In a Coal Mine
Chapter 1

Uncertainty, hesitation followed by indecision, skepticism. An amalgamation of such disoriented emotions had a huge impact on how Seiko lived. Ironically, Seiko had decided long ago that despite everything, he would have to continue leading his life with complete indifference towards the lack of certainty he faced. However, how efficiently Seiko executed the principles into his life was another question. Infact, Seiko himself doubted that his ideologies towards life weren’t well grounded. He suspected that those principles had little practical value since he found it difficult to execute them. So it seems that there exists a limit to how much ignorant you can be, a limit how much indifference you can flaunt at the vastly indifferent world. Like fighting fire with fire. However, the phrase “fight fire with fire” was actually coined in a literal sense. In the 19th Century, the United States settlers used to prevent a further spread of fire by using various small controllable fires to remove any flammable materials that would’ve otherwise acted as a fuel for a larger irrepressible fire. However, the small fires could not always be controlled and that often aggravated the situation. Such was Seiko’s case. His fire could not be contained, it had to extinguished. “Fighting fire with fire” was not a viable option. But all of that mattered little to Seiko right now because he had just unearthed means to find hope for himself. It was an odd feeling, the act of looking forward to what comes next felt alien to Seiko. However, he could vaguely trace his feelings into an outline that somehow seemed to resemble hope.

So it was all set. Seiko would not attend his school anymore. Rather, he decided that he would leave his hometown Kathmandu and work at a coal mine in the district of Palpa. Seiko’s hometown, Kathmandu is a poor city. The average earnings of a regular household in Kathmandu barely suffices against the rising cost of living in the city. It was a miserable place to live in. Seiko hated his hometown city ever since he could remember and that was why he decided to leave. Mostly he hated the people living in the city, they were always fretting, always complaining about their destitution. One could always expect to be deprived in the city. Not for Seiko though, not anymore. He would leave his house the following week and catch a bus that would take him to Palpa. There, he would unearth coal.

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