Aeal of Ark
Chapter 1: The Lost Memories

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11 June, 301 AD

“Aeal, Aeal!! Where are you?” The mother screamed desperately expecting for the answer.

His mind full of loneliness and misery, stands alone in the dark, questioning himself and searching for the answers.

“WHY DOES EVERYONE LOOK AT ME SO SUSPICIOUSLY? Is my appearance so annoying to them or am I different from them?” while Aeal was sinking deep inside the feelings, looking for the answers, suddenly the voice reached to him, calling his name. “The park is full of peoples. I think I heard someones name.” Aeal convinced himself.

“Aeeal are you ignoring me?” sighs his mother toward him for he was showing no answer to her call.

“Oh, it’s you mother. I was into something else so I couldn’t hear your voice. Sorry!” with soft and lonesome tone Aeal opened his mouth barely.

“It’s ok, I was only worried about you. Aeal, I know the pain you are bearing. So, you can talk with me of what have been bothering you ... I don’t want the things that happened like ‘The last time’.”

The last time ... I can only remember a little. When I try to recall those broken memories I feel very uncomfortable and sad...

Aeal with the unrelaxed gesture in his face yields trembling voice. “Let’s go home now. I have surprises for you.”

Both walked together and when they reached home, Aeal turned to his mother “Anyway what suprise were you talking about?”

Suprise!!“ a loud voice came from behind him.

“Are youuu ... Tsaiffel?” Aeal turned back with his face muddled. “You are boring as ever, aren’t you, cousin?” It was his cousin. Aeal with the sudden glow in his face “And you are lively as ever, TSAIFFEL!!”. Mmgghh haha!! Both laughed and hugged each other.

“Today was really a suprise.” as Aeal walked his cousin to his room. Tsaiffel ceased to move and with a serious look and gesture in his face said- “Sorry about that, I was in hurry. Anyway I haven’t come here to enjoy with you. There are some concerning talks that I must have with you. It’s really most strange and terrifyingly shocking for me too. But I can’t really prove that myself without your support in my theory. If it coincides with my theory then I have found the secret about the incident that happened ‘THE LAST TIME’ with you.”

“The incident? The last time? What are you talking about?” Aeal looked curiously in the Tsaiffel’s sad face.

“Of course, the rumours about that incident spread like a forest fire. The news about you was all over the screens and papers. Everyone knows about that incident. The incident that had happened in the first of December. I was told that the police had took you under custody but after, no evidence was found to claim you as a ... you got freed.” Tsaiffel explained to Aeal.

“Bu ... but I don’t remember being detained by the police. I thought ... only me and my mother knew about that incident ... And ... I don’t even know what happened in that incident ... Mother had told me in brief about that incident long time ago. I was only told about being into some ambush. I don’t know what actually happened...” Aeal retort with the jesture of hesitation and curiousity.

“Aeal, don’t joke arouund when it comes down to the serious talk. I don’t remember you having any amnesia. How can’t you remember, when it happened right before you? Are you making excuses to deny your crime?” Tsaiffel yelled at Aeal.

Aeal was still confused. “What crime? Have I done something wrong? I don’t remember ... No! wait ... Tsaiffel ... you should be the one who should stop jokin. I’m too bored with your same old tricks.” Aeal replied to Tsaiffel with a gentle smile.

“I see ... You think this is just a play. You are totally misunderstanding the situation here ... Aeal ... I knew you would say something like this. I am sorry but you have to see this for your own benefit.” Tsaiffel then opened his bag and took out the newspaper of December 1st, where the first page was printed with unbelievable and unimaginable words.

Aeal remained motionless, gazing the newspaper.

Suddenly, Mother appeared with the breads and tea. She felt very unpleasant and abnormal atmosphere in the room.

“Why is it so gloomy here? Can anyone tell me what’s going on?” mother questioned Aeal and Tsaiffel with the suspicious glance.

Aeal and Tsaiffel got catious by the sudden appearance of the mother.

“Aunt, we are just talking about our life.” Tsaiffel replied.

Mother’s eye suddenly reached the paper. “Why are you showing these to Aeal?...” Mother asked with astonishment.

Tsaiffel walked near to the window and continued, “It’s about Aeal. You too know about the last incident. It was a very big issue ... But Aeal is claiming that he is not remembering that incident. He has really lost it, or not, I can’t really say. But it is now useless to claim his ignorance since it already happened ... So I just showed him the evidences of his crime so that his lost memories could flashback if he had really suffered from amnesia, otherwise to make him realize about his crime if he is just denying about it ... That incident holds lot of suspicions about him. When I analyzed the situation of the incident as given in the paper, I found very strange things. If the CASE is related to what I am thinking then I am sure that it might be THAT.”

“I see ... Since that time, it seemed like his memories of that incident really got broken. If it is for helping him to get his memories back then I am happy with that too.” Mother said to Tsaiffel looking concerned.

Aeal wasn’t giving any attention to Tsaiffel. He was looking at the paper. When Aeal continued to gaze at the newspaper, he caught the picture which seemed little odd. “He saw there was no sign of the blood of the corpse as the snow was pure white on the surface. The corpse was concealed behind the white dress. But some parts of the cropse were barely visible. Those parts were devoured by the swollen wounds. From the look of the wound, it seemed like the victim was killed by THE FLAME.”

At that moment, the sharp voices of many objects and agents got looped back continuously and the pictures of the flame and many more appeared in the Aeal’s memory ... Many reminiscences, penetrating the black curtain, making many openings, started to gather in his memory with the ray of white lights.

Ah ah!!“ Aeal cried in pain as if something got pierced through his mind.

Tsaiffel and Aeal’s mother came to Aeal for he was crying loud holding his head. His memories like a needle, waved back to him, overcoming the past unconciousness. After a while Aeal ceased to cry. He came back to his senses. He raised his exhausting head and looked gradually to the Tsaiffel and his mother.

“I REMEMBER IT ALL NOW.” Said Aeal with the pale face, moved his mouth, producing weak and bleak sound.

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