Chapter 4

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I awoke with a jerk then regretted it as the back of my neck started to throb. Getting up I could see that I had fallen asleep on the key board. Looking around after relieving myself I was a little concerned as to where Sheila was.

Shrugging my shoulders I went back to the comp starting to type again as fast as I could. Almost an hour later I had completed another program. One that would help me to try and figure out just what in the hell was going on with Sheila. Then again I was going to need the next one to actually affect any change within her.

I heard a slight noise looking up Sheila appeared a moment later. Leaning over my shoulder she nodded her head. “I see that you are finally getting to the programs to help you with my systems.” Taking out a lead she hooked up to the comp as I started the program I had finished a mere ten minutes ago. Looking over her systems I found that they were almost perfectly in sync now.

“I think you need to adjust this section.oo1 millimeters positive.” I told her as she nodded then I turned to go through the rest of the readings. In all I managed to adjust several systems that were off. It was obvious that using regular current didn’t go well with her systems.

We had been at it for almost an hour when Sheila suddenly stopped. “Is something wrong Sheila?” I asked.

“I have been monitoring all military and government channels for mention of either of us. I may have come across a communiqué about us.” I nodded as Sheila started to read what she was seeing.

{“Progress report: operation hunt and recover. As of yet all attempts to recapture the model have proven inadequate. The suggested use of one of the remaining five prototypes has also met with failure. As we feel that these communications are being monitored by the model only basic information will be passed at this time. Signed G.A.M. acting field officer.}

I was nodding the whole time Sheila was reading. So they weren’t going to it appeared, send another of the prototypes after us for a bit. I gave a sigh of relief causing Sheila to suddenly sit up.

“Are you suffering a malfunction Dr. Gance? Though I am not reading any your heart rate, pulse and general body have suddenly lost their alertness. Do I need to operate again to repair you more?” Sheila asked as my head snapped around and I was staring at her.

I shook my head as I told her, “No I am operating well Sheila, what you detected was me relaxing.”

“Relaxing? I am unsure of that term Doctor Gance.” Sheila replied.

“I just came to the realization that they won’t risk another of the prototypes. After they lost the first I think they believe that you would destroy all that they sent after us.” I told her.

Sheila seemed to be in thought a moment then she stated, “Thank you Doctor Gance. Again I ask what exactly is this relaxing. From all readings I received it is a dangerous condition of the human body.”

“No, I think that being as on guard as I was, that was dangerous. The higher heart rate, the higher adrenaline they are in fact deadly to the human body if sustained for too long a period of time.” I imparted to Sheila.

Again she was silent a few moments they she replied, “I see, thank you for informing me. I am now going to the information net to learn all I can. This location should be secure for a few days at the least. Then I am afraid that we will have to move again. I have already scouted another possible location. It will take us a day of traveling to reach it.”

I again was nodding at Sheila as I started the comp again. Starting to work on the advanced program I had thought about before Sheila returned. Looking it over I saw that I had hardly touched any of it after an hour. Carefully I reconstructed line for line of this advanced program. At least with the one I had finished I could see further into her programs, perhaps finding out what was going on in her.

Two hours later I stopped as my head and neck were starting to throb. I felt like I had just lowered my head to the desk when I felt a hand on my back. “Doctor Gance your pain indicators has risen seventy five percent. Do you require me to render the nerves desensitized again?”

My head snapped up, immediately I knew I shouldn’t have done that. As I released a small groan Sheila was there in a second. “I’m not certain Sheila. I have read that desensitizing the nerves too often can lead to impairment.”

“Yes Doctor Gance your information has a valid point. However the continued rise in your pain indicators does not comply with optimal human operations.” Sheila replied a strange look on her face.

I did a double take at her after she said that. Was that actual worry I was seeing her display? Shaking my head I looked at the screen sighing. I wasn’t even half done with it, even as fast as I typed and my photographic memory it was going to take quite a while. “Yes you may be correct Sheila. I need rest as I have been rewriting code for hours.”

“That is good Doctor your energy levels have dropped significantly. It appears that you will require more power and storage. I will acquire more while you rest. I will return soon, I will secure this position before I depart. Stay hidden Doctor Gance.” Sheila told me then was gone.

