When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 9

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There’s good news and then there’s the bad news. The good news is that Caleb isn’t coming to dinner and I won’t be embarrassed. The bad news is that Mary Fall is coming to dinner instead and I kinda don’t want her over. It’s not that I don’t like her or anything but she just seems crazy. Then again I don’t really know her except she’s like best friends with Emma.

I put on a random shirt from my closet and some black and white shorts then went downstairs to help mom with dinner.

Emma is setting the tables and I’m helping mom cook of course, because I’m almost an adult she saids but you can’t drink she saids.

I grab the sausage out of the freezer and hand to mom. We are having jambalaya tonight and I honestly have been wanting to try it. My mom saids it’s like this cajun dish and people from here don’t eat dishes like that so we never fixed it. But since we have a guest coming over so she wanted to do something different.

“What are y’all cooking?” Emma puts down the last plate and met us in the kitchen.

“Jambalaya” I told her.

“Perfect. Did you know she’s half cajun?” she blurts out of nowhere.

“I do now.” I laugh.

“Penelope, watch the rice while I defrost the sausage” Mom commands. I grabbed the big spoon from her and continuing stirring the rice until she comes back.

I go to sit down at the dinner table until Mom needs my help again in the kitchen. My phone vibrated and Caleb texted me. He said hey babe;). I smile like an idiot and replied hey with a blushy face emoji. While I typing my text, I heard the doorbell ring. Mary can’t be here already, she’s like an hour early.

Emma goes to go answer it and it was Mary with a dozen of daisies that she handed to my mom. Of course she loves that Mary is sucking up to her with daisies, honestly I preferred sunflowers.

After Mary handing my mother the big dozen of daisies, she gives Emma a tight squeeze hug like they haven’t seen each other for years.

“Hey Penelope.” She smiles nervously.

“Hey.” I muttered.

This is going to be an awkward dinner

“So Mary tell us more about your family’s culture” My mom ate a piece of sausage.

“Well my dad was from the Southwest Louisiana area and his family raised him on the cajun traditions like the dances, food, and stuff like that” Mary was excited to tell us.

“Then how did your mom meet your dad?” Emma asked.

“Well she was actually on vacation and she bumped into my dad at a dance that her parents made her go to” She explained. That’s actually interesting, I never thought someone’s life could be so interesting. I know mine isn’t.

“I can do the jitterbug if y’all want.” She rises up from her chair from excitement.

“Oh no sweetie that’s okay” My mom used her sweetest voice ever.

I took away my attention from Mary and everyone else to text Caleb. Then Jordan was texting me at the same time. I feel so popular. NOT! Before my mom could catch me, I put my phone on the table and place my plate in the sink.

“Well thanks Ms. Farewell, for the dinner, it was great”Mary complimented.

“You should stay the night.” Emma suggested.

“Oh no, my mother wouldn’t let me tonight but maybe another time.” She smiled at Emma and walked out the door.

I head up to my room with my phone so I can keep texting Caleb and Jordan without someone jumping down my throat. When I was in the middle of the text I was about to send to Caleb, he decides to call me. I don’t want to talk on the phone. I don’t know what to say. Calm your stuff, Penelope and just answer it.

“Hey” I answered.

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