300 Flowers
Chapter 32

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

Anna’s week was so packed with new stuff to learn that it just flew by. But with the promise of a night on the town beginning with dancing at Hunter’s Moon, she is excited about Saturday night.

Friday was a quiet night spent at home cuddling on the couch. Now that Saturday is upon them Anna is dressed to kill. She has on her little black dress and high heels. Her long straight brunette hair is shinny and silky. Her brown eyes glitter with love and wonder. Looking at her, Derek knows what must be done.

“Brother, tonight is going to be legendary!”

“Eric, my man, you’re damn right tonight is going to be one hell of a night.”

All of the crew came together and did so in a limousine. Even though Lisa could have been the designated driver since she doesn’t drink now that she is pregnant, it wasn’t just about that. There have been times that a night of dancing ended in a different state several days later.

It’s different now that Derek has Anna, Lisa is pregnant, and Eric and Brandi are a couple, but this band of brothers and sisters are going to embrace the gift that is their bond. They work hard so they deserve to play hard!

An upbeat tempo song fills the club with its rhythm, and its power to command you to move is absolute. “Come on, babe!” says Anna, pulling Derek out onto the floor.

Lisa and Brandi follow suit and pull their men out onto the dance floor. The pretty girls in their fine dresses and expensive shoes twirl and sway, dip and fly as their men hold them lovingly and spin them. With pristine legs shining, with long hair flowing, with smiles radiating, the night has begun in earnest.

“Whew!” laughs Anna, as they head back over to the table.

As soon as they get comfortable another great forties song comes on and Brandi jumps up and starts pulling on Eric, “Come on, Eric!”

“Man, this girl is going to kill me!”

David laughs and adds, “Yeah, but what a way to go!”

Derek can tell Anna wants to go back out to the dance floor again. Derek smiles and starts getting up and as he is doing so he glances over at Lisa, who has a concerned look on her face as she is holding her stomach. “Lisa, are you okay?”

Lisa looks up at him teary-eyed and shakes her head no.

“What!” cries David. “The baby?”

“I think so!” says Lisa, bending over in pain.

Anna gets up and goes over to help Lisa up. David comes around to do the same. Derek bulls through the crowd until he finds Brandi and Eric. As he is walking up on them they are smiling big until they see his expression. “What’s wrong?” asks Eric.

“The baby!”

Brandi’s eyes go big and she sprints over to Lisa. Eric and Derek are right behind. Eric and Derek move the crowd aside as David and the girls help Lisa out to the limo.

The limo driver was hanging out in the parking lot with another dozen drivers, but as soon as he sees them coming his way, he hurries over and opens the door. “To the nearest hospital, now!”

Once everybody is in, the limo driver takes off. He accelerates slow, but soon is moving along. “It’ll be okay, Lisa,” says Anna.

Brandi hides her true concern and says, “Yeah, you just danced a little too hard, it’ll be fine.”

“How are you doing, babe?” David can’t hide his concern for both his unborn child and the love of his life, his wife.

“I’m having shooting pains through my abdomen. It hurts!”

Derek puts the window divide down. “How much further?”

“Not far, another two minutes at the most.” Just then police lights light up behind them. “Damn it!”

“What?” asks Anna, concerned.

“The police are behind us!”

Everybody looks back. “Can anybody tell what it is?”

“It looks to be Highway Patrol,” says Eric.

Derek gets his cell phone out and has the operator transfer him to the Highway Patrol. “Highway Patrol.”

“Yes, we are in a limousine on our way to a hospital. One of your cars is behind us trying to pull us over. Could you please contact him or her and have them escort us to the nearest hospital.”

“Sorry, sir, but if a police vehicle is behind you with its lights on, you better pull over.”

“Not happening!”

“We’re here!” exclaims the limo driver.

Derek says to the lady on the phone, “Never mind, we are already at the hospital, thanks for your help.”

The limo driver pulls up to the emergency doors. “You guys go. I’ll deal with the officer.”

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