Cat Fight
Chapter 16 (Living Prophecy)

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“Princess Adina,” Niaco said as her wide eyes took in the young lion clan female. “I had heard that you were as wild as many of the younger teens of the Realm. I just never thought to actually see you one day.”

Adina backed more beside Ambrose the fur on the back of her neck raised as she hissed back at him, “Ambree, who are the heavy weaponed females?” Adina’s eyes darting from the knights, to their mates back to Niaco.

Sighing, then shaking his head Ambrose took Adina by the arm as he brought her before each. “Princess this is Paladin Wrena, mate to Knight Roth of the Leopard clan.”

“Paladin? Cousin I am unfamiliar with that term.” Adina asked confusion evident on her face.

Ambrose nodded his head as he explained, “there is not, nor has there ever been a title for a female knight. I therefore made one, all four of the knight’s mates displayed the courage and skill evident in a knight. They helped to protect the palace and Queen Niaco in the battle.”

Adina gasp as she fell at the paws of Niaco. “I beg your forgiveness my Queen, in that armor it was hard to see that it was you!”

Niaco’s mouth dropped open as she looked to Ambrose a moment then gently lifted the young female. “You are more than forgiven Princess Adina, one can hardly blame you for the mistake, considering.”

Bowing to Niaco again, Ambrose then took Adina to the rest of the females. “This is Paladin Cetana, mate to knight Gregor of the Cougar clan.”

Adina bowed to Cetana and Wrena as she and Ambrose moved further down the line. “I present Paladin Dawney, mate to knight Gwayne of the panther clan.” Dawney bowed to Adina as she and Ambrose moved to the last female. “This is Paladin...”

“Milee?” Adina stated with huge eyes, “Is it really you? Aunt Trianna used to bring me to the palace. I remember you trying to get me to wear dresses.” Here Adina made a distasteful face that had all of the females chuckling.

Mileen reached out embracing Adina in a fierce hug. “It has been far too long my dear Adina. I take it your brother is the sub-king now?” Adina only nodded about to speak when the communicator on the belt of Jankuis went off.

Eleven pairs of eyes turned toward him as he answered it. Ambrose started to nod when he held the communicator away from his ear. “I believe that he wishes to talk to you sire.” Jankuis said as he handed the device to Ambrose.

“Cousin?” Ambrose heard. “Is she there cousin? I went to look for her and found her gone. It was only a half toton after I last saw her. Then I remembered she’d heard me order Jankuis to help defend you with the new low atmosphere ship we have.”

Sighing Ambrose was about to answer when he saw Adina mouth not to tell her brother, that he hadn’t seen her yet. Shaking his head no his eyes got wide as she stuck her tongue at him! “I’m here cousin. As is she, up to her usual tongue lashing.”

Ambrose heard Typree groan then chuckle. “For once cousin I am glad it is you and not me. Though I suppose I will get the same after I have her home. I know that you don’t really have the time for her nor the female assistance.”

Niaco walked up at that moment, “Am I supposed to take that as an insult or compliment?” She softly growled. “Really Ty, this over aggressiveness I still believe will lead you to more trouble than you can handle!” Mileen said over Niaco’s shoulder, drawing a silent giggle from Niaco.

“Queen Niaco! I meant no disrespect! I thought you and the king would be far too busy. Was ... was that Mileen?” Typree asked in shock. “I had heard that you’d gone.”

Mileen turned toward her mate drawing her sword, “you didn’t tell him!”

“As you remember I was engaged with king Tomco when you were at the palace. For once you can’t blame me!” Then he saw the half murderous look in his mate’s eyes. Sighing Thomas nodded, “apparently you are going to find a way to blame me though.” Standing his ground as his mate approached he lowered his head as she started to swing at him. Suddenly he was on the ground as she fell on top of him kissing his face purring rather loudly.

Adina was rolling her eyes as she looked away toward Ambrose. Suddenly her eyes were large as she saw a lone bow man pointing at Ambrose. Grabbing half a shield she jumped behind Ambrose as the shaft left the crossbow like bow. Roaring out she stood her ground as a moment later the shaft hit the half shield penetrating it with ease. Then it traveled on through into her upper shoulder almost all the way through that.

Niaco roared as several bowmen loosed shafts hitting the lone bowman about twenty times. Adina gasp as she turned and smiled at Ambrose. Then looking at his mates and the other females she tried to nod then fell forward into Ambrose’s arms. “Finally,” she said weakly, “I did something worthwhile.” Then her eyes closed as the pain increased more than she could stand.

