A Distorted Future
Chapter 3: Unexpected Arrival

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As I woke up that day, all the pain which I had previously experienced seemed but like a memory. I opened my eyes to the sight of a very bright light hovering above me. I was very confused since the light seemed to be encased in some sort of glass and was stuck to the ceiling. I was laying down in a very strangely shaped bed which seemed to be made out of a type of metal unknown to me, the bed was very comfortable nevertheless. There were many things odd about the room I had found myself in. Everything there just seemed so foreign to me. I had also noticed that I had a white cast around my head, I always hated the color white it just seemed so bright to me. Just as I was about to stand up a woman entered the room, she seemed to be looking at a strange rectangular device she kept poking at it as if she expected something to happen, I tried to ignored it and started wondering who she was and why she had brought me here.

“Oh, you’re awake” she had said to me

“One of the students found you unconscious just outside of the forest”

“Where am I?” I asked

“You’re in the school nursery” She replied, “If I may ask what exactly happened to you”

Before I decided to answer her, I thought I should be a little cautious around people I had no connections with.

“I got into a fight,” I said, I couldn’t think of a better answer all I hoped for was that she would believe me.

“You got into a fight? You kids these days and your pointless violence when are you going to learn that violence doesn’t solve anything” she said to me with a very strict tone.

“I’m sorry I promise I won’t do it again,” I said with a joking tone.

“You better not, I now have to take your temperature and your vitals because you were bleeding just a few minutes ago before I patched you up, I just need to check and make sure that nothing too bad has happened to you which I’m not aware of,” she said to me. I had no idea what she meant by any of that so I just said okay and allowed her to proceed. The first thing she had done to me was take a small piece of plastic and stick it in my mouth. I was very confused at this point but I tried to keep my composure. After a few seconds, she finally took it out and stared at it, her face instantly went from happy to frightened. I didn’t quite know what had happened to cause her to become as frightened as she was so I decided to ask her

“is everything alright?” She looked at me with a fake a smile and said

“yes, yes everything is alright, however, I will have to examine you more thoroughly,” she said to me with the same frightened tone of voice. For what seemed like an hour I was strapped and hooked onto various strange devices, each test her expression became more and more worried and afraid. I still had no idea what was wrong, she wouldn’t speak to me about it so I just did as I was told and waited until the end of it all. Once we eventually got to the final examination, she told me she was going to run a blood test, I wasn’t quite sure how she would obtain it from me but I sat patiently and waited for her to explain to me what would happen. She then brought out a very thin sharp piece of metal which she called a “needle”

“This will only hurt a little bit,” she told me, she took hold of my hand and tried to insert the needle into my arm. Once the needle came in contact with my skin it broke in half.

“What are you!?” she exclaimed backing away from me. I decided that I should begin to tell her about myself since she seemed very frightened.

“I am what you would call a Neptarian,” I told her. She seemed confused so I decided to explain to her a little bit more about my background

“Let me try to explain this in a simpler manner. I am from a planet which I assume is very far away from here, there, we each have the ability to project fire most of us are trained as warriors to help protect the state of the planet and its people,” I said to her. I couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t seem to believe me, so I decided to show her instead. I placed my hand out and created a small ball of fire, we are all taught as kids to do this so naturally we Neptarians are all very proficient at it. Her confusion and fear then became amazement and joy.

“How did you get here, and why are you here?” she asked me

“I am on a mission, I can’t get into all of the details but basically I crash-landed on this planet and I now have no way to get off of it” I told her, the woman then stood up and began to walk back and forth throughout the room, meanwhile she was mumbling to herself, once again I became confused.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you much on your way back home, however, I can give you some advice,” she told me,

“what kind of advice do you have in mind?” I asked

“If I may ask, what is your name?” she asked me “Mistery,” I responded.

“I recommend keeping it a secret that you’re an alien. If anyone finds out it could cause widespread panic. Try to go with a much simpler name like Jake. I will also enroll you in this school so you can blend in with the rest of the kids your age while you find a way back home” she told me before escorting me to a ‘classroom’ as she called it.

Once I had arrived at the classroom there were around fifteen people, I saw the girl which I remember seeing just before I lost consciousness. She had caught a glimpse of me, smiled and waved her hand at me. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant so I just mimicked her. As the nurse spoke to the classroom teacher I was told to take a seat. My seat was in the back row, the tables occupied two seats each. I was placed in a seat next to another guy, he seemed quite bulky. He looked very uninterested at the moment, he had his head down and it seemed as if he was sleeping so I ignored him and I sat down. As the school nurse left the room the teacher continued with his lesson.

“Can anyone tell me what began the events of World War II?” he asked. I had absolutely no idea what that was, so I didn’t answer. The entire class he kept asking questions and explaining events which I had never even heard of. The only wars which I had ever heard of were the interplanetary wars between Neptar and our neighboring planet, Kelklia. After two hours or so everyone got up after hearing a sort of bell. I didn’t know what was going on so I just decided to follow everyone. I noticed that we all ended up outside, there were some stalls set up in a large field full of flowers and nicely cut grass, it was a nice change of scenery from the inside of the school, which was quite dusty and many objects were broken or missing. It seemed like people were selling food at the stalls, I decided to just stand in a secluded spot and begin to wonder how I was going to get home, I couldn’t contact my grandfather and I couldn’t just hover my way I wouldn’t even know what direction to go, nor hover for that long as a matter of fact. My best bet was to try to find and repair my spaceship or just find a new one.

After a couple minutes to myself, I saw a guy walking towards me with what seemed to be a smirk on his face. It was the same guy that was asleep next to me during class. He had a small group of people with him and he started announcing to them

“Hey everybody let’s welcome the new kid huh?” He said with a chuckling expression. Some students looked at me and laughed while a few other looked at the guy in fear. I didn’t quite know what was about to happen. I could only imagine that he was trying to pick a fight with me, however, I knew that this planet was very different from my own so I simply continued to listen and kept my guard up just in case.

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