Aeal of Ark
Chapter 2: The Flashback

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Mother and tsaiffel got suprised at the sudden return of aeal’s memory.

“What? Are your memories really back?” Tsaiffel with the dazzled expression looked at aeal. Aeal closed his eyes and took a It’s long breath of relief as if he was calming and taking a clear glimpse in his memories. Aeal opened and his eyes and with the serious look in his face continued- ‘‘Yes, i remember ... those lost memories. I can see them clearly right front of me.

I think my brain got disabled and unconscious for the brief moment by some psychological effect due to which my sensory memory remained sojourned and that temporarily halt the activities and events. But hopefully the existed events were encoded and stored by my echoic memory(the brief mental echo that persists after information has been heard) due to which I was able to hear the movements and sounds in that event. But my echoic memory was temporarily blocked by the medicine which i took 5 month ago to control my stress.The only remaining thing to do was RETRIEVAL. Unless we retrieve the information, we can’t think of our past. Sensory memory and echoic memory are interrelated with each other. It means to awake the sensory memory, echoic memory plays vital role and vice versa. And today unexpectedly when I looked in the picture of that newspaper, my echoic memory got conscious and suddenly reacted with the picture that supported in restoring my sensory memory too. So, now i am able to remember those lost memories ... ABOUT THE INCIDENT. HE CONTINUED-

‘‘ Crowded school was vibrated with the chattering voices. Undisciplined, out- character, violent group of gangsters were ruling the school. I was one of the student of that school. I was in grade 10. Cold was getting to start extreme in november. All the students were freeze from the cold winter. The gangsters were the one from our class. But I was not involved with them. Even though we were of the same class, we were not very friendly and touchy.

There are 10 members involved in the gang. They are the official member of the gang (means concerned and reputed members). But apart from these members, there are more involved in the gang. And also the number can be extended to large mass if the spoiled ones from all the section of the school are recruited as they have complete control over them. Thus, they are very dangerous. If they are to be annoyed then it can be life threatning and challenging.

Bullying, scolding, threatning, hounding, fighting was the ecstasy of enjoyment for them. Without any whys and wherefores, they used to target anyone who was exasperat- ing and dislikeable in their eyes. School was like hijacked and took over by them. I was also in their target list. But I was pitied by them since one of my friend was the official member of the gang. He had appealed them to leave me alone. So I was released apart from their tyrant.

His name was Flebiou. Even though being an official gang member, he was not interested to hurt others. There was the resemblence of humanity in his characters. But sometimes even though it was not his intention to move the hand over someone, he had to force himself to assist the gang in acheiving their goals. He was very ambigious person. Almost all the time it seemed like he was sank in the ocean of loneliness. The loneliness that was holding his miserable past. In truth, there was the other reason hidding behind his shadow for joining the cold blooded gang.

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