then felt once again felt foolish knowing that the Queen had no idea. Sam sighed then continued, {I am sorry Queen Triada, I am more than anxious to know what is going on. I guess I am more anxious about all this than I thought.}

{All is good Sam, as I stated I wish to have facts to give you. My people desire to not pass on false information. I have asked all the elders to look into this, we should have an answer soon for you.}The Queen responded, Sam almost smiled feeling the slight elation in her thoughts.

{Thank you Queen Triada, what you can find will be a help.}Sam said then broke off the contact. Shaking his head, he started ascending faster toward Drivas and Thellus’s ship. As he’d thought before, maybe the both of them might have information that would help.

Mellos’s slave had accelerated away as fast as possible. He was nowhere as strong as her, though he was far more intelligent than he let on. It wouldn’t really do any good if he was dead and her ship destroyed before she was healed. As it appeared now almost seventy five percent of the problems with her body had corrected themselves.

Looking at Mellos again, he saw that most of the massive bruising she’d received was starting to fade. Nodding his head, he started to adjust several aspects of the healing machine. Good it appeared that she would awaken soon.

It was almost an hour later when the male heard her groan as she tried to sit up. “What!? Where am I? Slave! Why am I tied down? Release me now!”

“I cannot Mistress. The machine is only doing as you programmed it.” The male told her afraid that she’d wreck it soon.

“Only doing as I ... I see. Was I that injured?” Mellos asked.

“When you activated the return beam I was ready as you’d instructed. Though when you appeared bruised, unconscious I was worried. This was the first time that you were injured as badly as you were. I did as you instructed then grew more worried, as you have been in the healing machine for over two hours.” The male related half expecting Mellos to knock him across the room.

“I see.” Mellos replied. “What action did you take after I was aboard?”

“I was in fear that the ship might be destroyed if we remained in the area.” The male stated.

Mellos looked at the male with a strange look then shook her head. “Good, good, you’ve done very well.” Then with a sigh Mellos laid back down, closing her eyes she was asleep a matter of moments.

Triot was starting to whimper as he felt his power start to climb. This last improvement was the final piece that he needed to increase his power more than a little. The thing was, were the protective screens he’d come up with actually blocking the Lord Doctor from feeling what he was doing?

This was the first time he’d been able to withstand the machine this long. He could feel that his power had already passed almost all of the council. Tough what good would that do? They were all greatly against him, especially after how easy he’d been defeated back then. Looking at the chronometer he saw almost a whole time unit had passed. Far more than ever before. He just needed to get as high as possible.

It was another half time unit when the pain started to become far more than he could handle. Barely able to shut the machine down, he nodded then promptly passed out.

Thantas was still monitoring all that she could when, she felt Triot’s power start to increase. Though he was nowhere near where she and Sam were, this might be a problem especially after she felt him climb past the first councilor.

Reaching out she tried desperately to contact Sam. If Triot had found a way to increase his meager mind powers, they might have a problem. Then she was starting to get worried that something was wrong when she couldn’t reach Sam.

Sam had just reached Drivas and Thellus’s ship phasing inside. Both females gasped slightly when Sam suddenly appeared. Both women became concerned when they saw the look on Sam’s face.

“Is there something wrong Sam?” Drivas asked when he sat with a thud.

Ignoring them a moment Drivas was about to ask again, when Sam looked straight at the two females.

I was talking to Queen Triada earlier.” Sam started. “She mentioned something about an osmosis, healing power.” When both females gasp they had Sam’s undivided attention. “So, I take it you have heard of this.”

“Well, only rumors. It was written that a race that had gone to war with the Cliveastones had a type of osmosis power, though nothing like what you just mentioned. It was also written that the Cliveastones had the power before they went to war. They had repressed it to a point that there were very few that could accomplish it.” Drivas stated.

“From what I have seen it appears that I have something like it. Those like myself that I have helped or fought have grown stronger. This seems to be the most true of Mellos, I have fought her three times, though the last she tricked me into fighting her.” Sam relayed.

Both Drivas and Thellus stared at each other. “Do you think it is possible?” Thellus asked.

“I’m not sure, we need to check the readings to make sure.” Drivas stated. Thellus nodded as she moved to a monitor then started to rapidly type in commands. Drivas also took a seat beside her typing furiously on their next console.

“It’s going to take at least an hour, commander.” Thellus replied to which Drivas nodded.

Sam had been waiting patiently his head going back and forth between them. A confused look on his face still not understanding what in the hell the two females were talking about.

Finally, frustrated Sam touched both females on the shoulder. This immediately caused both of them to shudder, then stop to look at Sam.

“It’s not that I hate being ignored,” Sam stated. “I am after all, used to it most of my life. So, you might imagine my concern when the both of you turned away without an explanation.”

Both females stared at Sam a moment seeming to be lost. Suddenly clarity came to Drivas’s eyes as she nodded.

“We are both checking the records now.” Drivas explained to Sam. “I remember reading something close to what you mentioned. Almost ten of your centuries ago, the Cliveastones devised a plan. It seems that they were facing an enemy that was as advanced as they were. They also found out that the race was as war like as the Cliveastones were peaceful.”

Sam nodded, “I take it this is the race that destroyed the planet Owt los?”

Drivas’s eyes were wide a moment then she sadly nodded. “According to records, their attempt to destroy the Cliveastone world had severe repercussions.”

“Repercussions, how?” Sam asked.

“Though they managed to destroy the Cliveastone world, the amount of energy they had to use cracked their world. It was only another full unit of time before their world shuddered then exploded.” Drivas explained.

Sam was nodding almost seeing the destruction in his head. “Moving on, what has all that have to do with me? You told me, plus I also heard someone say that my genome was the same as the original Cliveastones.”

“Well,” Thellus broke into the conversation. “There was also a rumor that the Cliveastones were almost expecting something of this nature. There were thousands of launches from Owt Los, they vanished almost as soon as they left orbit. It was surmised that they might have ‘seeded’ other worlds in case something like what happened might happen.”

Sam was again nodding as he took this information in. He suddenly grabbed his head as he heard a shrill piercing tone. Then he heard a voice, unfortunately only every eighth word was understandable. Grabbing his head Sam sunk to the deck, his mouth open though nothing was coming out.

“What?” Sam said aloud. “I can’t understand you! What are you trying to tell me?” This time Sam had tears in his eyes as he also heard a female voice far more beautiful than any he’d ever heard in his life. “Please! Help me to understand!”

Shaking his head Sam was concentrating as hard as he could. That actually helped though now it was only every sixth word he could understand. Still staining to comprehend, Sam could swear he felt a feather light tough to his forehead.

{My son.}A voice stated clearly in his head. {Rest now. You have expanded a great deal of energy.}

Suddenly the beautiful female voice stated. {All will be well my son rest, let your mind grasp that which you need to.}

Sam nodded as he almost fell to the deck. Within moments he was asleep, both Drivas and Thellus could only stare at Sam wondering what was going on.

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