“I’ll call you back cousin, Adina has been shot with an arrow.” Ambrose heard Typree start to yell as he shut the com off. Ambrose looked at his cousin, the bleeding was bad real bad. He had to do something or she’d bleed to death. Motioning to all the others he told them to hold her still. Rapidly pulling the shaft from her it was worse than he thought.

Sighing he looked at all those present except for two of his mates no one knew he could do what he was about to do. Growling fiercely he looked at all of them. “Not a word of what you are about to see!”

Stretching his paws over her Ambrose growled as both his paws then his arms started to glow. Both Twitty and Glenna gasp as they both whispered, “the ancient healing! By the great feline! You are the Prophesied one!”

The rest of those present could only look at the two females with questioning looks. Then they looked back at Adina she was still bleeding but it was finally starting to slow. Suddenly Ambrose roared louder as the glow started to move across the rest of his body. Damn it! Why was it taking so long? It had only been about thirty years since he’d last used it. Then again he had failed then also. He had kept his mother alive long enough for his father to reach her. Then she had died happy in his arms.

Tears were staring to fall from his eyes, mother! I am so sorry that I failed you, I should have died that day not you! Why didn’t you let me help you? Why did you push me away?

Suddenly memories flooded back into his mind, Stop Ambrose. You cannot save me. I am sorry son that I won’t be there to help you with this. You are far too young to be doing this. Take the pain for me, there you go. I am proud of you my little cub, so very proud of you. Always know that I love you my dear son, Always. Stop your father approaches.” With that she passed a hand over little Ambrose’s head, trembling Ambrose had tried to heal her again greatly weakened by what he’d done. Even as she pushed him away he’d tried, smiling she shook her head no, then he was unconscious.

Growling harder Ambrose felt as if something broke free in him as he started to pour power into Adina. A few moments later they all watched in amazement as her wounds rapidly healed. All of them were wide eyed as Adina started to cough then her eyes flickered open looking around then up at Ambrose. She tried to weakly push Ambrose away.

“No Ambree! Stop please! Aunt Trianna told me you had it, she also said you were too weak to do a full healing. Stop Ambree!” As she tried again to push Ambrose away as he smacked her paws away. Looking at the others she started to cry, “Please stop him it will kill him! He’s only done it once, it will kill him he has to stop!”

“Shut up Adina! I am a hell of a lot stronger than I was back then! You stop this or we both might die!” Ambrose whispered back to her through taunt lips. It was hard he had to admit though as he had said he was by far stronger than she thought. Besides if she was awake then she was almost healed.

Finally a specton and a half later Ambrose sighed as the glow started to fade. Adina jumped up grabbing Ambrose as he started to fall back. Crap he thought he forgot it took so much energy to do this! “Ambree, why? I was glad to do that to protect you. It’s all I have wanted to do all my life.” Here her head dropped as she started to cry. “I can’t even die right! Just once in my life I wanted to feel as if I did something worthwhile. Now I’ve caused you to expose who you are.” Adina started to cry harder into Ambrose’s shoulder.

Roth who had been talking to Twitty and Glenna approached. “It appears that the king is still out of shape a bit. I think that all of us should carry him to the palace. Don’t all of you agree fellow knights?” The other three looked at Roth with curious looks seeing his look of devout loyalty quickly nodded their assent. They were sure that if Roth approved they weren’t about to doubt his reasons. Besides they all thought with a smile, they could beat it out of him later!

Roth turned toward all the Paladins and Queen Niaco as they all gathered around Twitty and Glenna. He just hoped that what they told him convinced their mates as easily as it had him. Even as he watched all five of the females turned and looked at Ambrose with shock, then just a little fear, then was that perhaps a bit of pride? By the great feline he hoped so or this was going to great real ugly real damn fast!

All of the knights picked up Ambrose as they made their way to the palace. They all kept looking at their mates as they were in discussion further back from them. Growling the other three knights looked as if they were about to drop Ambrose and start beating on Roth at any moment. Roth explained they had to get Ambrose in bed first then he’d explain. None of the other three were happy about that.

It was a toton later when Ambrose groaned trying to rise from the bed. Wait bed? Last he remembered he was on the ground right after ... Turning his head he half expected to find a mob waiting to take him. Instead he found 11 pairs of eyes that were watching him, well ten as Adina was asleep with her head on the bed.

“So even though we both knew, when were you going to tell us?” Both Glenna and Twitty said with broad smiles. “It isn’t every day we get to meet a living prophecy!”

Groaning as he sat up, Adina awoke throwing her arms around his neck. “Why did you reveal yourself cousin? I...” Ambrose quieted her putting his paw gently on her mouth.

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