A Distorted Future
Chapter 1: The Forgotten World

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Neptar, a planet long forgotten through time. Long ago, this planet was my home. I have such fond memories of it, for years this was the planet had I grown up in, made friends, laughed, played, and slept. Us Neptarians have similar features to humans, we dress similarly, speak similarly, and even look similar however we are far from human. Neptarians possess abilities unknown to humans the most common of which is the ability to project fire and the ability to hover in mid-air for a short amount of time. However, it’s rare but indeed possible for one of us to possess various unique abilities, this breed of Neptarian is called an abnormal. These Neptarians have the possibility to be born with strange abilities which could either be helpful or detrimental to their future.

Neptar is a relatively small planet its size is roughly that of the very well know planet Mars. Neptar consists of three main continents Yelm, being the largest and most populated continent. Its capital is named Hearth and it is home to the Imperial Knight, one of Neptar’s strongest warriors I had always heard stories of him but I’d never really had the chance to see him but ever since I could remember he had always been my idol, I strove to be just like him. Within Hearth, the Imperial Knight runs his very own training academy. Here many Neptarians are trained in a way which brings out their full potential and helps build their future for greatness. The next continent is named Xaar, Xaar is a very well-guarded continent the reason for which is due to the fact that its capital is the royal kingdom of Torn here was where I lived. I had a place to stay at the royal palace. This was because my grandfather was the great king of Neptar, his name was Zant. Torn is similar similar to Hearth due to the fact that it also has its own training academy, however unlike Hearth this academy trains its warriors for the sole purpose of becoming royal knights, the highest level a warrior can attain I dreamt of becoming a royal knight and serving under my grandfather, I even enrolled there. A royal knights job is simply to protect Torn and its inhabitants. Both of these academies rank their students based on two criteria, skill and abilities, however, the basics such as strength, speed, or defensive capabilities are also taken into account. Schools give each student an assigned rank based off of their level of expertise. The ranks include D, C, B, A, S, and Elite.

The final continent is named Zertz, its capital was named Siren as a child I never knew of this lost kingdom, my grandfather did everything that he could to keep what happened to it a secret. After I had learned of Sirens existence all I was told was that long ago an unknown catastrophe occurred which caused the deaths of thousands of innocent Neptarians. No one knows the exact story of what happened that day there are various rumors that a single Neptarian destroyed it all, however, all we knew for sure was that there were no survivors, and to this day Siren remains abandoned and in ruins. All knowledge of the kingdom is hidden away, at the orders of King Zant however, next to the ruined kingdom of Siren resides a maximum-security prison. With every inhabitant of Neptar having access to tremendous power, some are bound use that power for their own gain or malicious deeds. This prison holds only the most dangerous of Neptarians and is strictly under protection at all times, no one is allowed in or out of the prison without proper permission.

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