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FBI Special Agent Dwight Bowman knocked on the door frame to General Scott’s temporary office.

Malcolm Scott looked up at the sound, and said, “Come on in, Dwight. How was your trip?”

“Excellent. It’s been years since I’ve been there, and I’d forgotten just how beautiful it is.”

“Did you get to do some fishing?”

“Did I ever. Those mountain streams are just teeming with fish. I spent some time teaching the boys how to handle a fly rod, and Tommy ended up catching a trout that weighed more than two pounds.”

“I bet that made his day. He’s what, twelve?”

“Not for another four months. Brian is only seven, but he still caught a few small trout, just nothing big enough to keep. Though I think they’ll both develop a love for it and the outdoors.”

“Dwight, I envy you. Mike’s son, Kevin, was probably the closest thing I’ll ever have to a son.”

“Don’t give up. I know you and Martha’s divorce was hard on you, but you’re still young enough to remarry and have a child.”

“Theoretically, but my inability to give Martha a child was a major factor in the divorce. If I ever have a family I’ll have to find an instant one, and most of those come with too much baggage.

“That may be true, Malcolm, but I wouldn’t stop looking. You might find what you’re looking for among some of the women who’ve lost husbands in the middle east.”

“It seems to me they would’ve had their fill of the military.”

“That might be true, but remember, you’re Federal, not Corporate; it’s a large distinction.”

“True. True. Now, to change the subject, have we gotten confirmation if Kevin was successful?”

A surprised Dwight Bowman exclaimed, “They didn’t get word to you?”

“Word about what?”

“While I was in the area I checked the cave. It’s nice the way it’s sealed off from the public. Anyway, there was a note from Kevin saying everything went according to plan. Meyerhauf, his men, and even Doctor Rosen were all taken care of. He also sent a package, but the note asked we open it together. I’ve had the lab guys checking it out just in case. Especially verifying the note from Kevin. It should be delivered here in a few minutes.”

At that moment a young woman in a lab coat came to the door and asked, “Agent Bowman?”

Dwight answered, “Yes?”

“Your assistant said you’d be here. Here’s the package and note you wanted checked. We x-rayed the package and it contained a letter, a book, and what appears to be some kind of pendant to be worn around the neck. As for the note, it is definitely from Kevin McKinsey.”

With that the lab technician handed him the package and left.

Dwight asked, “Malcolm, do you want the honors?”

“In this case, I guess I do. I really miss that young man.”

Agent Bowman handed the package to General Scott who proceeded to cut the string that bound the oilcloth wrapping. Inside was a Bible, an envelope addressed to him, and the small vial of Jennifer’s ashes Malcolm had given the young man while he was still recovering in the hospital.

Picking up the vial and its chain General Scott stated, “Well, from this, I’d say he was able to put Jennifer’s death behind him. Let me open the envelope and see what he has to say. Maybe he can also explain this Bible.”

Opening the envelope Malcolm found a note from Kevin and another envelope.

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