Cat Fight
Chapter 8: (Assassins)

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Bill’s eyes went wide as he walked to Thomas’s mate. “Mi-lee’?” He said a little uncertain as he grasp the female Lynx’s face tilting it upward to stare into her eyes. “By the great feline! It is you!”

Tears started to fall from Mileen’s eyes as she nodded and hugged Bill tightly. “I lost track of you after I left the palace all those years ago. Well, ‘til I heard that you had left and went to live on that primitive mud ball. Is it true that they do not hunt there at all? How do they survive?” Mileen said as she shivered at the thought.

Releasing her Bill replied, “They do a great many strange things there. Had it not been for the mind shield I might have gone mad, as I remember I felt I was slightly. Their world is nothing like ours that is for sure.”

Everyone but Roth was staring with wide eyed wonder and gaping mouths at the familiarity between the two. Thomas of course was the most shocked, he’d no idea that his mate had known the king elect long before now. “Uh...” Thomas tried to start. “Alright I am at a complete loss mate. You both know each other?”

Mileen took her mates face in hers as she purred and rubbed her face to his. “Yes mate, when he was still an older kit. For a short time after his mother had passed, I was his companion you might say. A few months after this I met you, with a mate I was no longer able to attend to Ambrose.”

“Until I am crowned I prefer that you refer to me by my earth name.” Bowing to Mileen he stated, “for the time being I am simply Bill, though that, I am afraid is nearing an end.”

Roth walked up a huge smile on his face, “I still think that you should go through with the coronation.” Bill was nodding a moment then he walked past Roth to where Niaco was discussing something with Glenna and Twitty. Bill also noticed that Niaco was doing a damn fine field dressing on Twitty’s left arm.

“It appears I was distracted, I have to ask Queen Niaco, why are you here placing yourself in danger.” Bill asked perplexed.

Niaco smirked then turned back to Twitty when she gasped because Niaco had drawn the dressing too tight. “As you can see King elect, I am no weak female that you can dismiss. If you still think so, I suggest that we have a go at each other. I’m sure that your,” here she slightly snickered, “superior ability would easily overcome me.”

Bill growled menacingly advancing upon Niaco who gasped and fell at Bill’s paws. “I do not find your levity at this situation or that of your safety humorous.” Grabbing Niaco roughly by the shoulders, Bill softened quickly when she did not move and bowed her head.

“My apologies king elect I cannot take much more of being locked away in that place. I have yearned for the open skies and land. Please forgive this one.” Niaco said the last part whispered so low that only Bill heard it.

Giving Niaco another stern hard look he said, “Arise Queen Niaco, mate.”

Rising, her head still bowed, a slow smile started to spread across her face. “Thank you king elect. To answer your last question I had to come, it appears that the outer system planets are trying to declare independence. Unless they gain support from the king they intend to be a separate power in half a daycon.”

“Damn it!” Bill growled at the thought that the outer system planets were forcing his hand so soon. “I take it they were suspicious about many of the recent decisions you made?” Bill asked.

Niaco was nodding then she quietly stated, “They almost went as far as accusing you of hiding behind me to get things done. There was a comment from one world in particular. They said that the king elect was afraid to take charge. Much as he had been afraid and went to hide on earth!” Niaco withdrew knowing that this last comment was really going to piss Bill off to no end.

Roaring in anger Bill turned to Roth who had also backed off a bit. He’d also seen the strength of Bill when he was angered and wished not to be on the receiving end of it. “Alright! Damn it! Have them prepare for my coronation tonight. Then we are going to this planet to crush this rebellion before it starts. The fools have become emboldened with the absence of a king!”

Snatching his com off his belt he bellowed to Mikos to hurry his furry ass up, they had a coronation tonight!

“I’ll need a hell of a lot more personnel sir, if we are to finish on time. At present we only have the king’s chambers and all the rooms around it done.” Mikos told him.

“Get more! Triple the number! We need the palace clear as soon as possible!” Bill was almost roaring into the com.

“Yes sir, though I am afraid that may leave central a little lean.” Mikos replied.

“Lock it the hell down; no one in or out after they leave ‘til you or I give the all clear!” Bill spit out now completely disgusted that he had to assume command as soon as he was.

“Yes sir!” Mikos snapped out then disconnected to carry out his orders.

