When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 10

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“Caleb, it’s mitosis” I kept trying to explain to him but he’s not listening. “Mitosis is an asexual reproduction and meiosis is sexual reproduction. You should’ve learned a long time ago.”

“I’m sorry I’m not smart like you.” he said, sarcastically.

“Go turn this in” I told him and he did. It’s nice to have a boyfriend who will listen to you.

While I was waiting for Caleb, Natasha decided to come over to my table. If she decides to start something I’m punching her in the face. No lie.

“What do you want?” I said with an attitude.

“I just came here to tell you that you made the cheer team. They will call you to the office to pick up the forms and the stuff you will need. Congrats Farewell, practice will start on Monday” Natasha gave me a fake smile and left.

“What was that about?” Caleb came back and sat in his chair.

“I made the team.” I told him.

“See I told you, you could do it” He pecks me on the lips.

I can’t believe I made it. For once in my life things are actually going great. Caleb kept blabbering about football. I swear I never heard someone talk about football so much then he bragged about how he tackled Jordan. Like dude shut your ridiculously hot face up.

The bell finally rings and I go to my locker to get my paper that what was suppose to have coordinates on them. I really want to get this project over with and it’s only the second day. Plus, Caleb was stilling talking about football. Does he know when to shut up?

“Caleb, can we please talk about something else?” I finally told him something.

He nodded.

“Penelope, my mom said they want you to the office” Violet came up to me. “Did you make it?”

“Yeah. Did you?” I asked.

“No. Natasha probably kept from being on the team” She rolls her eyes. She hates Natasha? I like her already. I thought she was popular and maybe even friends with her.

“I know what you mean” I chuckled.”I will see next hour”

I got to the office and all I saw was Ms. Montgomery on the phone. She signaled to have a seat. She was saying stuff like yeah your child needs to work harder. I can change his schedule if you want. Stuff like that.

“How’s your morning, Ms. Farewell” Ms. Montgomery put down the phone and smiled.

“Good” I smiled back.

“Well the manager of the cheerleader team told me to give you these.” She handed two pieces of paper. “One is your fees and the other one is the stuff you need. And they said put your size for the uniform”

“Thanks, Ms. Montgomery” I got out of there and headed to my second hour class.

“Do it precisely” I tell Jordan so he wouldn’t mess it up. It just bothers me if he messes up even a tiny bit.

“Again congrats on making the team, Penelope” Violet held the ruler for Jordan.

“You made the team?” Jordan took his eyes off the poster to look at me.

I nodded.

“Congratulations”he smiled and continue to draw the shape.

We spend almost the whole hour working on the same shape, and it’s the only shape we have on the entire poster. Jordan finally started on the reflection of the first shape. The hour was almost up and I honestly wanted to finish this freaking project.

“Y’all can come to my house and we can work on this if y’all want?” I suggested.

“Sure, sounds great” Violet smiled.

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