When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 7

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As I get out of the car, Caleb followed me to locker and Emma comes up to us. She seemed like she was excited about something because she wouldn’t keep still. She kinda calms down when Caleb goes in her sight.

“I have a date to homecoming.” She squealed.

“It’s only first week of school” I told her.

“I know but I need to pick out a dress. Can you help me after school?” she leaned against the locker until I answer.

“Can’t, I have tryouts” I told her. Emma gives Caleb a cold stare before walking away to her friend.

“Your sister doesn’t like me very much, huh?” Caleb whispers.

“She doesn’t know you. But when she does, she’s going to love you” I smiled and closed my locker.

The bell went off for first hour and it was Biology. My favorite class of all time.

I found a table almost the closest to the back so I don’t get called on. Then the announcement went off.

“Good morning students don’t forget if you’re interested in doing cheer or football this year, tryouts will be after school. Have a good day, students” Ms. Montgomery announced.

“So did you decide to try out for cheer?” Caleb asked right after the announcements went off.

“Yeah I think I’m going to do it” I smiled at him and watch the teacher walk in.

“Attention class” she clapped her hands. “My name is Ms. Laurel and I will be y’all’s Biology teacher” she smiled her biggest. Not going to lie she was probably the prettiest teacher I have ever seen. She had ombre hair and had only mascara on but she was still gorgeous.

Ms.Laurel handed us a paper and I guarantee that this a study guide for a test on Friday. The teachers here were so predictable.

“Class this is an outline for your test on Friday” she told us and the class groan in aggravation. And I was right. “Y’all can work in partners on this all week if y’all need to” She told us and Caleb turned to me.

“I guess we’re partners” I chuckled and opened the book to look up the answers.

When I trying to look up the answer, I kept feeling eyes on me. I finally turn around to see who it was and it was Natasha and she this disgust look on her face. And Caleb finally sees her staring and she sees him and she looks away. Her face felt like she was so defeated, it was priceless.

“Are sure you don’t need any help with cheer?” Emma kept bugging me.

“Yes, Emma.” I threw my Biology book in my locker and slammed my locker.

“Angry much?” Jordan leaned against the locker right next to me.

“I’ll leave y’all two alone” Emma walked away.

“So you trying out for football?” I asked to start a conversation.

“Yeah I thought about giving it a try.” He smiled.

“Well. That’s good” I told him.

“You nervous about cheer?” he asked.

“Yeah and Emma is making it worse” I told him.

The bell rang in the middle of our conversation for second hour. Geometry. Ew. But at least I could talk to Jordan the entire hour.

We walk into the classroom and saw the same people we saw on Friday at our table. The blonde girl, the guy can’t stop flipping his hair, and Alex. The teacher comes into the classroom and the class sat down immediately.

“Now class I have an announcement” Mr. Robert tried to calm the class down. “I was thinking maybe we could do a small project” The class groaned. “But it’s worth a lot of points and it could help y’all’s grade for the whole year.”

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