When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 6

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Maybe I can invite Jordan for dinner? Nah, mom would hammer him with questions and Emma would admire him the whole time. Maybe mom is working late tonight like she always does. I go downstairs to see Ms. Blake finishing her last chore of the night. She always knows mom is working late.

“Ms. Blake is mom working late tonight?” She looked up from the counter and Emma turns around waiting for an answer.

“Yes ma’am she is” She goes over the counter one more time with a rag and grabs her stuff to leave.

I text Jordan my address. He texts me back saying okay. I go back upstairs to get ready for our little dinner. Really, all I put on is just a simple t-shirt and some jean shorts.

Dinner should be good.

“Is this cute enough?” Emma comes out of room with a skin tight dress on.

“You’re not wearing that young lady,” I laughed at her. “Now what do you want for dinner?” She ignored me and stormed into her room.

“Fish sticks it is!” I yell at her because she hates fish sticks.

Plus it’s the only food that I can actually cook without burning the house down.

I get the fish sticks out of the freezer and the mac and cheese from the pantry. Then I grabbed the grease and put it on the pot. The grease is already popping me in the eye. As I put the fish sticks on the pot, Emma comes out her room again.

“Okay how about this?” Emma showed me. It was a black crop top with a black skirt that covered her whole stomach.

“Yeah that’s fine” I flipped my fish sticks.

“What’s for dinner?” Emma sat at the counter.

“Fish sticks and Mac and Cheese” I told her.

“Ew.” Emma was disgust because she hated fish sticks. Oops.

“Well you can starve then” I teased her.

I finally finished the fish sticks and started on the Mac and Cheese then the doorbell rang. I signaled Emma to watch my food and went to go answer. Jordan comes through the kitchen as soon as Emma lets him in. He’s a bit early. But he was dress nicely, he was wearing a gray mid sleeve shirt with blue jeans.

“Please come in, dinner will be ready in a moment.” I invited him in and of course Emma rushes to talk to him.

“Hi I’m Emma, Penelope’s sister.” She introduced herself.

“I know, you’re the one who called me a hottie at the party.” Jordan chuckles as Emma’s face gets flaming red.

Just add the cheese and it’s done!

“Dinner is ready” I told them and they all went to the dinner table waiting for their food.

“So Jordan, where did you go to school at?” I asked, taking away the awkwardness of Emma staring at him.

“Eastwood High.” He takes a bite out of his fish stick.

“You went to a public school?” Emma ate some of her macaroni.

“Yeah but I got into some trouble over there so my parents forced me into a private school.” He told us.

“Oh my gosh. What did you do?” Emma’s eyebrows shoot up in curiosity.

“I got into too many fights.” he smiled.

“Are you trying for football tomorrow?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Jordan finishes his last fish stick and puts his plate in the sink. “Pretty sure football doesn’t really like me right now.”

“Well I’m trying out for cheerleading.” I told him and Emma drops her plate on the floor making shatter.

“Emma!” I pointed to her mess but she ignored it.

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