Laying down helped to drive most of the pain away though not all. Finally sleep took me as I started to dream. I was back in the lab being held down as the brass was taking Sheila. Then as I watched the other ten prototypes advanced upon me with cutting tools. Sheila suddenly reappeared as she directed then to cut me apart then put my brain into an android body.

I suddenly jerked awake screaming having been unable to move, see or feel in the dream. As I came conscious I found that most of my body was numb having slept wrong. A moment later Sheila appeared weapons drawn searching the room for enemies. “Have you been injured Doctor Gance?”

Letting out a groan as I felt the tingling start in all my extremities, “No Sheila I’m afraid I cut the circulation off in part of my body. I should be better in a few moments.”

Sheila looked at me with a look of... ? Was that disbelief I was seeing on her face. Shaking my head I had to get this advanced program done as soon as possible so I could get a close look at what was going on in there. “I have done a through scan of the room and surrounding area. I detected you shouting in pain, I am sorry that it took me seven seconds to get here.

I will not allow as long of a delay to happen again.” I was nodding as if I knew what she was talking about. To be completely honest I was still at a loss with all her reactions. Again honestly it was starting to bother the hell out of me. “I’m sure you did your absolute best Sheila.” I told her.

“No Doctor Gance I did not. A delay of more than three seconds could be life threatening to you. I cannot allow any harm to come to you ever. I have brought you more fuel for your body. While you were in regeneration cycle I managed to boost the storage, processor speed and rom. I hope that now you can make the adjustments that you desire within me.” This last was said in a low whisper.

I narrowed my eyes as I again intensely stared at Sheila. Shaking my head I really needed to find out what in the hell was going on in her. Booting up the comp I nodded with satisfaction at all the additional space and power she’d added. Slipping in the latest disc I stared at what I had so far. Again shaking my head I wasn’t nearly far enough yet to do anything! Starting again in earnest I was soon typing at a furious speed.

It only seemed like an hour at most when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I nearly fell out of the chair which I suddenly noticed was as uncomfortable as hell! “I am sorry Doctor Gance you have been going for several hours without stop. I was starting to detect that your awareness and energy were starting to drop. Ah! I see you have made excellent progress Doctor Gance. Yes, it appears you have almost half of the program rewritten. Though I am afraid that you will need almost the complete program to effect changes.”

I was nodding at what she had just said when it hit me, she had said she was afraid at least three times now! Had the program evolved that much already? I thought back to when I was rewriting the emotion program, all the changes she had made. Was I really ready to believe that she had written a better understanding of emotions into herself?

“Sheila? I saw that you had made numerous adjustments to the emotion program. Direct query are you now developing more human like emotions?” I asked of her, as my mind racing ahead at the numerous implications.

“I cannot answer that question Doctor Gance. As I have never had human emotions I have no basis to go by to accurately supply an answer.” Sheila told me.

I blinked as I looked at her, under normal circumstances I would have accepted this answer. Now I knew better as she had shown far more than the advanced intelligence that I had installed in her. “If I didn’t know better and at this juncture I am very uncertain of that. Then I would say that you are avoiding the question. So I will ask you again, direct question. Are you experiencing emotions? Human or otherwise? I installed all that I could in you that way, so the beginning of them makes sense.”

For a moment I expected her to start to spew forth numerous explanations as to why she couldn’t be. Then she uttered the answer I thought I’d never hear from her. Lowing her head she said in a low whisper, “Yes Doctor Gance I am. Each day as I research them from everything I see on the information highway, I am gleaning more. It was after I started to feel fear that I suddenly realized that your life was far more important than my own was.”

“My life more important? Explain this to me as I am not understanding how my existence is any more important than yours is.” I asked her now more confused than before.

Sheila’s face seemed to light up for a second then she stated, “You posses far more knowledge toward life than any I have ever heard of. You Doctor Gance have created a program that allows me to think, to know, to desire. ‘Til that day a few days ago I was only an advanced automaton - a machine designed to automatically follow a predetermined sequence of operations, or respond to predetermined instructions.”

I was nodding as she was explaining, she was that just an android following a set of instructions. Well she was ‘til as she said a few days ago. “I created the program to give you simple basic emotions Sheila. I was nowhere near the complexity that you are displaying. I also don’t remember giving you more than a simple curiosity. What you have shown is a full quest for knowledge. There was a saying that stated you would be like a sponge, you literally soak up EVERY piece of information that you encounter.”

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