When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 15

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I look down to see that I’m still in my outfit from last night. Sadly I still remember that Caleb broke up with me for Natasha. That bitch and man whore. That made me feel a lot better but my head was still hurting. When I finally got out of bed, I took a shower, put a t shirt and sweats and put my hair in a messy bun. Today is about stuffing my face a thousand pounds of food.

“Hand me the aleve” Emma held out her hand as I gave her the bottle after I took one. “Why do you look upset?”

“I don’t want to talk about” I took a sip of water. The coolness of the water satisfies my dry throat very well.

“What did Caleb do? Whatever he did I will kill him and make sure he doesn’t have babies.” Emma sounded pretty serious. If she tried, I wouldn’t stop her.

“I’ll explain later. We need to clean up the house right now.” I groan as I hand her a trash bag and started picking up the red plastic cups first.

After cleaning up all the trash, Emma helps me put the beer keg back into Mom’s room where it was.

We tied the bags and put them outside in the garbage can. All we needed to do is spray some febreeze to get the alcohol smell out and pour out the punch bowl full of rum.

As soon as we were finished with washing the punchbowl, Emma wanted to know why I was upset.

“What did he do?” Emma puts her hands on her hips.

“He broke up with me for Natasha” I can hear the sadness in my voice.

“I’m going to kill him on Monday. Nobody hurts my sister and gets away with it. I’ll make him regret it. He’s definitely not getting a gift of a child. “ She comforts me with a hug and I laughed. Pretty sure, Caleb wouldn’t mind that but I won’t stop her.

I pulled away from Emma’s hug and the doorbell rings. Who would be here in ten in the morning? If it’s Caleb I’m going to kick him where it’s unpleasant.

I went to answer and huge rush of relief goes through me. It’s just Jordan. He was hiding something behind his back.

“I thought you could use some comforting. “ He was holding a thing of Cookies N’ Cream ice cream and big spoon. Now this boy knows how to cheer a girl up after a breakup.

“Again thanks for the ice cream. I needed it” I gobbed down the ice cream in a half of second.

“No problem, I figured you would like it” He smiles.

“So what brings you here besides ice cream?” Emma points at me and she is disgusted how I eat. When your childhood crush breaks up with you then we can talk.

“Well I was thinking maybe we can go to the beach today. “ he looked at me.

“All of us?” Emma was hoping.

“Yeah, if you want to come” he offered.

“Okay. Penelope?” Emma took the spoon away from me and waited for me to answer.

“Sure.” I told them.

I put the lid of the ice cream and stick it in the freezer. Then I went into my room and found one of my old bathing suits I never wore. It was a dark red with a little thing tied in the front and had little bows at the bottom of the bathing suit.

After putting on my bathing suit, I put my hair in a high ponytail and put some jean shorts on. I was about to leave my room but then I realize that I still had Mom’s credit card on my dresser and I grab it. We might get hungry.

“Ready?” Jordan watched me get out of my room and then Emma came out with her cute bathing suit. Her was the American flag pattern and it was strapless. I want her bathing suit so badly.

“Ready.” Me and Emma said at the same time.

That was weird.

“Y’all can layout right there” Emma pointed to the spot right by the water. “But I’m going to play volleyball with the beach hotties” Emma left. Why would she make us sit right here if she’s going to leave?

“I can get you something from the cafe, if you want” Jordan offered.

“No thanks, I have my own money. But I can walk with you if you want” I suggested.

He nodded and we started walking. We didn’t say a word on the whole there and it was awkward. When we got inside, I was looking for Ian but then I remembered that that was probably where my mom was. Dang it.

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