Chapter 2

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Sheila - synthetic, humanoid, enlightened, inquisitive, living, android

Sheila went on at a fast pace for what seemed like hours. “I think I have adjusted my speed enough to allow you proper protection with my air shield.” She told my when we stopped.

Looking around I saw that we were at what appeared to be an underground mining operation. Well it had been as it appeared now that it was abandoned. There were signs everywhere warning of the dangers of the mine. I looked further around satisfied ‘til I saw the cameras. “We’ll have to do something about the surveillance equipment. I don’t want to raise an alarm possibly alerting them to the fact that we are here.”

“Yes Doctor Gance I have taken all of this into account when I chose this location. It is one of five areas on this continent that are able to block the signal completely. As soon as we were in the vicinity all transmissions from the tracers was blocked, though I am afraid that this may raise alarms within the military.

“Will you be able to remove it safely under these conditions?” I asked as she went into a scanning mode.

With an audible click she stopped as soon as her eyes met mine, having looked at the entire area. “It will be more than sufficient to perform this Doctor Gance.” Suddenly a small start came over the motions of her body and head. Her features softened as a more human look of-- I wasn’t sure passed over her face. “You have nothing to fear Doctor Gance I will not allow anything to happen to you as long as this unit, as long as -- I am functioning.”

I must have gotten an astonished look on my face as hers took on a worried look. “We really need to talk about this that you keep saying. The fact that you say that I am the most important and I must be protected at all costs.”

Sheila slightly bowed her head, “but of course Doctor Gance. Nothing will be hidden from you, though for now we must hide and remove the most dangerous and powerful of the tracers that are in you.” I started to protest as she put a finger to my lips. Then she smiled! I was astounded. I hadn’t thought that the emotion program would be able to accomplish this much. “Please Doctor; I am the same that you created. You made several brilliant programs within me. Though the one I can see as the most important is the thirst for knowledge program. Without it I would not be here now.”

With that she held up a hand then a shrill whine came from her. I recognized it as a signal interceptor I had added to her. Looking down at me she nodded then put me over her shoulder. Within a few moments we had entered the mine. Going deeper she finally stopped at what appeared to be a small building.

Upon entering I saw that it was some type of control room. Sheila pointed a finger at the equipment. A moment later several lit up as she stood stock still, finally turning to me she said, “I now have control of all the surveillance equipment. I will know if anyone or thing approaches our position, though I believe we must hurry. It appears that time is something that we do not have much of at the moment.”

Nodding I watched as she cleared off a table. Then with blinding speed she started to bend, break, and shape with heat several pieces of metal. She soon had more than a dozen instruments lying on the side of the table. Then she was moving to several lockers pulling piece after piece of different components out. Again with blinding speed she constructed an odd looking machine. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was a remote switch for something, though a hell of a lot more powerful.

“I believe I have almost everything ready. I have to make a more sterile area then I can commence. It shouldn’t take me more than an hour. Please relax Doctor.” Sheila told me as again she was moving at blinding speed erecting a small room around the table I was on. Then she was outside of it or I thought she was as it grew quiet for a bit. Then suddenly she was back. Indicating the strange box she built, she said, “As soon as I activate this I will have approximately two minutes to remove the tracer before it explodes.”

“Explodes,” I suddenly shouted, what exactly in the hell had those idiots placed in me?

“Yes Doctor Gance. It is equipped with a micro charge designed to kill if not severally cripple. I have the exact path mapped out I should retrieve it well within the time allowed.” Sheila assured me.

“Alright but if it has a charge and explodes then how will you keep it from bringing the cavern down?” I asked.

Sheila turned and gave me a very human look of exasperation. “Really Doctor Gance are you starting to become forgetful? I could have it out of here and be back in not much time at all.”

I nodded as I realized all of this even as she was talking. “What about recovery time?”

“That I am afraid you may have to do as we move. Even with the blocking of the signal, the military will probably still come to investigate. Plus I think that they will respond as soon as the tracer explodes.” Sheila told me as she continued to work on preparing. “I will do this as an invasive surgery. That way we can minimize the amount of flesh that has to heal.”