Whirling Bill walked to Roth, “You can quit your damn smiling Roth! I am not happy at all with things progressing this fast!” Looking over at Niaco, Bill said, “Have an armed escort go with Niaco and retrieve her belongings. I want everything triple scanned before it is allowed in the palace.”

Roth’s mouth dropped open, triple scanned! “Are you sure sir? Won’t the Queen get upset with this treatment?”

“‘Til the danger is past EVERYTHING is to be tripled scanned that enters the palace.” Bill growled out. Roth nodded his head actually that made a hell of a lot of sense. They were just starting to weed out all the traitors. Yes, it made perfect sense.

In a castle like building one hundred hecksons away Bill’s uncle Conrad was pacing. What a fool and idiot his asinine brother had been. Caught and executed like a common thief! That bastard son of King Tomco’s would pay dearly for sullying the noble family name like that!

An aid got a little too close as Conrad raged about the room and was soon flying backward through a wall from a swipe of Conrad’s paw. There had to be something that he could do to remove that bastard permanently! Pacing a few more minutes Conrad suddenly pulled up an evil smile dominating his features.

“Call the Ocicat clan! I believe they still have a debt of death they owe that bastard. Plus they still owe me a blood oath for restoring their home. I intend to collect on it, unlike the other assassin guilds they NEVER miss!” An evil laugh escaped his throat as his com tech made the necessary connections.

It was several hours later when there was an answer to his call. A raspy voice came from the speakers. “Who are you to demand the services of the Ocicat clan? Speak; we are already aware of where you are. You will be dead within a quarter toton if your answer does not satisfy us!”

Conrad stopped pacing his eyes narrowing at the threat the voice had just issued. “One would think that your organization and clan would already know who this is!” Conrad spit with venom.

“Lord Nox,” The voice replied. “To what pleasure do we have hearing from you?” The voice said suddenly softening.

“The Ocicat clan owes a blood oath to me for the restoration of their ancestral home. I intend to collect upon that blood oath. I suggest you remember that the next time I call you! I am in need of the services of your clan professionally.” Conrad said a hint of delight in his voice.

“For the blood oath we are at your service. How may we serve you to repay the blood oath?” The voice asked.

“I need you to eliminate that bastard Nephew of mine that is claiming to be the king elect. If he ascends to the throne it will be even harder to get to him. I am the rightful king, therefore eliminate him and your clan will be more than rewarded. There are several thousand tetsons of land around yours. If I am king I am sure that quite a few hundred of those tetsons would suddenly be awarded to your clan as a thanks.” Conrad said though his words didn’t seem to carry much emotion.

“We have been betrayed before by better nobles than you. Know this; if betrayal is a part of this deal then your death will be extremely slow and painful.” The voice responded.

Conrad chuckled a moment he knew they were all bluster as long as he still held the ownership to their land. No, they wouldn’t make a move on him. Smiling an evil smile he thought they were his to command as long as he held control of their land. Besides he thought even assassins were vulnerable to weapons fire!

The leader of the Ocicat clan grimly shook his head; there was nothing but deceit behind that one’s words. Sighing they had no choice at present. His spy had worked for a almost half a quant to get close to the hated Bengal clan male. Still they hadn’t received any word of where the ownership papers were. The leader feared that the spy had been captured at one point. Then two daycons later they reported in they were still searching.

The leader had to decide who would go on this mission. They had the best assassins on the planet. Even the Jaguar clan was still behind them though as the leader had seen they were closing the gap rather quickly. Calling his best two killers he watched as they battled it out to see who would go and who would be near death.

Both combatants came in and bowed to the leader then took a stance against each other. Moving like lightning they each advanced upon each other starting with thrown weapons. Both failing that, they pulled short swords as they again advanced slashing and thrusting. It was half a toton later when the slimmer of the two caught the other on the arm ripping a gash in it.

Undaunted the heavier combatant moved to counter attack only to be rebuffed and drove to the wall. A short sword at the throat and a dagger across the midsection finally put the heavier of the two down. Falling, the heavier combatant opened their arms to await death that never came. Instead the one still standing cuffed the one on the floor with the hilt of the sword effectively knocking them unconsciousness.

Bowing to the leader the male nodded as the victor removed their head and face covering. “You are the victor; you therefore are awarded the mission.” As the cover came off it revealed a fiery headed female that was smiling.

“Thank you father. I will not fail you or the clan. If I do I shall accept the consequences of that failure.” The female told the leader.

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