When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 19

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Today is Friday. Fridays are usually good days and I’m going to make this one of those. Today is the first pep rally of the year and we get to leave class, plus tonight is the football game. We only have pep rally’s on our first game of the season and the game where we decided if we make it to playoffs. Plus, it’s the first time I get to cheer in front of people ever. Even though Jordan hasn’t talked in almost a week, but today wasn’t about anyone. Caleb broke up with Natasha again and he hasn’t left me alone all week.

I’m wearing my black, yellow, and white with MHA across my my chest. My hair is in a high ponytail with black tied bow in my hair.

“Ready to kick ass today?” Emma walks into my room with encouragement.

“You better be talking about that slut.” My mom blurted out.

“Oh we are” We all exchanged looks.

“Ready?” I ask Emma.

She nodded and we go into the car.

“Don’t you look hot in your cheerleader uniform” Caleb leaned to the locker next to mine. “You mind if you give me a cheer before the game”

“Just because you look hot in your jersey doesn’t give you the right to be a man whore.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“So you think I look hot?” He gives me flirtish look.

“Did I just said that?” I close my locker with a smirk.

“So we can make out after the game?” He rubbed his lips together.

“No, but you can make out with Natasha” I teased and we both had a disgusted look.

“Wanna make your boyfriend mad?” He whispered in my ear.

“I don’t need your help” I went into my second hour which I have Jordan and Caleb.

I sit down and Violet comes in; she’s frustrated. She slams her backpack down and exhales loudly. What did Natasha do? I just know it had something to do with her because of the look on her face.

“What’s wrong with you?” Caleb was concerned for a first.

“You’re slutty girlfriend is the problem” She went off.

“She’s not my girl-” Violet interrupted him.

“Whatever” She stopped Caleb.

“Okay class, since today is pep rally day, y’all can a free day.” Mr. Blake announced and the class got rowdy.

Right after the bell rings for the class begin, and Jordan walks in the classroom in his jersey. I wonder what he was doing that would make him so late. I was being sarcastic. He was probably tonguing Natasha in the back of the school. He looked so hot in his jersey.

“What did Natasha do?” I asked Violet.

“She kept staring at me like she was going to do something” Violet breathed heavily. “I wish she would try something” Violet began filing her nails.

“Where were you, Baker?” Caleb calls him out.

“None of your business, Wylde.” He snapped.

Please don’t fight. Please don’t fight. I kept saying to myself hoping they wouldn’t. I hit Caleb for being mean. I didn’t care if me and Jordan haven’t been talking over a year, I will never let Caleb talk to him like that.

“Don’t be mean.” I hit him again.

“I won’t be mean to him if you let me take you out.” He whispered in my ear and starts kissing on my cheek. It didn’t matter what he said, I love it when whispers in my ear. I don’t know why. I

“Why would break up with me if you still have so called feelings for me?” I pull him away from my cheek.

“Because I realize that I made a mistake” He grabs my chin and he kisses my cheek. Violet saw him and she was ready to explode.

“You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about me after we broke up” He whispered in my ear.

“Actually I haven’t” I lied. The only time that I thought about him was the day after we broke up and my plans to torture him for breaking my heart.

‘Come on, I’ll be good” He tries to kiss my lips but I push him off of me. He was probably doing it to piss Jordan off.

“If you want to piss Jordan off, don’t use me” I pushed him.

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