When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 8

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The day was over and it was about that time. Cheer tryouts. Keep calm, Penelope just don’t do anything stupid and I think you would be fine. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

I walk out of my last hour and onto the football field where the tryouts were being held. I see a couple of girls from my fourth hour class, Violet, and of course Natasha. She’s the captain and in charge of the girls who make it. I’m definitely not making it now.

“Farewell, what do you think you’re doing here?” Natasha came up to me while I was about to sign up.

“I’m trying out?” I looked at her like she was stupid. Like why else would I be here?

“Oh no you’re not. Just because you took my boyfriend away from me doesn’t mean you can be a cheerleader. You couldn’t be a cheerleader even if you were held at gunpoint” She felt so good at that comeback. Like you couldn’t come up with something better. “Bye now” she did this weird little wave and I did leave.

I tried to leave and pull out my phone to call my mom to pick me up, but Caleb stopped me.

“I saw what happened over there,” He said. He was in his football pants and he looked more hot than usual. “You can’t take that babe. Tell you’re trying out and you’re not going to take no for an answer”

“Okay” I told him and he gave me a peck on my lips and went back on the field.

I took a deep breath and headed back over there with the other girls. Natasha kept giving me a death stare, just waiting to say something stupid.

“I’m going to tryout and if still pissed about Caleb dumping you for me well you can get over it and hand me the freaking clipboard.” I held out my hand for the clipboard, she rolled her eyes and gave me the clipboard.

I write down my name and went sit down at the bleachers, waiting for my turn to tryout. My legs are still shaking from the excitement, I can’t believe I didn’t stand up to her years ago. That felt really good to get off my chest.

“Violet Montgomery!” They called up. Never realized how tall she was, like wow. Her legs were so long and beautiful looking. That’s weird, I know.

She walks in front of them with a big smile on her face, did a few basic moves, did a backflip then ended it with a split. After Violet they called some Jamie girl that I have never seen or heard before. She had on a white undershirt and some really short black shorts.

I looked away and saw Caleb tackling someone pretty hard. Then he helps him up and the guy took off his helmet. It’s Jordan. He looks really hot in football pants, just saying. Wow.

“Penelope Farewell!” One of the managers took my distraction from Jordan and went in front of the judges.

I take a deep breath and started to smile and started to do something with my arms that I saw on a couple of cheerleading movies a while back. Then I did a toe touch and then a herkie and decided to do a roundoff. Finally I finished it with a split like Violet and I got up; looked at one of the judges to tell me what to do next.

“Thank you, Ms. Farewell.” One of the ladies told me as I head back to the bleachers.

I start to stare at Caleb and Jordan on the field tackling each other. I hope Caleb isn’t too violent with him. And there goes Jordan on the ground again. Ouch. Caleb went to get some water and winked at me then went back on the field.

Isn’t he a cutie?

“Mom, please call me back when you get this call” The fourth voicemail I left her and still hasn’t called me back. She better not leave me here or I’m not going to be a happy camper.

“Hey good work on the tryouts.” Violet came up behind me.

“Thanks, you too” I smiled and she goes to her car. She has a bright red Lamborghini. Cute.

I was waiting for someone hopefully to pick me up and not having to stay the night here. When I decided to turn around and ask Caleb for a ride, I bumped into Jordan instead and he was all sweaty.

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