300 Flowers
Chapter 34

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

Anna is now fully Derek’s personal assistant. It doesn’t take her long to step up so as not to be a burden on Derek and the other workers.

Monday morning they met with the vice presidents. Along with another two meetings the day went by rather quickly. “How was your first day of being in charge with such responsibility?”

“I thought it was going to be nerve racking, but once I was in the middle of it, I just started doing what needed to be done. I want to make you proud of me. And the flowers helped.”

Derek smiles over at Anna as they are driving home and he says, “I already am, babygirl, and nothing you could do could ever change that!” For every Monday in September Derek starts off Anna’s workweek with a half dozen assorted flowers.

Monday was interesting and fulfilling, but Tuesday, September the seventeenth, was wonderful as Mister Denton returned to work for the first time since his heart attack. It may be only a half-day, and almost the entire time was spent seeing people that wanted to welcome him back, but it gladdened Derek’s heart to no end.

From one moment to the next Craig Denton’s office is full. Megan gladly moves down to her office on the floor of the department of research and development and the other two departments she is now vice president of.

“Megan, you have done a spectacular job and have earned your promotion. Derek says without your help there is no way the company would be doing as good as it is.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“You are most welcome. Would everybody excuse Derek and me for a moment, I would like to talk to him in private.”

Everybody starts to file out. It is easy to see Sarah is happy to have her boss back, however temporary. “Anna, start preparing our briefing for making a loan to Galactic Armory.”

“Yes sir.”

After everybody leaves, Craig looks at Derek for the longest time without saying a word. Finally Derek raises his eyebrows questioningly and then Craig begins, “I cannot even begin to thank you for all that you have done.”

“Everybody did their part.”

“There was a time, Derek, that I wouldn’t have been so gracious. I would have taken all the credit and any amount of money I could grab on the way up. Derek, going through this has made me look upon the world differently. Again I can’t even begin to tell you how much it meant to Carrie and Bobbie for all the support and kindness you gave them during this ordeal. Bobbie still can’t stop talking about you practicing with him to make him a better ball player, and the host of games you went with him to so he would have someone to cheer him on. That day you, Sarah and all your friends were their cheering him on and he hit the homerun will be one of his best childhood memories for the rest of his life. There is no amount of money I could offer you that could repay you for your kindness and stepping up at work.”

“It truly was my honor, Craig.”

“I know! That is why I feel comfortable in my decision.”

“What decision would that be, Craig?”

“I’m not coming back. I mean I’ll stop in from time to time to see how things are going, but I’m going to slow down and spend what time I have left with my son and wife.”

“There is one thing I must tell you before you finish.”

“Name it!”

“Through your ordeal and my dear friend’s who almost lost their baby, it has made me change my priorities also. I am deeply in love and plan on asking her to marry me within a couple of weeks. I too am going to spend my every free minute sharing this beautiful thing called life with her.”



“Congratulations! I hope you do! Don’t let so much of life pass you by while you are distracted by the accumulation of wealth.”

“Speak your piece, Craig.”

“I am as of today handing over the Presidency and CEO over to you. Along with that you will be given a million dollar bonus. It does present several problems. One, I created a new position just for you, which was executive vice president. It will have to be filled. And two, Sarah is going to be broken hearted that I’m not coming back, which leads us to a third problem. Since Anna is your personal assistant that’s going to leave Sarah without a position.”

“Definitely not! She is way too valuable for that. We can either offer her to be Megan’s personal assistant, or more likely the personal assistant to whoever becomes executive vice president, or even better we can put her in the mix and start guiding her to her own vice presidency.”

“So, any idea on the executive vice president’s position?”

“It would either be Edna Harris or Dan Winston.”

“I agree! Edna has been with me since the beginning, and Dan informed me he is retiring himself.”

“Edna it is, then!”

Craig rises and shakes Derek’s hand heartily. “Congratulations! Could you send in Sarah please?”

“Thank you, and of course.”

Derek goes out into the work area and is met by Megan, Sarah, Anna, Edna Harris and Dan Winston. “What’s going on?” wonders Sarah.

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