When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 13

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I decided to go to Stage to get my stuff and I had to listen to Emma talk about Colton on the way there. Ugh.

This store was huge inside and they didn’t even have an escalator. I looked to my right and saw a little poster with a girl with a cheer uniform so I went to that section. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to buy so I just bought some shorts, shirts, shoes, and some bows to go with our school colors. Also got this cute black and gold duffel bag. This should be enough, huh?

“How does this look?” Emma comes out from the dressing room. She had on a long sleeve grape purple shirt with a dark blue skirt with some flowers on it.

“Yeah that’s cute.” I told her so she would go away.

I decided that if Emma was going to shop, I wanted to go find me new clothes as well. While I went to the other side of the store, I bump into someone. The first thing is that I notice those bright green eyes and I immediately knew who it was. Jordan. He is looking so good in his uniform. How didn’t I notice sooner?

“Hey” He greets.

“Hey. What brings you here?” I asked.

“Well I had to cleats for football” He told me. “Do you know where they’re at?”

“Over there” I pointed to the other side of the store.

“Thanks” he rubbed his hand on the back of his neck. “Why weren’t you at school today?”

“Penelope is this cute?” Emma met with me then her attention didn’t last when she notices Jordan. And of course she put on a flirtish smile. This time she was wearing a pink floral long sleeved shirt with a pair of black shorts that three buttons.

“Yeah that’s fine” I break her attention away from Jordan.

“I will see you around.” Jordan left.

After Jordan leaves, I go into the girls section; got me some long sleeve shirts, some colored jeans, oversized sweaters, crop tops which are my favorite. Then I saw some other shoes for sale and decided to get me some. I also saw this cute dress that was black with some floral patterns on it. I have to get that!

We need to leave before I buy up the whole store.

I go to the checkout place and Emma rushes to the counter with both arm full of clothes. And I thought I bought a lot.

We go home with seven bags, no lie. I guess that’s an advantage of being rich.

“Penelope.” Emma is primping herself in the car mirror.

“What?” I started up the car.

“Don’t you think Jordan looks like Colton Haynes?” She puts the mirror away.

We got home and there was some guy talking to mom in the kitchen. It sounded familiar but I couldn’t identify who it was. I got into the kitchen and it’s the cafe guy. Well that’s a surprise. Kinda.

“Penelope, I didn’t think you would be home so early” She smiled. “This is Ian; Ian these are my two daughters Penelope and Emma”

“Have I seen you somewhere? You look a little familiar” He wondered.

“No” I lied.

“He’s hot.” Emma whispers into my ear. Why does she tell me this stuff? I pinch her arm for saying that.

Me and Emma go into my room to sort out our clothes. I changed into one of my new outfits, it was peachy colored shirt that looked kinda like a bra and some jean shorts that had jewels on the pocket.

I actually looked hot. Yes!

When dinner was over, Mom made me do the dishes. Ian comes in to bring his dish and he smiled. He was too hot to be dating my mom, I thought he would want like a younger person. Like a Kate Upton or something.

“I know you followed us today.” He whispers in my ear. My heart started to pound faster than ever. “I saw you and some guy in the bushes. Hint, that’s not a good place to spy on someone.”

“Please don’t tell my mom.” I begged.

“I won’t but you really shouldn’t skip school” He laughed. Like he cares. He goes back into the living room where my mom was.

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