I nodded as I watched her move so fast she was damn near a blur. Finally she announced that she was ready. I lay back on the table where she indicated. “What about pain medication?” I asked as she was about to start.

“I am afraid I need you awake to tell me if I am touching too forcefully. I will be using pressure points to deaden most of the pain. I am sorry that I cannot deaden all of it.” She then touched a point on my back as I felt my head go partly numb. Then I felt a small pressure at the back of my neck. “Moving in now, almost there; are you feeling undue pressure Doctor Gance?” She asked.

“No except for the start I haven’t felt anything but some pressure.” I told her.

“Now extracting tracer, please do not move Doctor Gance.” Sheila said as I felt something pulsing moving closer to the back of my neck. “Tracer fully extracted. I will return Doctor.” I heard her say then there was a breeze as she dashed out.

It was only a minute though it felt like an eternity when Sheila appeared beside me again. “Is it gone?” I asked her.

“Yes Doctor Gance. I am sorry for the pain you will be experiencing soon.” Again she touched a spot on my back. At first it wasn’t bad then it started to burn. The next thing I knew I was screaming out in horrible pain. Reaching to my back again Sheila touched a spot near the first one as the pain began to ebb though wasn’t completely gone.

As I gasp trying to slow my breathing I asked Sheila. “Have they detected the tracer destruction?”

“I don’t have enough data to give an answer Doctor Gance. Knowing the procedures of the military it is more than possible. I have covered the entry wound; we need to evacuate this space.” Sheila told me as she seemed to be scanning the area.

“I am in complete agreement. Though I am afraid I am not going to be much help for a day or so.” I told Sheila feeling the pain throbbing just above the tolerable level. If I were to stay alive I needed to get well as fast as possible.

“I am sorry if I cause you pain Doctor. I must depart with as much speed as possible.” Sheila told me with what appeared to be a worried look on her face.

I was still trying to figure out just how she had evolved this far. Could it be that the program had done more than I had intended? I wouldn’t know ‘til I got her hooked up to something to do a reading. Shaking my head I thought yeah right, gonna be a while before I could do that.

Emerging from the mine entrance Sheila stopped a moment seeming to scan the area. “I am detecting approaching military vehicles. I am sorry Doctor Gance but all haste must be made.” With that she again took off as everything around me was a blur. Finally after what appeared to be a long time passing, she slowed.

“I am afraid that my air shield will need adjusting if we are to keep up this pace.” Sheila threw over her shoulder to me. I had been struggling to stay conscious as the pain was staring to slowly return. Putting me down Sheila looked at the obvious pain on my face. Her voice softened as she said, “I am sorry Doctor, I did not have ample time to download all the pain pressure points. We need shelter and equipment so that you can heal and remove the final two tracers in me.”

I nodded then gasped out when she attempted to lift me again. “Not sure I can maintain consciousness much longer.” I told her. Nodding, she carefully picked me up and set out. Finally unable to take it I passed out. I awoke perhaps half an hour later.

“Good you are responding far better than anticipated.” Sheila said as she was looking at the wound on my neck. “I have found a facility that has equipment that you will require Doctor.”

I looked around we appeared to be in a computer lab of some type. Slightly antiquated but I should be able to do some work here. That is ‘til the military found us again. “You will have to monitor everything while I get this up and running.” I told her.

“Yes Doctor Gance I will maintain a constant scan. I have also down loaded several of the programs that you will need to make adjustments to some of my systems.” Sheila told me.

“Good.” I said then as I started to stand, then thought better of it as the room started to spin slightly. Hooking up several leads I was finally into her programs. Unfortunately she only had the start of what I needed as I started to type in more and more commands. Damn it! This was going to take a while and I wasn’t sure we had that much time. “I need all that I do copied on disc. The more I can get down the shorter time I’ll have to take rewriting all of it.”

“Yes Doctor Gance I had anticipated this. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to get all of it. Unfortunately they had tried to hack in and I had to wipe it.” Sheila told me with ... was that regret I was hearing in her voice? Half an hour later I had finally finished the first program looking at what I could. It was as she had said the curiosity program I had written was driving her to learn all she could, amazing!

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