When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 12

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Where would you go to skip school? The mall, obviously. Don’t worry I honestly just figured that out for myself. Like just now.

We get to the mall and I never knew our mall was so big. But then again I never really go to the mall, or get out much with either.

“So what do you want to do?” I held his hand as we walked into the mall. His hand was so warm and comforting. Plus it fit perfectly with mine, it’s like it was meant for it. I really need to stop getting on Tumblr.

“How about a movie?” He suggested.

“I wanna see this one!” I pulled Caleb towards the movie poster. The poster read San Andreas. It had Dwayne Johnson, Alexandria Daddario, and Colton Haynes as the cast. I look it up and his characters name is Joby. Emma would be so pissed if she knew I was seeing this.

Caleb pays for our tickets and sat at the very top of the theater. This is very cool, being at the top and everything. The top is hanging over some more seats, it looks kinda like a balcony. The lights dimmed and the movie started. We were little bit in the movie and then Joby came in. Wow just wow. Emma was right. For the first time in her life, she’s right.

Colton Haynes is hot!

“Where do you want to eat?” I put my head on Caleb’s shoulder.

“Let’s eat at Subway” He told me.

Caleb pulls me over there and there’s this cute guy working there. What is up with cute guys working fast food? He looked like he would be probably thirty but he was still cute. He had short brown hair with brown eyes, and his smile was remarkable.

“How may I help y’all?” He smiled. His teeth were freaking perfect. I swear if I was fifteen years older, he would be mine.

“I want a twelve inch. I just want chicken, lettuce, and honey mustard” I told him.

“Just give me a six inch with chicken and lettuce” Caleb pulls out his wallet. “And that would be all”

“Drinks?” He asked.

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